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Dozing Kids -Akai-

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Dozing Kids -Akai- Empty Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:49 pm

After finding those stupid herbs for Khalash, and falling in the East woods, one to many time, Akai decided that for his next quest, something a little more calm would be better suited.

Strolling into a small neighborhood surrounded with kids playing in the streets, Akai saw one of the teachers at the school, Teacher Sandine. With a quick wave she ran up to him, quickly adjusting her dark hair, she gave an exasperated sigh. "you must be the wizard, willing to help me with my students? She asked. Akai shook his head, "Yes I am.". She turned around to lead him back to the school where he would be working for the day, not having to climb up trees. The magnolia was a cute school, if schools could be cute that is. It was made of entirely brick with a wooden main entrance door, and each classroom had a large window so the sun could shine in. The roof was a pretty shade of pink, just like the cherry blossoms in the park. The grass was amazingly green with thornless rose bushes lining the school. Off to the right there was a pair of swings, one playset and two slides for all kids. "Today is geography, i'll be making the kids memorize some of the places in north Fiore. All i need you to do is to make sure a handful of my students don't doze off, and think Orchidia is next to Hargeon. " She laughed at her teacher joke. Akai nodded and offered to carry some of her books, which she greatly appreciated. Her class room was neat and tidy, with a black board stretching the entire side of the eastern wall of the room. Her desk was at the front of the room and was piled high with paperwork and books, along with the occasional test here and there. "There's a small desk you can sit in at the back of the room." She said. " Okay, any particular kids i should keep an eye on?" Akai asked. Teacher sandine thought for a moment then responded, "Yeah, there's Kimberly, sh has blonde hair, really spunky little girl. Alex, red hair,
incredibly smart, incredibly unmotivated. And Marissa, black haired girl, who I worry might join a dark guild in her future."
Akai looked at Teacher Sandine intently. "Okay,
i'll make sure they stay WIDE awake."

The class fumbled in after recess taking their seats and just like she said, Kimberly, Alex and Marissa al sat in the back of the room and all matched her description perfectly. "Okay everyone, today is geography, and we'll be learning about north Fiore." Teacher Sandine chimed. The most important thing to remember, is not to fall asleep. If you do, Mr. Evel here, will wake you up, and trust me detention is not fun." Teacher Sandine began her instruction on north Fiore without missing a step, pointing out all kinds of interesting facts about Worth Woodsea, and Orchidia. Eventually Alex's head started to bob, up and down, up and down. Then finally it went klunk on the desk. Akai stood up quickly, wrote a detention slip and slapped it down on the kinds desk, surprised Alex woke up immediately and sighed, Akai leaned down and whispered in his ear, " Fall asleep again, and i will double the amount of slips i give you." Alex shot up and paid more attention then he had in over a week. Smiling Sandine nodded at Akai from the front of the room. Almost as soon as he sat back down at his desk, Kimberly's arms extended in the air with a mighty yawn, and she too collapsed on her desk with a mighty thunk, except this time, gravity did its own work, and Kimberly rubbed her forehead gently, the class giggled. Marissa on the other hand was the only one smart enough to learn when she was able to truly hide the fact that she was sleeping in class. When Sandine handed out the worksheet, Marissa finished lightning fast, then rested her hand on her head and fell sound asleep. Deciding on a new punishment for Marissa, he picked up a pen and wrote -5% on her worksheet. She instantly shot up and gave Akai a grumpy look and scowled at him, Akai only shook his finger and sat back down at his desk. The rest of the class was wide awake for the rest of the class thanks to Akai, no one fell asleep after the three examples provided. Sandine finished on time, without ever having to stop the class, and she even managed to start tomorrows lesson.

Wandering to the back of the classroom where Akai sat at the small desk, " I have to thank you, I have never had a class more awake." Akai smiled, " It was no big deal, when i was their age, i would have loved to be in school.' Sandine gave him a quizzical look, but decided not to dig deeper into his history, after all it was his history. " here,
I hoped you learned something today."
With that she gave him a smile, and a bag of jewels. " Thanks Sandine, I hope to help you again sometime." Walking out the door with his long strides he was stepping through off the beautiful school gardens within moments, after a nice days work of not falling on your face, he decided he should treat himself, and treat himself he did. He sat down in his Inn room with a nice cup of tea and a nice bowl of soup, and watched the sun set, he  was pretty happy at that moment. Overall the day had been pretty enjoyable.


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