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Deface Property [Alyssa]

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This would be fun. Alyssa had taken on a quest that would let her let loose a little. She liked trashing things, especially now that she had given over most of her control to Lyss. She was much happier than she had been in the many years before. She could finally stop caring what everyone thought of her and her split. She had finally accepted Lyss as a part of herself and she was extremely happy about the decision that she had made. The demon she was now serving was right, once she allowed her anger to take over, she had became stronger. Though it may have only been mentally so far, she knew that soon enough she would gain power unknown to mankind.

Alyssa had decided after long debilitation to follow her demon master into a world that she was unfamiliar with. It would be a scary yet rewarding journey into a dark abyss that would finally lead her into becoming a demon at some point in her near future. You could say she was terrified and that would be an understatement. Though she was currently unaware of what would be required of her to become a demon, she was hell bent on doing everything in her power to serve her new lord. She had been granted power through her anger and power through murder, and it was time for her to increase the bond with her new God. She began stalking through the town, searching for someone alone to finally sate her blood lust.

Stumbling upon a younger couple making out in the back roads of Haregon, she found a smile creeping upon her lips. This was her chance, her chance to make her lord proud. "This is for you, Malum! May you reign sovereign and may the souls of these victims grant you power! " She whispered before drawing her blade. The cursed blade only seemed to grow in power as she accepted the lord into her heart. Moving quickly where the couple did not hear her approaching, she drew back her blade and struck, beheading the two in one swift movement. She could feel as she absorbed their souls to feed her lord. A new rush of power ran through her as she laughed. She had never felt so exhilarated. Her blade had tasted blood once again and even it seemed to be glowing with excitement.

Now it was time for her to move on to the mission she needed to accomplish. Sheathing her blade, she strode off to find the address of the house she needed to trash. She was still very high from her last kill, so approaching the door and breaking it down was no hard task. The man already seemed to live like a slob, so it would be hard to trash his apartment more than it already was. The man she was doing it for had given her cans of spray paint and told her exactly what to write. Though he had not told her it was all she could write. Taking the can off as she shook the paint up, she left the first message: Take it to the Max.



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She opened the next can of spray paint and began writing whatever she pleased upon the walls and even went as far as to draw a very bad smiley face with demon horns. Though it looked like a child in a preschool art class had drawn it. She found her anger growing as she realized that Kenny would have loved to help her with this. She punched the wall, leaving a sizable hole. "You bastard." She muttered, tears gathering in her eyes. "Why did you have to leave?!" She threw down a bookshelf, shattering the glass that was upon it. "You hurt me and you did not even mean to." She sighed. "Why am I such a baby? I survived without him this long, I can survive a while longer. I will see him again soon enough." She pushed the thoughts of him to the back of her mind and ran to the kitchen, pulling eggs out of the refrigerator. She began throwing them everywhere, laughing as they exploded upon the walls. Her next stop was the cabinets where his expensive looking dishes were. She made sure to shatter each and every one of them, scattering the glass where he would step on it.

She made her way back to the bedroom where she tore his bed sheets up and broke the lamps and television upon the entertainment center, which she broke as well. The wood was cheaply made making it easier to break into pieces. She opened up the man's drawers finding a box of condoms nearly untouched yet open. She smirked, and took them all out, using the first sharp object she found to poke holes in them all before putting them back as if she had not searched and found them. Moving on to the bathroom, she found a bottle of hair removal cream and replaced the shampoo with it. She broke the bathroom mirror and dumped all the man's pills into the sink before turning on the water in all the facets to allow the apartment to flood. Once she was done with the apartment, she made her way out of the shattered door and headed back towards the man that would give her the jewels she had earned.

Arcane seemed pleased with whatever Alyssa did. He would be one of the few that would ever support her in everything she did and she would forever love him because of it. Once she reached the man's home, she explained what she had done and handed him the spray paint back. He seemed pleased with this and handed Alyssa her well earned reward. Pocketing the cash, she walked away from the house with Arcane following. "Hey boy, you wanna get something to eat? I think we deserve it. That was a work out." She said and they wandered off to find some food.


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