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Marigold to Haregon [Foot Travel]

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Marigold to Haregon [Foot Travel] Empty on Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:21 pm

So Kenny had decided to leave and train a bit on his own. Though Alyssa was not very happy with his decision, she could not stop him from advancing his skills. She would find him in Magnolia where he had said he would be later, but for now, she needed to do a bit of training on her own. Her first stop was on the way to her final destination, Haregon. She needed to find someone to fight, she needed someone who would put up a fight where she would not completely kill them. Lyss was fuming from Kenny leaving.

Arcane trotted alongside Alyssa, wondering where Kenny was at the time. He continued to look around confused as to why the man was not along with them. Alyssa patted his head lovingly. "It is okay boy, we will go find him again soon." She tried easing the sadness of the growlithe. Lyss popped into her mind for a moment, her anger rubbing off on Alyssa as well.

"That man is lucky he is a good lay, or he would be dead right now." Lyss said to her. Chuckling, Alyssa pushed her further back into her mind. Seeing the sign for Haregon ahead, she smiled, she would finally be able to let out some of her rage.

-In Haregon-

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