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Miscellaneous [Invite]

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Evening times, clouds covering the sky, it was as if it was going to rain. Her head tilted up to look at such while in thought towards rather it was going to rain or not. Arisa started to walk on the concrete side walk with the patterns of mini diamonds. Her indigo light skin was flawless and shining by the halo lights of each street lamp hanging above her. Her long brown-purple tinted hair was fully down, swaying against her apple-formed butt as she swayed her wide hips. Arms dangled against them as she went towards her destination.

Arisa was wearing a white wavy long skirt with a brown-leather belt tied in a loop against her mid-pelvic area. Her shirt was a black crop-top with frills to cover her chest area, short sleeve and enough space so her belly button would show. For her feet she wore boots that went to her mid-calves that were black (made of leather). Her full lips were straight as she wasn't showing much expression. For some reason when she was without 'him', she felt different. After that one night, it felt as if a part of her, was left with him. Arisa wasn't sure on what to do on this day, but she did wonder on what he was doing.

On the side note, she was here to enjoy herself or to at least make friends. Rather or not she did make friends in the end, it only mattered that she had fun. Soon enough though she would go further within Magnolia, but here there were three paths. The real question was..which to take?


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Kenny rubbed the stubble of his beard, the mass of black hair seemed to be growing back quicker than he expected after shaving it, and his hair cut was beginning to grow into an equally dark mess of raven hair. Seemed like it was going to rain today, Kenny’s amber eyes looked up at the darkening, grey sky. “Hm, I should set up somewhere soon, looks like a storm is coming.” he mumbled to himself before silently swearing because of the impending precipitation. On his back was his pike, in one hand a sack slung over his shoulder with what little of his belongings he had, his other hand in his pocket. At the moment he wore his usual getup since his armor was still in Alyssa’s care, a beige form fitting tank top, black cargo pants, and his favorite pair of boots, he was dressed for anything and everything, except formal events of course.

Amber orbs looked on at the sky as it seemed to get darker with the pass of time, what a shame, he was on the road alone. It was about time he settled down in his travels anyway, and the storm would help him do so as it was unwise to travel during more vicious weather. Where he would go was a camping site of sorts, he could go to his hotel room or continue to pitch tent after tent in the forest and city outskirts. It mattered not to him where he slept, since home was always with him, or as of late his home was with his family wherever they may be. “Oh Alyssa…” he sighed, unknowingly approaching a fork in the road.

He would stop a few feet from the three differing paths, knowing that one went deeper into the city, another was a way to the market, and the last was to the park. There was a choice to make, he could go either way and come out more or less fine, though he didn’t need to go to the market because he wasn’t hungry, he could head to the park given his hotel was in its vicinity, or he could head deeper into the city and try his luck. Odd, after staring down his paths he took note of the woman not too far from him, it seemed she was at a stand still as well, then again one thing did come to Kenny’s mind. He needed to know where he could get some more clothes, and she seemed to have some on so… maybe she knew where they were.

Kenny would approach the lanky woman, tapping her shoulder once before speaking, “Pardon me mam, but would you happen to know where I could purchase some clothing? As you can see I’m not exactly the most well dressed gent around.” he gestured to himself with his free hand.

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Standing still, alone and above all else, confused, Arisa wasn't so sure on which path to take. Each path had its own entertainment onward and advisory in her mind. 'You should go towards the left. Left mix matches hell in more than one ways.' a voice spoke in her mind. 'Go right, stay away from the folly.' another spoke. Her golden yet smokey quartz eyes would wander left and right as she heard them speak. Would she listen to the voices though? As her head tilted up more to look up at the sky, she would then hear a voice from behind. Was it from her mind? No...

Her head cocked back to see a man in some interesting clothing. With that, she would twist her body so she would twirl to look straight at him. Hearing him, her eyes would gleam and gaze at his grizzly looking face, looked rough. Her head tilted a little to the right, brought up her hand in a thinking position against her chin as she wondered. 'Wonder what kind of man this person is...' in a soft tune. Arisa heard his talk of clothing and there she would have her own answer on where to go, the store-way. ''Alright then. You'd want to go within the city, deeper part of it. I'll take you there.'' she would say and swiftly turned away, her hair flowing with her turn. It settled against her right shoulder, making her hands play with each strand of her own hair.

Her hips would sway as she walked towards the left. Deeper into the city they were going to go. Rather it was dangerous at this time was unknown, as unknown as this man. Once every-so-often she looked back to make sure he wasn't doing any funny business. ''So where are you from?'' she wondered about the folly man (in her opinion). Her voice would be soft, sweet and soothing with some sort of foreign accent. She didn't know this person, so why not let her true voice show? Slowly she moisture her full shaped lips with her tongue as she then bit her lower (right side) lip. Her eyes wandered to find the store with clothes that he might be interested in. With that she would finally see the store just for men. ''Righty then...We're here.'' she would say and shifted her body towards the left. The building was just your regular old-fashion brick building with the large rectangular board/sign and its title. It had a large square window on each side of the building's front, just so you can see a little inside. She felt sort of awkward since she wasn't really quite forte with talking to new people. It's been months since she talked to someone new...

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Arisa stood there quietly, patiently and so on as she looked and watched the man. He was just standing there or was he walking towards her? Her mind was truly elsewhere, but the point was, he wasn't going in the clothes area. Did he just wanted to find a way to get her to walk with him or what was it? Arisa wasn't truly sure on the reason, but it was quite weird in her opinion. The man in rags that appears out of nowhere asks on how to get better clothes yet doesn't go inside when shown... Her eyes looked towards the guy and then towards where there was no one. She really didn't have time to lolly gag so she turned away and left the random guy behind. She had things to do. Hopefully next time they meet...he doesn't mess around or 'ignores' her.


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