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Smuggler's Schemes [Selindra]

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Hargeon was a different place, one in which Selindra could not help but feel a bit more comfortable in, if for no other reason than the fact that there were enough things that were different. Oak Town had demonstrated a level of failure and fools that she had no interest in seeing just how many of them were there or even if there would be things in which she was interested in further assisting. However, here in Hargeon there was at least a bit of variety, some things or people possibly who could entertain her, all the while enabling her to further and further complete tasks that otherwise would not be as painful or terrible as she might have been led to believe. And much to the delight of Selindra as well, she found that she was in a position to be able to further accept contracts and within a short time, a broker had already approached her with one, one that could have been one in which she found that would be one in which would be right up her alley.

It was not a matter of her having to deal with some one who had accidently run out on a contract or having to dispose of dead bodies in a fight that she would have much preferred to have been a part of, but rather that instead she was expected to provide a distraction of any sort of means in an attempt to further distract some guards who were other wise holding up a ship that was destined for parts unknown in order to smuggle out some variety of goods that would end up reaching some foreign land that was out side of Fiore. However, the fact that there was an increasing amount of pressure of guards checking through ships and ensuring that there would be nothing to which would further delay or otherwise impede the possibility of them being able leave.

The only question that stood was whether or not there would be some thing that would serve as a sufficient enough of a diversion to ensure that the guards would not be able to focus on the ship any more but rather be required to invest in some thing else that was far more pressing. In one such instance, injuring or even going as far as to kill another person here would be more than sufficient, especially if it were made to appear as though some one had committed a murder and other wise sought to escape. However, if she were to depart immediately following such an act, the fact that she was not particularly familiar with the area put her at a distinct disadvantage, whereas with Oak Town while she was not from there either, she was at least knowledgeable enough to the fact that she was able to get around well enough with out having to worry significantly. Here however, she was much more of a novice having as much of a chance to be able to escape as though she were some one who had committed their first offense, much like that of a young child.

Thinking quick, she took out her sword and stuck a woman in the back, with just enough of the blade exposed such that it would be able to pierce through the skin but that would still leave her at a very distinct disadvantage unless she were to act fast. Almost as soon as she stabbed the woman, she yelled out, as though yelling at someone else who was actually stabbing the woman, all the while it was actually her who was committing the act. She threw herself to the ground in order to further sell the idea that she was trying to stop someone but had been pushed down as a result, and this worked. The suddenness of the attack plus Selindra’s attempt at stopping the “attacker” was enough to get the crowd riled up and the guards to pursue and give chase to someone, someone that was not actually there. With the guards gone, the man who had contracted Selindra wasted no time in having his ship leave port, such that even if the guards were to realize what was going on, it would have been too late to either stop the ship or find Selindra.

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