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#1Fiora Sylvari 

MORE HUNTING AND GATHERING[Fiora] Empty Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:34 pm

Fiora Sylvari
The crazy doctor Dr. Stephan Mabuz was back at it again but at least it wasn't using drugs this time. IT was another gather mission to get some more supplies like last time when she got the mushrooms to get those ingredients for Dr. Stephan Mabuz to make some other crazy drugs. She would meet him in the outside of Oak town and the doctor would give her a picture of the herb this time. It was a blue one with a yellow stripe which see had seen before she was an elf so she was very good hunter and gather as she lived in a forest all her life and was able to navigate it with ease and then she would be able to pick up the herb at the location that he gave her. APparently it was at the end of the forest and off the side of mountain steep cliff that it grew at the bottom and she would have to go to the bottom and she would have to get the herb and she would have to come back and get the rewards. Fiora would head through the forest not wanting to delay and she would navigate through all the trees. Being a forest sounded familiar and she was able to pick up the pace jumping from tree to tree like a ninja with an increased speed because of her elf nature. Finally she had reached the end of the forest and there was a mountain which she would have to climb and get to the other side in order to get the herb and once she did that her mission would be completed. She would continue towards the mountain until she finally would reach the side of it. There were some rocks and no path so it looked like the only way would be to climb all the way up and then she would have to climb down the side of the mountain.

Fiora started at the bottom and tested the rocks out. They were sturdy and didn't have any cracks so she could climb them without any issues so she pulled herself up and would start to climb the mountain by going rock by rock by rock and moving up slowly. If she could do it with trees than it shouldn't be too much harder with climbing all the rockers on the side of the mountain so she could get to the other side and get the herb. SHe was about halfway up the rocks on the side of the mountain when she suddenly would slip off a rock and it would break off and she started to fall but she then would use her left hand and would then use it to grip a rock before falling all the way and then she would user her strength to pull herself up and then she now was safe and then she would pull herself up to the next rock and continue. She finally reached the top of the mountain and then she would see the way down wasn't too bad. SHe reached the top and it was actually filled with a bunch of green like trees and bushes and then she saw the herb which was blue and had the yellow stripe which she knew was right because of the picture and that she was an elf and had been around nature for all her life so their was no mistaking it at all. She picked a bunch of the herbs to make sure that the crazy doctor would have enough and then she would back to the mountain. The climb down was easy because going down was easier than going up and she reached the bottom. she went through the forest and would the be back in oak town and went to the shop with the doctor. She would give him the herbs and then he would be happy and would giver her the money for the reward for the quest. The doctor started using them right away and told Fiora to piss off so she headed back to hotel and would then rst after a long day of climbing that mountain.


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