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Community Outreach | Snow & Chelvaric [Quest]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Community Outreach | Snow & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:10 am

Venus Rosé

”....It should be here.”

The white haired mage mumbled to no other than herself and glanced down at the crumpled piece of paper in her hands. Her steps would all but falter as she addressed the message written on the sheet, the crowds that littered through the streets of Magnolia shuffling quietly around her still figure. In a distance, she would see a large building, towering above the roads and people below, casting a large shadow behind them. The cathedral was probably the largest building she had seen in Magnolia, at least among the places she had been to. From the entrance, numerous people would enter and exit the building, after saying their prayers and confessed to their sins.

The reason she was at the cathedral was not because she wishes to say her prayers and whatnot. In fact, she did not even believe that gods exist. The priest from the cathedral had requested her to help him with some sickly people in the building. Perhaps, due to the summer weather, quite a lot of people were receiving heat strokes and other diseases from insects that were produced within the hot season. Since she figured that it would be more enjoyable with more people, she had invited Chelvaric to come along for the quest. It was always best to receive a helping hand and the sickly people would be cured faster as well. The youth glanced over at the enormous clock that hung above the top of a tower and informed herself that her comrade should be arriving soon.


#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

Community Outreach | Snow & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:17 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was running late and no it was not his fault. Well technically at least. It’s not like he chooses how many people would be in the bakery. He hadn’t expected such a big row so early in the morning. He had ended up waiting in that line for over half an hour. But at least he had his special bakery goods. It was a special bread which had nuts on top of it and a sort of apple cream inside it. It was delicious and he enjoyed it very much. The calories were burning off while running anyway so he didn’t have to feel guilty for taking a snack on the way to his job. It seemed to be very busy these days. But he didn’t really see this one as a job as he had to help the sick in the church. He should always do good and he wanted to visit the place for some prayer anyway so it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Chelvaric saw the high tower raising up as the cathedral was close by. Cathedrals were always big and impressive. He liked them and he wished more cities would build them. If he could he would make sure that every village in Fiore would have a church in it. So if you believed or needed help the priests would be there to help you. He saw the silver haired girl standing in front of the church patiently waiting for Chelvaric. Scraggy was a bit slow so Chelvaric had to make sure he didn’t run too fast. He stopped exhausted in front of her and raised his hand. “Hello snow, sorry that I am late, I had a bit of trouble at the bakery. I got some snacks for you before we do the job. I brought a chocolate donut for you. I hope you like it. We’ll be fully powered up then to heal those poor people.”, Chelvaric said to her as his eyes seemed to light up with fire.


#3Venus Rosé 

Community Outreach | Snow & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:19 am

Venus Rosé

From a far distance, she caught a glimpse of silver hair, just like hers glistening underneath the sunlight and it was no other than Chelvaric. His tall height loomed above the other citizens as he walked through the crowd towards her and she could smell the fragrance of bread and pastries even from a distance. The youth waved at her teammate so that he could find her easy among the large mob of people. ”It’s alright, I just got here as well.” She responded before her eyes shifted down to a bag of bread and other snacks that Chelvaric had bought and immediately, she would find herself drooling at the sight. Snowflake was a sucker for sweets, especially desserts, bread and almost all the pastries.

”Thank you Chel, that’s really nice of you.”

Chocolate was her favourite flavour of all time and she would never get sick of it. Taking a bite from the food, she savoured the sweet taste on her tongue before swallowing it down her throat. The bread was soft yet crispy, just how she preferred her bread to be, and the inside of the bun was filled with ample amount of chocolate. Admittedly, it was really good. She reminded herself that she would ask Chelvaric where he bought the bread from since she would have loved to try other desserts. After finishing off her snack, she dusted off the crisps and flour off her hands and began, ”Shall we go in?”

The scent of medicine and chemicals wafted into her nose the moment she entered the cathedral. The sounds of people groaning and whimpering filled the entire building and she could tell that this was bad news. Her eyes wandered over the entire place, which was filled with small beds for the patients to lie down while nurses and people who had knowledge of medicine assisted the victims. A rush of pity washed over her as she examined the patients. A man walked over them, dressed in a long cape and she assumed him as the priest of the cathedral, their client who had requested them for assistance.

”You two must be the mages from Blue Pegasus. I’m so glad you’re here.”


#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

Community Outreach | Snow & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:35 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric heard her say that she just arrived as well. He sighed out loud as he was happy he wasn’t too late and made her wait. He didn’t like when he made other people wait for him. But at least he was happy as she quickly took the snacks from him she seemed to be hungry for them. She thanked him and started eating. He watched her while she ate the food happily. “That’s okay don’t mention it. As long as I can do a job with you that's more than enough to thank me.”, chelvaric said to her as he rubbed the back of his head. After she was done she asked if they should go in and Chelvaric didn’t really see a reason why not.

When the big doors of the cathedral opened the smell of disease, pain and suffering came into Chelvaric’s nose. He covered his nose up quickly before he had to puke from the smell. He always hated the smell of a hospital. He tied his hanker chief behind him and walked toward the priest that came to greet them. “Yes, we are the mages of blue pegasus. I am Chelvaric this is snow; what can we do to help you, fellow priest.”, Chelvaric asked the man and waited for his response.

“It’s nothing hard. But were hands too short to give this medicine around if you would be so kind to do that for me.”, the man asked them both. Chevlaric took the bag of medicine and gave one to snow. “Don’t worry we won’t take too long in distrupeting this. Snow will you go one side of the church while i do the other. And scraggy you go to the back and do that part.”, he asked of both of them and scraggy nodded in agreement aready while he walked off.


#5Venus Rosé 

Community Outreach | Snow & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 9:51 am

Venus Rosé

The priest handed the two Blue Pegasus mages a bag full of medicines and towels for them to treat the wounded and sickly people. With such many victims in the room, she was unsure where she should start from but finally resolved to treat them in order; one row after another. Most of them were elderly people and few of them were women and children. She was not sure what kind of disease would spread so fast to affect such a huge number of victims but her priority at the moment was to cure the patients. Bending over by the side of the bed, she would wet her towel in a bowl filled with cold water; the temperature would help the patients from the heat as well as to easily wipe their sweat off.

The patients would groan from their inability to move as well as the agony from the illness they were having. She would slowly lift their bodies up to sit them up, making sure she was not too haste and handed them their specific medicines together along with a cup of water. Even if they did not want to me, she would have to force them since the medicine was the only way to make them feel better. The task was slow and monotonous and hours passed by, each separated by an eternity and soon, she had finally given the medicines to all the victims lying in bed. All that’s left was to wait until they were cure. Of course, she was not going to rest in the cathedral watching them but perhaps, she could return to the place another day to check the situation.


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#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

Community Outreach | Snow & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:30 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric took out some medicine and poured it in a cup of water when he arrived at the first person. It was a mid-eighties guy who had a dyeing look in his face. Chelvaric had a feeling that the medicine wouldn’t help much but at least he could take it too ease the pain. He put the cup at the man’s lips and let him drink from it as the water was flowing inside his mouth wetting his lips. The medicine would get inside him and it would cure him over time or at least ease him into death without much pain. Sometimes death is unavoidable but you could at least ease the trip to the next world. Where safety and security awaits those fallen from sickness and battle or age. He touched the man’s fore head his shoulder starting from the left to the right and then his chest before he made a prayer to Sekat to help him. He went around and helped many different patience’s before he and snow made their way back to priest to give in the job.

“Hello priest we finished taking care of everyone I hope this will at least give them some rest and help them get better.”, Chelvaric said to the priest. “yes let’s hope they do. Please pray for them tonight. The bag of money is here I hope you can spend it on something important in your live.”, the priest said and smiled slightly. Obviously burdened about the fate of the patients. Chelvaric took his share of the money and thanked the priest before saying good bey to snow and saying he would probably see her around town before he and scraggy left off.


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