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Meeting up with old friends [Caius]

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Yumi sat by her lonesome at a table for two inside the eight island restaurant in the middle of Hargeon. The restaurant itself was a rather a large establishment featuring two stories and a wide space within, each floor capable of seating a hundred plus people. It had been around for some years now, in fact Yumi could remember when it was first opening many years ago. Back then it was only a tiny little restaurant single floor only able to host six tables. At first it wasn't very popular but word spread about the superb dishes being served and the business took off. The line outside the door was meters long reaching around the block with guests eagerly awaiting entry. After the first year the business had expanded its doors taking over the empty lot next door tripling its size. By the third year it had taken over two more lots before by the fifth year they had to build up in order to accompany more paying customers. Now it was a fine establishment with two large floors earning hundreds of millions of jewels a year. The food servings were decent and well priced

Yumi sat at the table, a simple cup of coffee in front of her, a cappuccino. The young lolita sat there with her right leg crossed daintily over the left, hands folded neatly on the table, appearing the image of a perfect youthful lady. A soft smile formed on the demon's lips as she raised a delicate hand to pick her cup up and raised it to her lips taking a small sip with her luscious pink lips. As usual, she was dressed in her typical black and red gothic lolita dress, accompanied by high heel black boots and a headpiece that looked like a pair of ears, a bow neatly tied in the middle. The demon was quite happy with herself, while she wasn't showing it and had her power restrained, Yumi had advanced in rank. Yumi had broken through the bottle neck she had been at for years rising from B to A rank growing exponentially in power. Her physical strength and endurance had remained the same but when she broke through she felt her mind breaking open and a new world of perception arriving before her as if she was suddenly enlighted. She also felt her body becoming lighter as if she got faster.

Yumi was incredibly happy to have finally ranked up after all these years, she was now on the same level as Caius aka Black, one of the strongest mages in the organisation, now Yumi had joined their ranks. Yumi gave a girlish giggle at the thought. SHe was glad to have finally gotten stronger, though speaking of Black, Yumi had heard word he was staying in Hargeon from one of the lower ranked members of the guild. It had been awhile since she caught up with a member of the guild, so she asked the lowly grunt to track Caius down and let him know Yumi was hoping to meet up with him at the 8 Island restaurant for lunch that day.

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It was a beautiful summer day in Hargeon Town and Caius was enjoying it while he had the time off...or trying to at least. He sat at a bench at the end of the docks with a fishing rod in hand and a frown on his face. The rod shook which signaled a fish had bit so he started to reel it in. "Come on you stupid fish" Caius said as he yanked up on the rod to pull the fish closer. When the reel finally was all the way in, he was greeted with an empty hook. Nothing. Almost an hour of doing this and he still had nothing to show for it. The fellow fisherman nearby laughed at his misfortune as they had barrels full of them already. If he didn't have to be so secretive, he could just use his wind to blow up the water and force the fish on land. Then those old bastards wouldn't be laughing.

He sighed and prepared to cast his line again but a man called out to him by his code name. Caius turned over to him and gave him his full attention. The man was a lower rank member from the guild that mostly was used for messages between members. Things had been quiet for a while so Caius expected some work that needed done. Instead, he got a message from Yumi asking him to join her at the 8-Island Restaurant. What was that troublesome woman up to this time? He didn't have anything better to do so he decided to see what she wanted. Caius picked up his fishing rod and would toss it into the ocean out of frustration. Waving his hand he shooed the lower member away as he stood up and started walking to the restaurant to meet her.

After a few minutes of walking, he finally arrived at the restaurant and saw a huge line outside. Not having the patience to wait, he would skip to the front and yell at the waitress inside. He informed her that he was meeting someone so he already had a spot. The waitress allowed him to cut in line as she took him to the tables to meet his friend. The goth loli stuck out like a sore thumb sitting in the back of the restaurant sipping on a cup of coffee. Caius walked over and sat down at the empty seat across from her with a smile on his face. "You know. I'm surprised they let a girl who looks like she's 13 reserve a spot here. Usually you have to be 18 or older." Yumi of course was well in her seventies but ever since becoming a demon she had the youthful appearance. It was meant as a joke but he also was quite curious "Anyways, I'm here now. What is it that you want exactly?"


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Yumi's beautiful hues, like an ocean of red cast itself upon the dining hall of the restaurant as she eyed everyone around her, taking in their forms and figures. The restaurant was relatively full, considering it was a Friday and part of the working week. A lot of the customers here workers on their lunch breaks taking the time to enjoy themselves before the weekend arose. Who knows what their weekends would entail, but as she cast her gave upon them, sizing them up she spotted a few who know doubt would lead the life of a party goer the young adults who had left school and gone to work or university. Yumi raised her cup to her lips taking another sip as she shut her crimson hues returning to her own little world no longer concerned with those around her.

Yumi was pulled from her thoughs when she heard someone take a seat across from her and speak up. Instantly she was able to recognise the voice of her fellow guildmate, Caius. Yumi's long eyelashes twinkled as her eyelids began to open, revealing those bright eyes that shimmered like a thousand crimson diamonds. Yumi was able to pick up the joking tone in his voice, mixed with a hint of curiosity, "A little fear goes a long way to forcing across what you desire. Very few will stand in your way once they begin to believe you are a monstrous entity" Spoke the lolita in a soft gentle tone as she sat her cup down, indicating she had installed fear into the staff and management to make her way in. It was clear as every time a waiter or waitress walked close to Yumi they would almost jump out of their skin. Yumi was also well aware of the odd looks she was receiving from the other guests, after all, it was not every day you saw grown adults jumping in fear at the sight of a little girl.

"As for what I want, not a lot really, I thought it would be nice to catch up. It has been a while since we last spoke. We may be guildmates but rarely do any of us gather, simply to be in the presence of the other." Yumi smiled in Caius's direction, her eyes twinkling with mischief as those pink lips of hers pressed into a coy smile, "Though I also wish to sate my curiosity. You were part of the expidition in Era to fire the Ark's canon correct? May I enquire of thy experience of that day?" recounted Yumi as she raised her left hand using her delicate snowy white fingers to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her left ear.

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The little demon girl was clever. Despite her appearance, she still had a demon aura that surrounded her that affected those weaker than her. Dining staff here would no doubt be overwhelmed by her presence when she made her demands. Caius had not noticed because his power was so great that it offset the dark magic aura that was at work. Yumi didn't have anything guild related to talk about and just wanted to catch up. Ever since the last attack on Era, most of the guild had scattered and done their own thing. Caius was enjoying the time off traveling from city to city to see the sights.

"Fine then. Let's talk."He said. The waitress came by their table and Caius hollered at her. He ordered a bottle of beer as Yumi asked a question about what happened during their mission in Era. His hand tensed up as he slammed his fist on the table and scoffed at her. "I don't know why you are asking a question you already know the answer to. I'm sure you have heard by now it was a complete and utter failure." Failing a mission is something he took personally. Letting down the guild that took him in always put him in a sour mood. However, being mad about it now wouldn't accomplish anything. Explaining it would be the best option now.

The waitress came back to the table with his cold bottle of brew. He took a sip of the beer to wet his throat before starting the story. "It was me and two phantom lord members. We were in the woods in Era when a Blue Pegasus mage with blond hair found a Phantom Lord member, Bianca with the Ark cannon orb. Some invisible force took her out. The next thing you know explosions of light happened leaving me no choice. I attacked the Blue Pegasus mage but he had a yellow dog with him. It grew to the size of a skyscraper and smacked me out of the fight. The man was kind enough to give me a souvenir as well." He would say standing up. He lifted up the bottom of his shirt to show off the diagonal scar on his stomach going up to his chest.

Caius sat back down. "Blue Pegasus will get what is coming to it soon enough. But it didn't matter. The real purpose of the mission was to get Thesus out of jail. Destroying Era was just a bonus." He was a bit annoyed the higher ups didn't tell him the real mission. Being a high rank and in the guild for so long he thought they would trust him enough by now. It seemed he still had work to do. "I heard that you completed your objective during the mission in Era. Surely you were recognized for this right?"


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The little demon showed not a sign of reaction as Caius slammed a fist down on the table. The table shook violently as a loud bang echoed through the restaurant, making everyone around them jump in fright from the man's angry outburst. The little loli merely held her cappuccino steady so it wouldn't spill over the table. Once it finished rocking and small cracks like a spider web formed around where Caius's fist impacted, Yumi sat her cup back down. Yumi completely understood the man's rage, she would be angry too if she had failed a mission like that. Yumi had rarely failed a mission in her life only once beforehand, but that was long before she joined the guild. Yumi had after all only joined the guild in her late forties, from memory she was forty-eight at the time, meaning she had only been in the guild twenty-seven years.

"While I am aware of the failure of the mission, I was not privy to the details of what exactly happened. The number of foes you fought, their battle strength, guilds or magics." Explained the little demon before raising the cup to her supple pink lips and finishing off the last of her drink. She would then call a waitress over as Caius began his recount. As he recounted Yumi would tell the waitress to bring back a strawberry thick shake, before shooing the frightened girl away, not before handing over the finished coffee. Yumi then turned her attention back to Caius as she spoke about a blonde haired mage from blue pegasus with a yellow dog An invisible force and explosions of light. He then stood up in order to show off a diagonal scar on his stomach he received from the blonde haired man.

As he sat back down, Caius went on to state Blue Pegasus would soon get what's coming to it. Before he went on to the rest of it. "Strategist and I did indeed complete our task of retrieving the Magister's index, even though we completed it our competition was most...disappointing. They were far to wet behind the ears" Commented Yumi with a depressed sigh, she had hoped the foes guarding the index would have put up a proper fight, but it was depressing, to her it was like fighting babies.

"As for being recognised, sadly no. All that I received was jewels for services rendered as per agreed. Other than that I received no thank you, no items no nothing!" Growled out the little lolita showing a little anger in her tone of voice. Rarely was she one to be enraged as she kept a tied lid on her emotions. "Even though we had succeeded, we received no recognition in the guild for a job well done." Yumi inhaled deeply to calm herself. In that moment of anger the bounds she held tight on her magical power had been released in full force, which would allow Caius to pick up that her strength had grown exponentially even potentially breaking through to the next rank.

"But that is in the past. While I may not have received any satisfaction from the guild, I did receive satisfaction from the mission. You see I had kidnapped a pretty little girl, ten years i think she was, to use as a hostage. I demanded the index be handed over in exchange for her life, after all it was being guarded by four light mages. One would expect them to want to protect the innocent little flame." Explained Yumi with a soft smile on her beautiful features, but that smile soon turned sinister as a dark gleam formed in her eyes.

"But that exceeded my expectations, one of them killed her instead, I even suspect it was a Rune Night! Oh, it was hilarious. I never expected them to be so cold and unforgiving to just snuff away the little girl's life. She was devoured by the undead in the shape of a wolf and a rat!" Yumi barked out with a vile laugh that sent shivers down the spines of those seated around her. "I would have killed the girl anyway, but they saved me the trouble and painted themselves in a dark light. I have yet to spread this, but I plan to soon. But first I must find out which guilds the others were from, so I can slander there name's for doing nothing to stop him and save the girl."

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The god slayer was surprised she didn't mock him for his failure. Ever since becoming that little child she had been so mischievous and pushed peoples buttons. He sat back in his chair to get comfortable as he listened to the tale about her mission. It was her and Strategist versus four light mages. By the sounds of it the numbers didn't mean anything. The Grimoire Heart mages cleaned house with them and got the Magister's Index with no issue. However, they just got paid in jewels and nothing else. The guild didn't recognize any of their members. Only Thesus mattered to them. Yumi was so upset she let her demonic aura spill out towards him. His eyebrow raised as this aura felt different from before. Though he wasn't affected, it was more powerful than the last.

Before he could ask she continued her story. Yumi brought a little girl as a hostage to the mission. With her new body looking like one herself, it probably was easier to bait her. Despite this, the light mages still attacked and even killed the innocent girl to protect the index. Caius couldn't help but let out a hearty chuckle "And they call us bad guys! What hypocrites" He did have some shred of respect for them though. If he was in their situation, he would do anything to complete the mission. The fact that they preach peace and justice and still did is what made it so funny. Yumi planned to investigate the mages and spread the word like wildfire. "Good plan. Hopefully he gets what he deserves. At the very least he will be forced to resign from the guild to save face. Serves him right."

"But enough about work. Let's talk about you Carnage." Caius placed his elbows on the table and leaned forward. His hands supported his head from his chin as he stared at her. "What exactly has happened to you. Your aura is....different than the last time when we sparred. Last time you told me you killed yourself to gain this power. What did you do this time? Did you kill some babies? Eat some lower class demons? I'm not familiar with how your race improves itself.


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Yumi revealed a mischievous smile as she released a soft gentle bark of laughter, "I know! HA! And they call me a Witch." Yumi was referring to her Epithet as the 'Witch of Carnage'. It was a reputation she had earned leaving behind a bloody trail of corpses over the past sixty something years. The only ones who knew that she was the one called The Witch of Carnage were her guild mates as all witnesses to her identity had been killed on sight. It was also why she was dubbed the codename Carnage as that was what she naturally brought upon humanity a bloody carnage tearing apart all in her way and leaving a bloody gory mess. "Once I finish here in Hargeon I'll probably head to Magnolia and conduct my investigation. While I may not know the identities of the four mages I know what they look like by heart."

Yumi paused as a shaky waitress walked over and placed a strawberry thick shake down in front of the little demon loli. Yumi waved her off commanding she leave, the waitress scampered off not wanting to stay next to the two deadly monsters any longer. Yumi raised the straw to her delicate lips and took a small sip enjoying the creamy sweet taste as it moved down her throat. Yumi licked her lips in a sensual manner before looking back up at Caius as he moved the conversation along, only after setting his elbows on the table and leaning forward.

"Why it is most simply my friend, I finally broke through the bottleneck that I had been stuck at all these years. I shattered the barrier of B rank and entered to the realms fo A rank, just like you." Spoke Yumi in an exaggerated manner as her eyes twinkled. Behind those beautiful yet deadly crimson hues was an underlying wealth of power. Compared to Mage's not of the same rank it was a truly an overhelming degree of power. "For so many years I have attempted to break through to A rank, but I hit a wall. Loosing my youth caused me to hit a bottleneck and I have never been able to break through. I will admit it, I am an incredibly vain creature. Losing my beauty forged a hole in my heart and prevented me from achieving power." explained Yumi, a hint of anger in her voice, but it soon passed as a soft sigh escaped those delicate lips.

"But since I've regained my beauty and youth, that hole has filled itself and all my attempts to breakthrough finally erupted, bursting open like a dam and I ranked up yesterday in my sleep." A sinister smile reformed on the demon's lips as a lust for blood appeared within her deep crimson hues. "Now that I'm stronger, I can finally start killing off the insects that stand before me, starting with the Rune Knights. After that the Holy Knights I'm coming for you!" A deep scowled formed on her lips as she spat the words Holy Knight out full of venom. From her tone, it was clear she held a deep hatred for the Holy Knights and everything they were about. Anger bubbled around her as she began leaking killer intent. Killer intent began to rise from her body mixing with her magic into the shape of tongues of black flames.

"I usually have much better control over my emotions, but the demon in me wants to just let is all loose! I've bubbled up sixty years of anger. It's time I let it out soon. You wish to trample Blue Pegasus and I wish to trample the Knights. Why don't we help each other? If we combine our strengths I doubt there would be any who can stand against us! What do you say!" The scowl morphed back into a sinister smile, but it was more than just that. One could literally feel the lust for blood and killer intent rolling off of Yumi's tiny body. If Caius had been anyone else and did not know who she was and how many lives she had taken over the years they would be surprised by the sheer strength and amount coming off her. The black mana around her and the glow of Yumi's red eyes created a demonic look, she appeared like the devil before Caius.

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Caius' eyes widened as she revealed what exactly had happened. Yumi had gotten strong enough to be classified as an A rank mage. She struggled as she got older and seemed to plateau being B rank for years. This new demon power she had gotten was truly frightening. It was only a few months after that happened and she was now on the same level as him. It was impressive and also served as a tool to motivate him. If she could rise to the ranks, than he would have to cut the slack and break through the barrier to S rank.

Caius leaned back in his chair and clapped his hands. He couldn't help be happy. Seeing members rise the ranks made the guild stronger and his job as a high rank mentor that much more satisfying. "Well done Carnage. It's about damn time." He picked up his bottle of beer and offered a toast. All she had was a milkshake so it wouldn't be a traditional toast but it was the gesture that counted. "A toast to your youth and your new achievement. Make it bring the guild good fortune in the battles ahead." He drank and finished off the rest of the bottle before slamming it down on the table. The waitress looked from afar and saw he was done but was too scared by the two to approach.

An interesting offer was brought up to the table after the toast. Being a religious fanatic her whole life, Yumi always wanted to take out the Holy Knights. In exchange for his help, she would help him against Blue Pegasus. The Rune Knights were a a mutually hated party. Caius tapped his finger as he considered the offer. Grimoire Heart had been quiet since the Ark incident. The only violence he got was from the missions he took off the board.

"Fine then I agree. With the two of us and any other members who wish to join we should be able to take down those factions with ease. For now, I'll be in Hargeon." Caius leaned back and partially unsheathed his sword to show Yumi the black steel. " I recently got a new blade and I'm breaking it in doing odd jobs around here. We should set up an attack once we know how many members wish to join us. Since this was your idea, I say you take the leader position on this one. It will be a good test of your new abilities. What do you say to that...commander?" He reached out his hand to her to see if she would agree to the terms they set up.


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The sinister smile on the little demon's lips grew in size threatening to split her face in two. It was a terrifying sight to behold on such a beautiful little creature. Yumi raised her drink up to meet Caius's toast, the two glass materials clanging against one another as he congratulated her on finally ranking up before toasting her youth and new achievements. "The Guild shall rise from the ashes of the blackened Phoenix, transforming into a malicious evil dragon, breathing its flames of hell upon the world! You, I and everyone who follows after us will bathe this world, purifying it in a glorious blaze!" toasted Yumi in her own extravagant way, she didn't just want to crush the guilds but the entire world she wanted to bathe everything in flames.

The god slayer extracted his black steel sword raising it into the air. Yumi eyed the deadly steel, her crimson hues rang along its sharpened edge detecting an underlying power to it. The blade which took the shape of a deadly black katana excreted a dark aura from its very core. Being a creature of the dark herself, Yumi could feel the aura flowing from the blade. Yumi could feel the darkness within the blade resonating with her own dark core.

Yumi grabbed the Viking Axe that rested upon her back drawing it with both hands and laid it down on the table with a loud bang. "With this very axe, I'll lead the charge. I will be the first to charge into battle and the last to leave, but not before claiming the heads of the enemy!" Declared Yumi as she rested her right hand on the handle of the axe. She has accepted the position of commander and even showed her resolve by stating she would charge in first and leave last, but only after taking the enemies head. She would not leave until she claimed a life.

Yumi sat back in her hair breathing in deep restoring her calm stature, "Though while I plan to gather our comrade, it will be a chore. I do not know if you have heard but many of gone M.I.A. Strategist, Lucifer, Rune, Malice, Traveller, Midas, Raven, Grudge, Coyote and Bard. I even have heard a rumour that Grudge and Raven are K.I.A. While many were the lowest of operatives our numbers are dropping at an alarming rate. I plan to soon leave Hargeon not only to scout information on the guilds but find potential recruits for the guild." Yumi rubbed the left side of her temple at the thought of many of their comrades just disappearing without a word. It was alarming to say the least that so many of their lower ranks had just upped and vanished.

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Yumi brought out a weapon of her own to show off. A a large axe that was as big as the girl herself. The crowd around them started to stare nervously at the two showing their weapons in such a public place. Caius glared at them and they quickly looked away and went about their business. He didn't like the attention so he would sheath his blade back in the hilt to give them some peace of mind. An enthusiastic Yumi was quick to accept the terms of being the commander for the plan they had devised. It would be a good learning experience for the both of them. It had been a long time since Caius was the one taking orders being the only A rank in guild. He knew Yumi's methods were more out in the open and violent than his stealthy approach. Killing was something he enjoyed so he didn't mind those methods at all. As long as the guild's name was protected that was all that mattered.

A good point was brought up by Yumi. The guild had fizzled out with many members doing their own thing. Perhaps they lost faith in the guild ever since the Ark failed to destroy Era. Caius crossed his arms and would sit back in his chair "If they were killed or deserted then fuck them. That just means they had no part being in the guild in the first place. Once I finish the requests here, I'll head out to search for those members. If any betrayed the guild then I will personally kill them with my own hands. As far as recruits, I know of a few on the inside that would be eager to join this mission. " Caius had always been a big influence in the guild so the lower members were sure to jump at the opportunity to gain some brownie points if asked.

"Just remember when you are out recruiting to keep a low profile. When you were older you hid it well but ever since you regained your youth it has been a bit...concerning. Your aura is more violent and you speak out more. I understand the excitement and the new energy you have after achieving your lifelong goal but this is business. You don't want the enforcer coming after you just because you wanted to sate the demonic desires." The enforcer he was referring to was of course Icarus, the guild leaders right hand man. He had seen him maim people just for dropping the guild's name to the wrong people. Though he trusted her, he wanted to make sure he spoke his mind and get assurance from her. Yumi was too valuable of a member for that to happen to.


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Yumi merely waved the comment off, "I'll be careful. As the Witch I have left a sixty-year trail of bodies, but they never figured out my identity. If I could do that for sixty years keeping a low profile now will be fine. My inner demon may be easily excitable but I have firm hold over it." Responded the Yumi appearing unworried about her circumstances, but on the inside, it did trouble her, slightly. Yumi had certainly noticed she had begun loosing her calm more, growing easily excitable and increasingly violent. She had been violent, due to other circumstances mainly the loss of her youth and begin reminded of it, but she was not quick to show her anger. As a human she had always kept a cool on her emotions, keeping them tight especially in her youth. However, now that Yumi was a demon, things were entirely different. Demons were creatures who desired to bring about chaos and destruction.

Yumi placed her lips around the straw of her mik shake and began to drink. The lolita drank the shakedown to the bottom, not even worried about the brain freeze that may come. "I'll see about starting the plan in a month to two months time. That should be enough time to strengthen ourselves, and find recruits. If needed we can delay the plot. I will try and gather what information I can on Blue Pegasus and the Rune Knights. Numbers, members, ranks and magics. It would be best to be prepared for whatever we may face." Said the demon Lolita as she swirled the straw around in the glass with her right hand.

Yumi sighed as she placed her hands on the table and began to stand. She retrieved a small wad of jewels from her bosom and laid them down on the table, what she owed for what she had ordered. "Although I was the one to invite you, I apologise for I shall be the first to leave. There are a few things I must finish up before I leave town. When we meet again hopefully we both will have obtained greater strength."

With those words, Yumi turned and started walking away. As she walked out the door she would add, "Next time we meet, let us test each other's strength." She added a wave of her hand and disappeared out of sight as she mixed into the busy streets.


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