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Sign Me Up [Diana]

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Sign Me Up [Diana] Empty Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:26 pm

Diana had taken up a job again, and this was a pretty easy one. It was more of a favor, from a man called ‘Jay Holiday’. What a cute and funny name, she thought. For some reason, she assumed that he would turn out to be an event planner or something like that. It was because of his name. But according to this job sheet, he was training for a competition for what seemed like weightlifting? Because he was training for weightlifting so it was probably a weightlifting competition. Diana headed for their meeting place straight away so that she did not waste time. After all, she could not be late in signing him up, or else the whole job would be for nothing. So she hurried to the gym that was near the beach where he would be working out. The moment she entered the building she could smell it. Sweat. She was completely human, and also sweated like other humans, but a girl will be a girl. Scrunching up her face subtly so that she did not appear too rude, she stepped into the hall that was filled with fitness equipment. She looked for the man called Jay Holiday by looking around the room, trying to find someone who looked like the man in the photograph on her job sheet. She found him quite fast, but the man was grunting too hard while lifting weights, too intimidating for Diana to approach casually, so she had to think of a way to approach the man.

After a while of preparation, she cleared her throat and walked towards him, while the other men in the gym stared at her. Was she doing something wrong? She could not tell, but she focused on what she was here for. “Hi. Excuse me, Mr. Holiday,” she said loudly to grab his attention. Immediately, the blonde man stopped what he was doing and turned to face Diana who was looking pretty shook at the moment. He wiped some sweat off his forehead using the back of one of his large hands and gave her a look that said ‘what do you want?’ Diana swallowed and started to mumble. “I’m here to...uh...help you with something that you...requested...uh...this?” she stammered, holding up the job sheet she had taken down from the request board. Jay took a look at the paper and immediately realised what she was here for. He finished what he was doing after requesting her to wait for a bit and then got up, probably to give her instructions for the job. The moment he stood up was the moment Diana immediately felt like an ant. He towered over her like a mountain and the expression on his face only made him look much more daunting. Swallowing quietly, Diana handed him the job sheet and listened attentively to what he was about to say, all the while trying to avoid any sort of eye contact with him at all.

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Sign Me Up [Diana] Empty Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:22 am

Mr. Holiday did not have much to say. In fact, he barely said anything to her. He just repeated what was written on the request paper, and added that there was a deadline and it was at sunset that evening. Diana’s eyes widened at the information given at such short notice, although she knew there was no reason for her to be late for the signing up. Jay then told her to hurry up, as if he underestimated her power. The intimidation that she was feeling because of his presence immediately disappeared, and was replaced with the feeling of wanting to prove something. In this case, she was going to prove to him that she could get there in time before sunset, unlike his expectation, she assumed after the way he talked to her.

“Alright,” she said, with a little bit more confidence than before and got up, patting away any dust from her clothes. Even Jay noticed she started to act weird and blinked at her. Diana, however, did not care, and strutted out of the gym. Although Jay had told her that time was running out right now, she pretended as if that was not an important matter to her, because she believed in herself and she believed that she was going to make it in time for sure. Jay went back to his training as soon as Diana exited the room and started towards the location at which she would have to sign Jay up. After a while she noticed that the sun was too close to setting and there was no time for her to be strutting around.

With a grunt she began to run for it. She had only covered a short distance from the gym to the destination by walking, so the rest she would have to try and cover by running as fast as she could. She could already feel that she was going to be sweating like crazy when she reached the venue. She had to run past so many obstacles she felt like she could be a part of a competition as well, but not for weightlifting. More like a competition for avoiding obstacles. She ran past a bunch of kids playing around in the sand and near the shore, a bunch of teenagers just lazily drinking while tanning or something and then some elderly people walking slowly. She had to wait for them, of course. She could not just bump into them and continue running like that. That would be rude and unladylike.

Just before the sun started to set, Diana arrived at the venue and noticed a long queue of sweaty weightlifters, probably waiting to sign up for the competition as well. Since she was sweating as hell, too, she could not complain about the others’ odor. She took her place in line and waited patiently until it was her turn to put down a name. She wrote Jay’s name clearly and then left the place to return to her client, get her reward and leave.

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