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Hunter Gatherer[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

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Fiora Sylvari
It was a nice change of pace after being in town for the past couple of days doing all these mundane requests as she headed to the outside of Oak Town. She had a new request that required her to to the outside of the town and into the woods in Oak. Her client was Dr. Stephan Mabuz who was a doctor that had many different herbs and magic items he used to make different things like charms and magic spells that usually he would sell to the highest bidder which most of the time was for dark guilds. The sun was in the sky for her mission as it was a nice summer day and she would have the clear skies to find her target. she had to find a special mushroom for the doctor so he could make some type of potion that made you stronger. The mushroom looks like which is tall and skinny, completely gray except for the glowing green dots on it. Because Fiora was an elf she had experience finding that and could navigate the woods with ease. She was raised in the forest and woods her whole life and then she could forage it quicker than anyone else could unless they had Elf knowledge as well. She headed into the woods and would begin searching for the mushroom so she could return it to the doctor and then she could get her reward.

She dove deep into the woods and would see a bunch of deer by the river drinking the water with their babies. She would walk over and say hi to them before continuing down the stream. These mushrooms would be near the bottom of where the river emptied in the lake. Fiora would see one of the little dears going to eat one of the mushrooms which was tall and skinny and it was gray. She knew it to be one that would poison if they ate it so what she did was walk over and lift up the baby deer and then she would walk over and then she would go to the mama deer and then she would give the baby deer to the mama and they would all run away from her. It was in her nature to protect them cause that is what they did in the elf village was protect the forest and wildlife when they could. The mushrooms looked like the one she needed but they were not they were some other gray fake ones. Fiora would then continue down the river and would look for the right ones. There were a lot of gray mushrooms but none were the ones that were needed to complete the quest. Finally she had gotten to the end of the river and she saw a bunch of them right where the quest said they would be. It was the mushroom that was tall and skinny and it was gray with the glowing green dots on it. This was the one that the doctor would need to create his position so what she would do is go to pick the mushrooms and then she could toss them in a bag. She would wash her hands in the river to get the poison off and then it was back up the river she would go back to the town and then she would be able to talk to the doctor and then she would be able to get her rewards. AFter a few minutes of walking with the bag of mushrooms she had arrived at theDr. Stephan Mabuz. she put the mushrooms on the table and he would inspect them and then he would smile as they were the right ones and thanked her for a job well done as he went into the back office with them and put them on a lab table. No doubt he would go and use them as soon as he could. He gave her a bag of jewels for all of her trouble and said he would call on her if he needed anymore help before he shooed her off and went back. Fiora gladly took the money and headed out of there.


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