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More White Claudia[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

More White Claudia[Fiora] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:44 pm

Fiora Sylvari
Fiora was shuddering at what she had to do for this mission. She had to go back to the crazy ass Dr. Stephan Mabuz. The last time she was with her he injected some crazy drug into her system that made her feel sick and hallucinate that she was being attacked by some giant flesh monster that attacked her and would freak her out. It was all an illusion but it felt so real. It was only for a brief moment so it wasn't too bad and the pay was good so that was the only reason that she was going back was to do it again and get paid for the service. She was back in the Oak streets because all the quests were there and she felt very familiar with the area now because she was always at the oak streets for the quests and she finally was able to get to the shop in record time by cutting through all the pathways in the oaks streets. Fiora arrived at the store and the doctor didn't say much he just said Hi and would escort her to the back room where she was at before so they could begin the quest and start to document the results. He admitted that he screwed up last time because he was in the room and that caused the crazy reaction because last time he did this and used the drug Fiora saw him as a giant flesh monster and it was really scary causing her to break out of the trance early and she would have to be let go. This time he wouldn't be in the room so it wouldn't affect him and she would have the results naturally. The doctor was wack as hell but she was strapped in the chair and prepared for another round of that crazy drug the White Claudia. The doctor strapped her in extra tight and she had second thoughts but it was too late as he injected her and quickly ran out. This trip was about to get real.

The room started to shift like it did before flashing red and the metal started to melt and form a whole different area. This time instead of the monster it was a bunch of rooms in a long hallway. She wondered what it was and would then opened up one of the man doors and she gasped when she saw what it was. It was her being picked on by the elf children back at her home town and she was sitting their crying. She didn't have magic and was being picked on by the other magic using elfes. She opened up the other door and saw that she was getting chastised by the elf council for helping a human and causing a conflict with them. She then left and headed back to the human world with the man she fell. The last door showed victor the man that helped her in the human world and he was dead. It was all her bad memories. Suddenly she heard a evil sound that was like the giant flesh monster from before. She freaked out and would start to run for a stairway that just appeared. The voice was closer and closer and she was more scared so she ran even faster from it to get away from the scary voice but she hit the stairs and tripped down them and would suddenly wake up. She was shaking and shivering in the corner of the room that she was in when she got injected and started to cry. She had broken out of the straps and the doctor came rushing in to help her. He threw the jewels at her again ad asked her what she saw. She said her memories and the corridor and then he would write it down with some crazy smile on his face. The doctor was nuts but she got paid and was feeling fine after all of that had taken place so she thanked him and started to hightail it out of there. She hoped the next mission would be using the drug on someone else rather than her because she could only take so much more of this.


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