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Marigold to Magnolia [Foot travel]

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Marigold to Magnolia [Foot travel] Empty on Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:30 pm

This was stupid, he was a stupid man, why would eh being doing this. He would only be gone a  few days, and he left a letter for her explaining why he left surely she would understand, but what if she left too? Then he wouldn’t be able to find her, shit, shit, shit. He is so stupid, but he needs to do some solo training…. Then again he doesn’t want to leave her alone. Damn it, why did he had to be so stubborn. I wasn’t forever, he could find her again right? He told her where he was going after all and it was only a day's walk if anything he would be back before she knew it and who knew what sort of awesome things he would find and he would gladly bring them back to her, oooh but the thought of leaving her on her own hurt his heart.

Marigold had some great memories, but he had to be a man about this and go check the path for a bit. He wasn’t leaving her, he would never leave her without word, but he had to see a few things for himself, get stronger for her and Arcane and become the warrior she deserved. He was faithful, he loved her with all of his heart and he wouldn’t do anything to ruin their relationship. It was team Alyssa and Kenny, nothing else between them, thus he surely wouldn’t be taking jobs with anyone but her. This was a mess, but it had to be done. He would come back, and if he didn’t death presumably took ahold of him. At Least he told her where he was going though so if she wanted to find him, she could.

Kenny silently cried to himself as he took a bag with very few of his belongings with him, he left most of his clothes, his tailor made armor, and anything else he thought would show her that he wasn’t leaving her for good, that he would come back. Either way it made him worry, what if she found a new man? What if someone else came along and snatched her up? What if she got arrested, what the hell is he doing? This was a huge mistake! For the love of the maker someone stop him! ‘Alyssa! Alyssa!’ he rambled in his mind as he shut his eyes, nearing tears. What in the hell is he doing? Oh god what if she makes another guy food! He would kill him and them beg her to come back. Oh god he loved her so damn much. It hurt to be away for so long.

Kenny opened his eyes and looks around, “Fuck…” he had cried himself all the way to marigold, “I am so sorry Lyssy baby.” he took a knee and laced his fingers together, elbows resting on his upward knee, “Dear God, please strike down any man that tries to flirt with my darling, but in the event that a woman tries, please have my darling Alyssa manage plenty of pictures and things of that nature, that would be very cool and I would like to see that so I can go ‘yeeeeeeah that's nice’. Blessed be the Maker amen.”


-in Magnolia-

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