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White Claudia[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

White Claudia[Fiora] Empty on Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:39 pm

Fiora Sylvari
Fiora was back in the streets again doing another mission for a man that she had worked with before and his name was Dr. Stephan Mabuz who was a dark guild supporter who made a bunch of magic items for the dark guilds and he needed work done and she was a dark mage that he could trust to get all the stuff done so she was in the Oak Steetes heading back to help him get all his work completed. When she walked into the store she saw that Dr. Stephan Mabuz looked extra tense today but was still happy when he saw that she had walked in and was ready to work on the mission and start it up right away. Fiora was ready to go somehwere to test out more of his wacky drugs but he said instead she would be the one that was going to be experimented on today. She was very conceredned because she didn't want to be some guys guinua pig and he said it was ok because it was a drug he tested before but needed a few more to be sure. He took her to the back room and then would strap her to a chair in the back room and he wouldn't be able to move. It was too late to turn back now because she was in the back room and was strapped in so she couldn't move. He reached in a container and would get some type of white liquid and put it in a needle as he walked over. Fiora was freaking out at this point as she was having second thoughts but the doctor said it was going to be OK as he injected her with the white needle that was labled White Claudia. Fiora would slowly start to fade in and out of continuous before opening her eyes again.

The whole place was different now. She as in the back room but it was shifting. THe metal rods were all blurry and the walls were now all red and red streaked which looks like blood was speraed everywhere. The floor was all copper and it looked like bronze platers were on the ground. She had taken drugs before just to try them out like mushrooms because she was an elf and found them in the forsest but this shit was on a whole nother leve. SHe tried to escape but the belts that were holding her were all blurry and looked like they were turning into snaks. "Are you OK" she heard and looked over. IT was the doctors voice and she checked him out and saw that he looked normal. Suddenly, he would start to morph into a giant flesh beast that started flooping around everywhere. SHe started sweating in a panic as his fvoice started to get all demonic and crazy and approched her. THe flesh beast would start to climb on her and then it waould open up its mouth and attempt to eat her. "AHHHH" she woudl scream and then suddenly the whole room went black. She woke up with her head on the ground and in a puddle of her own drool and she was on the ground from her chair. The doctor was just chilling with his notes of whatever just ahppened. It looked like it was all an illusion. He threw a bag of jewels at her and told her she did her part. He walked over and would unstrap her and then she would be free and would get up. She was a bit dizzy from the drug but looking at her body everythign was fine. Nothign seemed out of place. the docoter thanked her for her service and said she might need some more help if there wawere more experiments goign in the future and then she would shake her head at the tought. She would head home and then would go into her bed. She hoped that she wouldn't have any nightmares from the drug event that she just had because it would driver her crazy again. The doctor sure made some fucked up drugs in his little lab. She hoped not to make an enemey out of him.


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