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Eyes wide open [Mission | Marina]

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Another lovely summer day, another lovely moment of companionship to be had. Alisa got up early that morning, and for once she skipped the early, mandatory work out. She planned on doing a different sort of work this morning: A simple job, put up by a shopkeeper named Khalash Saton. Simple job, take care of the magic drugs shop while it's owner is away, don't let anybody mess around or break anything. Easy money for a mage of her level, and though she had yet to learn about Marina's level, she suspected the girl to be strong. After so long at selecting which targets she could take down, Alisa had a pretty good idea of how strong a person felt the more they talked to her, though much of that came from the person's posture and confidence: Which she also knew this Brunette had plenty of.

As usual when it came to doing jobs like this, what Alisa really cared about wasn't the job itself, but rather who she was doing it with. If she wanted to spend time alone, she could just as easily find a discreet place all to herself and carve her sculptures in peace. Alas, there was this girl named Marina. Funny and genuine, really cute to boot. First impressions are all fine and dandy, but there's a reason they call them first impressions: They're seldom enough to truly know someone.

"I wonder just how pretty she'll look today~", she thought out loud with a graceful chuckle

A simple breakfast would do it for such simple counter work: A mug of coffee, a glass of orange juice, and a croissant. For clothing however, that's a different story. Since she'd be tending to a magic shop, Alisa picked a dress reminiscent of the wizards people read about in story books, setting up a theme. But she did more than that. Other than trying out how she'd look in a skintight black dress, she also tried out how a rather alluring underboob would work with it.

If it happened to work well, she had half a mind to use this dress for her next photoshoot...

Yet she'd leave that part for a different day. For now, she settled with letting Litwick slide hop into her handbag, slip on a pair of sunglasses, and head out under the sunny sky. A gentle, soothing breeze fluttered her raven hair around in tresses, cool enough bring goosebumps to her skin at the first feel, yet like the Northern beauty she was, Alisa got used to it quickly enough, and made way for the magic shop, running one hand through her hair along the way, taking in the nearly deserted streets.

It was still quite early after all...

In fact she saw no more than twenty people between her hotel and the shop, including the Khalash himself once she walked inside his store

"Oh, hello, hello!", greeted the old man, as welcoming as possible, though perhaps too welcoming from the way he couldn't peel his eyes from her bottom cleavage, "Seems I don't need to ask if you're the mage, you already look the part, hohoho!"

"Good morning...!", she greeted with that graceful smile she was so known for, crossing her arms under her chest and pulling off her sunglasses, "I am, and there's another girl coming along, she should be here any moment now."

With this Alisa looked around, wondering if by any chance Marina hadn't beaten her to the shop...

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#2Marina Wulfstan 

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Marina Wulfstan
Compare to the heat that she experience living in the desert, the summer heat was hitting Magnolia wasn't any where near as bad, but still for the from desert wander it would be a good idea to wear something light and comfortable. There was times Marina wore something that on the heavy side and well it taught her to dress. Passing out in the middle of desert heat is something you don't want to make a habit of. Now there was a question on what did the young beast master wanted to wear today and well looking at her tiny selection of clothing. Marina didn't had much to choose from. Can you blame a girl who living most of life traveling from place to place for having barely any outfits?  Of course getting some jewels to buy some more clothing was one of the reasons Marina is finally getting off her rear to do a request. The other reason for her doing so was to spend time with her new friend, Alisa.

Marina try to recall what she was suppose to be doing for this request,but she could hardly remember anything.  Something Something about a shop. It didn't matter she would be given the details once she gets there. Marina would yawn as she realize she was still lounging around in bed. A thin blanket shielding her bare form from the cool breeze that coming from the open window in her room. Despite want she thought earlier about the Magnolia heat, she found herself getting so sweaty last night that she had to sleep in the nude. Unlike back in the desert where it's nights could actually get chilly. She still had time to enjoy the comfort of an actual bed before she had to met up with friend.. The Inn was wonderful it even had room service. This was the life she desire, but it does get dull at times.

After several minutes of sheer nothness, Marina would get out off be and look through her back to pull out what appear to be something of a school girl outfit. Marina wonder how she ended up with something like this and remember that some guy recommend that a girl like her would look good in it a d who Marina to question his judgement she wasn't expert in fashion. As Marina try the outfit on she did noticed her blue skirt was on the short side and her midriff was showing, but really she didn't care.

Grabbing a bottle of water,  Marina fully dressed would exit the hotel, raising a few eyebrows as older men and a few women just stare at her. And without any of her older brothers around people where more emboldened to leer at her. One guy even got bold enough trying to flip her skirt, but he.quickly became introduce to her foot kicking him where the sun never shines. After that people didn't dare try to touch her.

After some searching she would find the location of her request and enter the shop. And then Marina spotted her friend in all her beauty wearing an outfit she never saw before, eye catching ."Hey, Alisa sorry about not getting her any sooner. Some idiot try to grab my skirt, but I let him taste my foot instead." Marina sigh as she glare at the old man near Alisa. If he wasn't the one paying them he would gotten a taste of her foot too.

Marina would take a sip from her bottle before she spoke. "Anyway.  You're looking as fine as the last time I met you and the older gentleman must be our client?  


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An opening door and familiar voice prompted an immediate answer, "Good morning, Marina~", greeted Alisa, uttering the words before finally turning around to shine that elegant smile upon her friend...

She had considered schoolgirl fashion too - having a rather pretty red seifuku in her wardrobe - but ultimately wound up picking this magic themed dress. And not for a moment did she regret her decision, that was, until she laid eyes on her new friend. Before such a sight, even a cool beauty like Alisa her betrayed some manner of astonishment, her eyebrows raising for a split second. Wow...

"Truly, some people just lack even a bit of delicacy...", Alisa sighed and shook her head, then chuckled delightedly at the praise, returning it in kind, "Right back at you~", with an appreciating touch of the desert girl's arm, "Who would have someone in a sailor uniform could look so cute and ravishing all in one?"

Truly she had a the right figure for a seifuku like that, pulling it off in a way Alisa never could. Despite the brunette's petite figure, the outfit was clearly a few sizes too small. It resulted in a incredible sex appeal - simply by revealing more thigh and midriff - that looked completely unintentional. In the model's eyes, therein laid one of the secrets to this girl's impossible cuteness. Surely she had more...

Yet Alisa couldn't help but notice the mean glare she shot at the old man, making her wonder if the two had met before. The man himself didn't look like it, visibly agreeing with Alisa and staring between the two girls with a very visible trail of red dripping from his nose

"Why yes indeed, I'm your employer. I'd love to help look after the store.", of course he would, "But i really must get going."

He was more than happy to entrust his business to them, nay, he probably regretted not simply hiring them as assistants. Both of them were proud of their bodies, enough to enjoy being looked at, but predictably the consequences of getting frisky could be... Hazardous.

All things considering, such wanton teasing might just be mean...

He finally left them tending to the counter with instructions not to enter the back room. And more importantly, not let anybody walk into there. The work itself was relatively uneventful for the most part. With so much time to work, the two girls would up talking about various topics, ranging from chit chat to deeper conversations, thought usually about their memories of the past than hopes for the future. There was still much she could learn about this beautiful brunette, and no doubt just as much Marina could yet learn about her.

It wouldn't be until much later until somebody troublesome showed up, "Welcome~", Alisa's best smile greeted the nth customer (she lost track after a while)

And came face to face with a trio of teenagers, all wearing hoodies with a delinquent look to them, like they were up to no good. Of course, all of their mean looks instantly faded at the first sight of who exactly was tending to the shop this time. Thus words that they might have expected to sound bad and disrespectful just came off as awkward, cute even.

And the more Alisa chuckled at the attempts the more flustered they grew.

Of course, none of that stopped them from trying to venture into the backroom, and that was the first time the faintest hint of a frown drew on her brow. If three nosy kids ventured there and made a mess of it, she could end up forefeiting her reward! Violence would stop them, but with so many fragile goods out on display, any attempts at physical force would likely result in significant property damage. No matter how she looked at it, this kind of situation required a more delicate approach, the kind of act only beauties like them could employ:

"Wait, you can't go there...!", her frown turned sad, as Alisa looked away with an embarassed blush, idly bringing her hands together in front of her with the side effect of squeezing her bust tighter, "If you see what a mess it is back there, I'll be ashamed..."

Teenage boys are so easily persuaded... The desire to stay in the raven haired mage's good graces (or just stare at her underboob some more) immediately outweighed their curiosity, yet one of them still looked intently between Alisa and the door to the back room. Perhaps Alisa wasn't his type? Alisa looked back at Marina, winking and nodding the girl over.

Strength is also Beauty

"A magic day~"
- Alisa Vollan

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#4Marina Wulfstan 

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Marina Wulfstan
Judging from the others reaction and especially the old man reaction which was unpleasant to look at her outfit or this sailor uniform was great on her. Of course a nosebleed was less embarrassing then having others ways for a man arousal
to make itself known. Marina going to ask if the store owner was alright it would have look.bad if someone found the guy pass out from blood loss and with her and Alisa being the last people around him. As Marina was going voice her worries the man would finally leave the shop and leave it in the capable hands of the two women. Good riddance, Marina thought as she waited for him to get out of earshot distance.

"Hopefully, that guy buys himself a box of tissues before he comes back, ugh. Such an embarrassing sight but I guess it could been worse." Shaking her head, the young woman would begin to wander around the shop, examining the weapons and others things the store carry. Marina didn't think looking over the shop would take long, but she was wrong. Sadly she fail to pack any lunch, but at least the store wasn't too busy today until some young teens would enter the shop. Their faces look like they wanted to cause some trouble until their glance fell onto her talented friend. Marina didn't knew if she should find it funny or pathetic that their minds seem to be easily sway just by the mere presence of a woman.

The from nomad went back to the task she was doing which was cleaning some items on the top shelf which see had to use a ladder for. The day was long, but she did had fun talking about multiple topics with Alisa. Maybe they could do this again? As Marina finish up some cleaning she could feel multiple eyes staring at her. With a huff of annoyance, Marina glance back down at the scene unfolding before her. Got darn it, she would just leap off the ladder and tackle the guys, but she might break something and that meant no pay for her or Alisa. She had an idea of what that wink meant and Marina wasn't fond of it but she had to keep the teens from sneaking into the back room. Stepping off the ladder Marina would approach the group of guys with a smirk plaster across her face. She glance back at Alisa, quickly glaring at her before she focus back on the group of teens. She saw the one teen who look like he want to make a break for the back room.

"Why go back there? When all the fun is up here? Me and my shy friend over there is free after we close up for the night. So how about you guys leave and get ready for us. " Marina had her arm wrapped around the guy's shoulder as she lean close to him. Of course, Marina had intention of really hanging out with them, but they couldn't tell.  All the teens mind seem to lit up as they would what such an evening could bring by spending time with two older women. It. didn't take them long before they agree to Marina's offer and would leave the store without causing a mess. They gave Marina a sheet a paper with directions to their hangout, but Marina would just throw that in the trash once they were out of sight.

"Now that how you get a guy to agree to something. Offer him a deal he can't possibly resist. Marina remember her brothers were suckers for offers like that made by other women. Besides the teens, no else try to enter the room.  Marina lean on the wall as she watch time go by. When was the store owner coming back?.

Soon nightfall came and sounds of crickets and owls fill the area as the two woman countine to chant and man the store. It wasn't till past midnight that Khakash would return from whatever he was doing. He would see that his shop was in order and a sleepy Marina. "Thank you. For looking after my shop. ,Marina just groaned as she was given her jewels. Marina would just nod her head counting the amount of jewels she was given. With that done, Marina would wave goodbye and to man and Alisa as she went back to the inn to sleep.


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