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[Foot Travel] Oak Town -> Baska Town

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[Foot Travel] Oak Town -> Baska Town Empty Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:05 pm

She was done with Oak Town and ready to go elsewhere, though it was a matter of that there were not enough places, enough things in which she could have reasonably expected that she would have been able to go or other wise engage with. That Oak Town never seemed to have thought about installing a train station was some thing that she could not have imagined, especially given the fact that there were more than enough ways and means for people to have installed one hthere, certainly one in which one would have imagined that the various noble families and gangs within Oak Town would have been interested in handling, but right now there was nothing to which had her believieng that they even thought as little as that. It was a crying shame, as there were more than enough means of actually making profit, but that they did not was some thing for which the city was going to end up paying for, perhaps not right now but certainly down the line it was going to hurt that they never bothered to invest in to something like that, especially when considered just how easy it would have been for them to implement. However, that ultimately did not matter as she instead just opted to walk towards where she was going to, the town of Baska.


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