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Rum Diary [Yumi]

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Yumi stood crouched on a rooftop watching a pair of rune knight page's beneath her in the middle of the day. The two Page's were talking to one another oblivious to the predator watching them from the shadows. Yumi was passing some time before she would need to leave to perform a quest for Reagan. A ship would be coming into dock in an hours time with a crate of illegal rum able to be sold and three times the going rate. The expensive yet highly illegal rum would be arriving in an hour on a ship, the only ship to be arriving at that time. Yumi was to wait for the crates to all be unloading and search out the crate that would contain the expensive rum. The rum would be in a small crater hidden in a much larger crater. This crate would be filled with bananas in order to mislead anyone who checks it. The crate would be marked by a badly drawn banana signifying it was the one to break into. Yumi would then have to sneak to the crate without drawing any suspicion in order to retrieve the crate of rum. She was to then take the crate full of expensive rum bottles and meet up with Reagan to hand it over. YUmi was already thinking up a plan, she had sent her familiar duskull on ahead to scout the area. She would use him to distract the workers so she could sneak on over and steal the crate when it was time.

Until then Yumi was wasting some time by watching these two rune knight pages. She had spotted them out of the crowd and followed after them. Apparently they had heard a word the 'Witch of Carnage' was in town. They were doing a bit of information gathering to make sure it was true before calling in backup. Yumi smirked as she listened to them speak, as the Witch they had been trying to hunt her down for over fifty years, but they were not successful. Little would they think that she had de-aged to regain her youth.

Yumi moved along the roof waiting for them to go down an alley to meet up with a third rune knight page. With all three gathered in the darkness, Yumi pounced, drawing the mighty axe from her back. Yumi descended upon the first, a young woman no older than seventeen. Yumi swung the axe down with both hands and lodged it deep into the girls head. Yumi ripped the axe out, "Praise be to Malum, take these sacrifices upon your mighty throne!" Yumi prayed as she shot to the next page, they were caught completely off guard having not expected an attack. Yumi swung the axe, bringing it down on the next match, she had to swing at an angle to reach but the blade connecting cutting through bone and muscle slicing the head clean off. Yumi continued the swing and threw her axe sending it spiralling into the face of the next lodging btween his eyes. Yumi grabbed the handle of her axe and swung the knight into the wall, cleaving his head in two.

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Yumi cleaned the blade of her axe off using the clothes off the rune knights and checked the watch on one of the knights for the time. She had twenty minutes to get to the docks. Yumi immediately began running, throwing the axe on her back and took off at full speed. Yumi made a mad dash towards the docks slowing increasing her speed. She was charging at eight meters per second but her speed began increasing as she was no longer dashing but running. Yumi scaled a building climbing to the rooftops and took off like a bullet. Her speed grew to ten meters per second then twelve, before hitting fifteen but it was still rising. She kicked up a trail of dust, knocking off roof tiles as she ran. Her delicate feet touched the guttering off a roof and she jumped landing on the next house and kept going. Yumi spotted an empty street line and jumped down landing in a crouched position before taking off, as she took off yumi maxed her speed out to twenty meters per second. She became a blur as she raced through the streets of Hargeon arriving at the docks in only ten minutes from the other side of town. Yumi came to a halt skidding behind a bunch of crates, landing next to her familiar.

Yumi patted the dark creature and began to wait. She wasn't disappointed at ten minutes later a ship arrived at dock. After five minutes the ship began to unload as the dock workers went about removing crates. YUmi kept an eye on all the crates looking for the one that she needed to steal from. By the fifteenth crate, Yumi's crate made its appearance in the arms of a giant burly man easily seven foot. He looked like he could lift a carriage with ease. Yumi watched him sit the crate down and head back to the ship to retrieve the next. Yumi glanced at her companion and signalled Venom to move.

The skull creature floated off heading to the docks. It floated into view off all the workers who began to stare at the little thing wondering what it was doing. The creature floated over to a crate of apples and laughed mischievously. Duskull hit the crate and pushed it over knocking the apples onto the ground, a number even fell into the water. The workers cried out and quickly raced over. Duskul flew off and began knocking more crates over laughing the entire time.

Yumi quickly raced in shooting over the crate as max speed, the distance was sixteen meters but she covered it in two seconds. She slid in and hid behind the crate, making herself appear small. Yumi carefully slid the lid open and searched around finding the rum crate. She pulled it out and quickly dashed off once the area was clear and everyone was still chasing Venom. Venom was to lead them away then lose them before heading home.

Since Venom knew his orders Yumi raced off to the meeting point with Reagan. He should be nearby, just two docks down. Yumi sped towards the docks sliding to a halt once she spotted Reagan. She wordlessly handed the crate over and was handed a bag of jewels in return, followed by one of the bottles. He then spoke up saying since she did such fine work he would find more work for her, and as he left told her that when she sees Balthazar she should give him the rum bottle.

Yumi didn't say a word and sped off returning him in order to count up her money.

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Rum Diary [Yumi] FIXCi2K
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