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She's Come Undone [Finn]

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Tenshi †
She spoke in reference to his fight with the Guild Master, deciding that she could forgive his recklessness. It seemed straight forward enough, but immediately tinged his cheeks pink and brought a grin to his face. "I already mean that much to you, hm?" His words flowed before he thought them out, but it turned out to not be such a bad call. His words had a playful vibe to them, brought about by his tone. Almost immediately after his comment, she asked him more about his relationship with the guild.

Taking on a thoughtful face as he considered the answer, he offered a little shrug as if to confirm he wasn't sure before answering. "They seem okay with it. The Guild Master has tried putting me in teams with newer members on multiple occasions now to try and help them out, but it normally doesn't work out. I haven't talked to him in over a year though. Last I did talk to him, he said as long as I was chasing my goals then he just wanted me to be safe." With that, a light chuckle escaped from his lips. "To be honest though, I don't know what my goals are yet..."

Like that, without meaning to, Finn gave a little about himself away. He knew less about his intentions than he let on, and that statement all but proved it. He had been traveling blindly for a while now, almost ever since he joined a guild. His original intention had been to satisfy the request of the guild master and Jake. To expand his understanding of society and to make human friends. For that, he had continued to move and talk to the people he came across. Still, there had not been a real driving factor for him. He was lost without even realizing it. So drawn were people to the radiant light of his smile and words that no one noticed the dark shadow he cast. Not even he noticed, nor did he know of its steady creep through his person.

How was one to understand that the brightest lights consumed the most energy? How could one understand that even those vibrant people needed a break? Behind the walls of joy and seeming lack of care was a man who was still so overwhelmed. Yet who would know to offer a hand to someone who seemed so self reliant? Perhaps that was what had immediately made Finn so interested in Seira. Without realizing it, her words to him had given him direction even if momentarily. "You found me." They echoed in the back of his psyche as a subconscious reminder.

So as she spoke and began dragging him along, his eyes trailed down to their hands. Slowly, he lets his vision carry up her arm, to her shoulder, then to the back of her head. Then quickly, his eyes dropped to their hands once more. He felt for a moment as if he were being helped along in a way far different than its literal meaning, and he couldn't help but smile. It was new, and nice.

As they got their, Seira urged for him to take a seat. Her actions seemed rushed, making Finn grin and hurry to his seat. He couldn't know for sure why she seemed in such a hurry, but it was probably due to her being embarrassed from earlier. It was the only thing that made sense, and it was enough to make Finn comply as soon as he could.

As she went to get them drinks, his eyes danced around the inside of the place. He'd never been there before, and it seemed relatively laid back and well put together. It was rather empty for the time of night he thought, but that wasn't a bad thing either. His eyes had just made it to Seira as she turned from the bar and flashed him a smile. His lips tugged back and parted without him meaning to, returning her smile as if it were a natural reaction.

As she came over and removed her coat, his glanced at her without that cover on for just a moment before locking eyes with her. She's beautiful... As she spoke, he pulled his mind from there momentarily so he could speak. "Yes," he started as the bartender swung by the table with a smile, placing a drink before either of them. Offering a quick thank you and a smile, Finn turned his attention back to her and placed his right hand at the base of the drink. "Jake's here with me, but he's kind of out and about for the night. He left a little after we got back from the woods and said he'd be gone until tomorrow."

Taking a sip of his drink, which turned out to be more of a gulp, Finn's eyes squinted and and lips pursed. It was not that he didn't like the alcohol, strong as it was. He certainly hadn't been expecting it though, and probably should have warned her that he could not handle much of it before becoming intoxicated. Far too late though, he took a second sip and then laughed. "It's good. Trying to get me drunk, huh?" His throat had a pleasing burning sensation now, stomach beginning to feel warmth and spread it around his body. As his eyes locked on hers and he smiled, listening to whatever she had to say, he couldn't help but let his mind wander for just a moment.

You liiiiike her.

As he took in the vision of the woman across from him, he realized that as distracted as he was with his own thoughts he was still fully invested in her words. Her lips brought about interest, regardless of what they were doing. Her face was beautiful, regardless of the look upon it. She was interesting and kind, and he realized that he wanted nothing more than to get to know her better. So as she spoke, he mentally responded to Jake.

... Yeah, I do."

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”I see,” she answered. Seira closed her eyes and stretched her neck and shoulders; she wasn’t in pain, only feeling a little uncomfortable. ”It’s a fine establishment, isn’t it?” She smiled a weary smile and tugged a few loose strands of hair behind her ears. The place she’d chosen was fairly large—a two story building with vintage furniture, a cozy fireplace and a rustic flair. There were several other guests presents and even though waitresses were working, she’d chosen to order at the bar before taking a seat. There was, as with everything Seira did, a specific reason for it and while the bartender had given her a look of concern before, she dismissed it and continued to feign ignorance when he arrived at their table.

Finn’s order varied from Seira’s; his beverage was strong, intense and had a somewhat pungent smell to it. It was delicious nonetheless, and quite expensive as well, but that didn’t matter to her. It was what the owner usually gave out to his customers when ‘her kind’ arrived and the composition of his drink hid the scent of her own perfectly. The vampyre was served a bottle of wine and watched with blank eyes as he poured her a glass of the thick, red liquid. Its mixture couldn’t have been more obvious and while she had doubted it at first, Seira was now feeling rather enthusiastic about the wine/blood combination and as long as he didn’t decide to take a sip, Finn surely would never notice. ”Thank you,” she shot the man a glance and he returned to his counter, where he would remain for the rest of the night unless told otherwise.

”Cheers,” she rose her glass, winked at Finn and took a sip. It was good, stronger than she remembered and she wondered what else the bartender had used to perfect the recipe. The woman subtly licked her lips clean to avoid blood stains, but even if there were any the lipstick she wore would make it difficult to point out. He made a comment in regards to his drink and the vampyress couldn’t help but smile, ”Don’t worry—drink slowly and you’ll be fine. Please order something to eat as well if you’re hungry. It’s my treat and I want you to feel comfortable.”

Whenever Seira wasn’t drinking, she was staring at him. Not just his eyes, but the shape of his face, his lips, even his collar bones and hands. Little details mattered and although she hadn’t thought about it yet, she was probably never going to see him again after tonight. Uncertain about how that made her feel, she dismissed those thoughts and emptied her glass instead. An idea crossed her mind and for a moment she wasn’t sure whether or not she was going to mention it—and eventually decided to do it anyways.

”Finn, can I see your guild tattoo?”

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Tenshi †
Letting the fragrant liquid lick his lips once more, Finn graciously accepted more of the golden brown down his throat. The burn had subsided some, though it left a rather pungent taste in his mouth. Rolling his tongue over on itself temporarily as if to ponder the flavor, he realized that he hadn't really drank much. He was a cheap date, the pure definition of a light weight. His experience with alcohol could be counted on a single hand, the amount of drinks he'd had on two. For something this strong, he could already feel his mind get fuzzy. Finn's heart rate picked up lightly. This feeling was one that scared him. A willingness to let go of his control. Finn was a predator, despite his agreeable personality. For a predator to willingly give up any of its ability to defend itself was unheard of, and it made him uneasy.


The words snapped him free of the shackles of his self doubt. Looking up and staring at her, sitting across from him and obviously enjoying her drink, he put aside the fact that he was attracted to her. Maybe he didn't understand what it was like to truly be someones friend. The only person whom he had traveled with and gotten to know on a deep level was his own brother. His guild mates, his companions in previous missions, they had all only been there for a short amount of time. Never did they leave, it was always him. Something about the mix of alcohol and the setting made him realize his true weakness. He was afraid.

Afraid of letting himself be propped up by things that could just as easily be taken away. As strong as he was, he was already unable to maintain himself without those extra things. His loss in the tournament and his fight in Era had proven that. If he was going to get stronger, he could no longer look at it as a physical thing only. He had to accept the fact that he as a person had to grow, expanding what he could view as strength in the first place.

As she spoke of him taking it easy, he offered a smile and finished half of his remaining drink with a quick swig. This was where he could get started. With the courage of alcohol, and the help of Seira, he could begin to embrace change in its entirety. Finishing the second half, he let out a satisfied sigh and placed the drink on the table. He'd begin taking life as it came, no longer shying away from things that were new, and instead embracing them whatever they may be.

That is what he thought until he heard her question. Sitting up, face becoming completely red, he realized just how embarrassing it would be to remove his shirt in front of her. He had quite literally taken it off in front of people just the other day without a second thought. In front of Seira, it took on a whole new meaning. A sensation that made him feel embarrassed. Still, he had only just promised himself to be more willing to dive into things. How could he turn around and immediately back out now?

"That's uhm... I don't mind," he stated while lifting his hand away from his glass. With that hand, he used his index finger to point in the exact center of his chest. "It's here though, so I'm not sure I could really uh... Show that right here." With a nervous chuckle, he looked to match Seira's sight. "If you'd like to go somewhere else, I could show you?"

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Seira stared in disbelief; in spite of what she’d told him, Finn emptied his drink in a matter of minutes and the vampyre was rendered speechless. She was concerned for his health, but even more about how she was going to drag him home in case he passed out—the last thing she wanted to deal with was a half-dead, completely defenseless body. ”You shouldn’t have done that,” she cracked a half-hearted laugh and shook her head. She noticed how he sat up straight the second she mentioned his tattoo and Seira wondered whether or not this was sensitive information, but apparently that wasn’t what was bothering him.

His face—probably for the hundredth time today—turned a deep shade of red and he meekly pointed at his chest. He explained the location of his insignia and the vampyre couldn’t help but furrow her brows, ”I see,” she didn’t quite understand what exactly his problem was and it took her a while to catch on to it. ”Oh, I get it. I’m sorry, Finn—of course it’s rude to take off your clothes in the middle of a bar or a restaurant, we don’t want to bother other guests, right?” She chuckled sweetly, stood up and grabbed her coat and her purse. "Alright, let's go then,” she waved at the bartender before leaving, turning around after she had stepped outside to make sure that he was following her. It was completely dark by now, and there was no one else but them outside.

”Well, where do you want to go next? I still have plenty of time, but you probably need to sleep at some point.” Resting was completely out of question for Seira (at least for the next few hours), vampires were nocturnal after all—but Finn didn’t know that.

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Tenshi †
She was caught off guard by how quickly he finished the drink. He quickly joined her in disbelief, noticing that the more time that went by the more he felt his thoughts fuzz up. Inhibitions that he put upon himself were becoming lifted, restraints that common sense normally imposed being peeled away. He would have been feeling the implications of the drink had it been something light like a beer. For a mixed drink such as this one with plenty of hard liquor mixed in, he was no match.

She seemed to understand what he was saying in terms of his tattoo, albeit not immediately. Once she caught on though, she decided to remove them from the situation. Recommending they leave, she began to gather her things as he stood up as well. He was currently struggling to get use to not being totally in control of his body, his movements seeming both sharper and sluggish. As she put her coat over her arm and decided they should leave, Finn quickly made sure to fall in stride behind her. His eyes were drawn downward for a moment before going back up. His face felt like it had a permanent red tinge to it at this point, though that was more of the alcohol than embarrassment at this point.

As they got out, she asked if he had anywhere to go next or if he'd simply wish to go to bed. Shaking his head with a laugh, Finn quickly shot down the latter thought. "I definitely am not ready to sleep," he said, regretting the shaking of his head. With a quick hum, he stepped slightly ahead of her, turning his body to the side so he could both look at her face and see ahead of himself to ensure he didn't walk into some random object. "We could go to the park? Or maybe one of our inns..." His voice didn't have any sort of sensual implications in it. Instead, it was much more likely that he was trying to be considerate of other people who might walk around them as he removed his shirt, and as she inspected his guild tattoo.

"Any preferences?" If she had one, he'd take the lead and guide them there. If not, then he'd simply begin leading her to one of the two destinations.

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Seira exhaled a deep breath; the temperature was sinking and in spite of the season it was going to be a cold night. Finn stood behind her and she reached out to him when he moved to her side, taking his hand so he would stand still. ”You are drunk,” she concluded after inspecting his reddened face a little closer and although she sounded amused earlier, her words were now laced with concern. ”It’s my fault, I’m sorry—the people of Fiore are usually fairly strong when it comes to alcohol, I should have considered your young age,” he mumbled something about not being tired, but the vampyress shook her head and gently rubbed his cheek. ”You are going to be ready for sleep very soon,” she whispered and forced a smile.

It was never her intention to get him drunk and she very much regretted her decision, even though he seemed fine for the moment. ”You are such a lightweight, I’m going to take you home,” she sighed and took his arm, carefully leading him to the streets. Seira had already forgotten about her initial request to see his guild tattoo and shoved him along, hoping he would agree on leading her back to his place so she could assure that he was safe and sound. There were a few street lanterns here and there, but it was still fairly dark and compared to her, Finn most likely wouldn’t be able to see as well either. ”Your brother is going to be angry with me, we need to sober you up before he returns home tomorrow,” she muttered under her breath, unaware whether or not he was actually still listening to her.

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Tenshi †
Her conclusion was as accurate as could be. While he might not have been out of his mind drunk, he was most certainly intoxicated. His vision seemed to dance at its corners, his eyes constantly finding it difficult to stay on one sight for too long before jumping to the next. "You have nothing to apologize for," he said as he flashed her a smile. "I enjoyed the drink, and the nights going great! I can handle it, I promise." His words were definitive as she grabbed hold of him and told him that he'd be returning home.

Grabbing hold of her as well, he looped his arm around her waist and leaned into her slightly. It was not enough, even with his inability to completely control his body in this drunken state, to knock her over. It would feel more like a half bodied hug for a half a step than anything else before he resumed motion, walking along side her with his hand loosely rested upon her opposite hip. "If that's what you think is best..." He couldn't argue too much, after all she had mentioned sobering him up. He could only hope to assume that meant she'd be sticking around with him for a while.

As they managed the short walk back to his inn, he led her up the first flight of stairs and to his room. The area was empty, not a soul on the property. All who resided their had long since retired to their rooms, or at their work place in the front desk. Finn removed the key from his pocket, promptly fitting the key in on the second attempt. Unlocking the door and pushing it open, he took a couple of steps inside, parting his body from hers just long enough to close the door behind them. Turning to face her, he shot her a quick smile. "Thank you for leading me home," he said fondly while grabbing the lower corners of his shirt and lifting it over his head.

Finn was a well built individual, something that his thin frame and clothes often hid well from the world. While there were some mages who fought, or provided a form of focus to their body, Finn was unique in this field. He went beyond showing his body a fraction of his attention. Beyond his normal quests, missions, explorations, and combat in which kept him in peak condition, he devoted several times per each weak to conditioning himself further. While he was not quite as defined as some individuals had pushed themselves to, his body was firm. A stark contrast to his age and innocence, and a definite sign of the life he lived.

On the center of his chest was the symbol she had asked to see, the tattoo that marked him a member of Blue Pegasus. Stepping up to her, he pointed to it with a laugh. "Have you seen a guild tattoo before, Siera?" His voice was bubbly, trailing a light smell of the alcohol he had previously consumed. Luckily, he was far enough away for it not to be overpowering; Besides, she had consumed some earlier herself.

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Miraculously, and without any further interruptions, Seira and Finn made it to his inn. It was quiet, there was no one else to be found and the clacking of her heels against the stone floor echoed through the night. She quickly followed him up the stairs and was tempted to interfere when she witnessed him struggling to put the key into the hole. A sigh escaped her lips, she clapped her hands teasingly when he finally managed to open the door and quickly snuck inside behind him. ”Thank you for revealing your lair,” she responded, walked past him and took off her coat. She hung it over the nearby chair and turned around; by then he had already taken his shirt off. ”Oh,” she seemed surprised, but not embarrassed. Finn wasn’t the first man she’d seen with less than a shirt on his body and while she had never been romantically involved with anyone, it was a delightful sight nonetheless.

Seira smiled and crossed the distance between them. ”It’s my first time seeing one,” she explained and inspected the tattoo with curious eyes. It was about the size of her palm—she compared them by placing her hand onto his chest, right next to it—and was blue in colour. How very imaginative, she thought with a smirk and began tracing the outlines of the emblem with her fingertips. ”You don’t even feel it being there, do you?” She pushed Finn onto the bed and hurried over to the table, where she would pour him a glass of water. ”I don’t have much experience with wizard guilds,” she handed him the drink and sat down next to him. ”I have tried my best to avoid them and I don’t think being anywhere near a guild would make me happy. I’m very restless and I travel a lot—I never stay in one place for too long, so connecting with other people has become a very difficult task for me.”

Seira felt tempted to just lean in, close her eyes and relax a little, but there was still something else she wanted to ask him. She rose to her feet, walked over to the table and grabbed a pen and a piece of paper. She began drawing something and once it was finished she returned to Finn’s side and showed it to him. ”Have you ever seen this mark before?” The note displayed the crest of the Phantom Lord guild.

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Tenshi †
As she got close and put a hand on his chest, his body tensed up for the briefest of moments. This was a level of vulnerability he was not use to. His blade was on the far end of the room, so far out of reach that he couldn't reach it if he tried should she turn on him. While it wasn't a conscious thought, it was the reason for his feeling of vulnerability. Had he been given some days after meeting her to gather himself, things may have been different. As it was now though, with alcohol in his system, he was completely at her mercy.

As her fingertips began tracing an outline of the tattoo, he felt his skin prickle and his hair begin to stand up. His chest, stomach and back were devoid of the curly strands of body hair that many his age supported. It was something he didn't notice as normal or different, seeing as how he had not grown up with other human men. If he were to compare himself with Jake or his monstrous dog family, he'd feel overwhelmingly bald. Luckily, he was not so dense. "Not usually, but I'm pretty focused on it right now." He answered her question with a light chuckle before he felt himself pushed onto the bed.

Normally, he'd have not gotten the hint to sit down and instead done something such as grabbing hold of her to ensure his balance. Now was not a normal time. He fell backward, landing in a sitting position and leaning back on an elbow as she hurried to fetch him a glass of water. Sitting up and graciously accepting the offer, he sipped on it while listening to her speak. "Yeah, it's definitely not for everyone... If I had to keep tabs with my guild or stay there I'd have probably quit long ago." He continued taking light sips of his water, unable to focus on the ripples within the glass without feeling dizzy.

As she stood and began to draw something, she brought it over and showed him. She asked him if he recognized it, and so he put his glass down on the floor to the side of the bed before sitting back up and grabbing the picture. Analyzing it, his mind worked at a slightly slower speed before realizing what he was looking at. "Phantom Lord..." His voice trailed off as he looked at it. Handing the picture back for her to take, Finn nodded. "I fought at least one of their members, back during the Era terrorist attacks and shortly after. Other than that, I don't know anything about them."

All he had pieced together was that they were a dark guild, at least by these standards. Refraining from giving his opinion on the matter, he looked past the picture and at her eyes. As she went to grab the picture, his hand would move forward and grab onto hers. Not tight, nor rough, but just enough to make her pause and ensure she matched his gaze. "Why? Is everything okay?"

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”Phantom Lord,” she murmured. Seira’s hands reached for the note and she flinched when he took ahold of her. Finn’s grasp was gentle and even in spite of his physique visually overwhelming her own, the vampyre was far from weak or frail and what the Adventurer had seen today was nothing compared to her usual endurance and strength. She was still skittish sometimes and although Seira felt nothing but safe with the young man, she had always been suspicious by nature. He was kind and meant no harm, but she couldn’t forget the circumstances they’d met under and even without him knowing, Seira’s only reason for acting so sweet and approaching him the way she did was to lure him away from the dead body she had left behind.

She was completely unprepared for the hours that followed and never would she have guessed that growing fond of the Blue Pegasus member was something she was capable of—Finn made it very difficult for her not to like him. ”Yes, of course,” she spoke softly and smiled. She took the piece of paper from him, rumpled it and threw it into the bin. ”It’s the only other guild emblem I ever saw on a person, but that was a long time ago,” Seira’s lie wasn’t obvious and she looked Finn into the eyes when she said those words, knowing that it was better not to drag him into something he had nothing to do with. Whether or not she was going to approach Phantom Lord one day was completely up to her and especially now that she knew of his alignment to a light guild, it was best for her not to involve him any further.

”Anyways, don’t you think it’s time for you to get some rest? You must be tired after such a long day.”

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Tenshi †
She looked him in the eyes and spoke nothing but the truth. That was what it was conveyed in her face, in her eyes, and in her voice. Everything about her mannerisms assured him that she was being nothing but honest. Still, there was a part of him that doubted it. It was not a gut feeling, nor was it him assuming she was lying. It was a selfish desire. It was a wanting to protect the person in front of him, more than just a stranger he met in the woods. It was a wanting feeling that demanded he ensure this girls safety.

As she spoke of him getting rest, he stood up suddenly. His body towered over hers in physique and size. He looked her in the face for a moment before he chose to speak. "I'm not," he started to speak, his voice being cut off by his inability to find direction for it. He knew he wanted to speak. To act. To move. And yet his body was fighting against his will. It would be the equivalent of exposing his jugular, something no predator would ever do, and yet it was the exact thing he had decided he would begin doing. Show vulnerability. Allow himself to demonstrate his weakness, and trust that he could handle any backlash that came with it.

That would require diving, not tiptoeing.

Stepping forward without a second thought and wrapping his arms around her, he brought her in for a hug. It was not the ideal move of the romantic, nor was it the seductive action of an experienced man. It was what he wanted though. He wanted nothing more than to grab onto her, if only for a moment. One hand around her shoulder, the other cupping the back of her head to hold it against his chest. His grasp was firm, but not rough. There was a yearning in how he pushed his body against hers, and yet if she took the time to look at his face, there would be no sign of the desperation that had been in his mind. Upon his face rested a smile, small yet strong, and eyes that gazed at her as if she were a piece of unfathomable art.

"I'm not tired... I don't want you to go..." His words hardly escaped his lips, but it was more than enough for her to hear in that proximity. "I don't want you to think you have to stay because of earlier. But... Neither one of us stays in the same place too long. I don't know when I'll see you again. Just... Stay? A little longer?" His voice was weak, but not shaky. He was by no means in an emotional state right now. He was simply exposed. This was where he was. This was where his mind was at. This was him, bare to her.

Meanwhile, outside, a presence approached. It was silent, footsteps muffled by pads and fur. It approached the room, key in hand. Not a single noise escaped the creature as it rounded the bend, went up the stairs, and made its way towards the door. There it stopped, gazing into the room. It saw the back of the girl, embraced in the arms of a shirtless blond male. Its jaw went agape, paws to cheeks, and eyes wide.

"Finn... You made it all the way to Tier 13!" His voice was rasp, not even a whisper. Looking both ways, realizing that he couldn't go back for the mayonnaise he'd left in the mini fridge, Jake propelled himself over the side of the railing. Potentially, one of the two inside would hear the thud, or maybe even the "Owwww!" that echoed throughout the complex, sounding as if it came from very far away. Regardless, they were now alone for the night- Or however much of it was left.

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Finn trusted her—there was evidence in his eyes, he believed every word she spoke and yet he showed signs of displeasure. Seira frowned, wrinkles graced her pretty face and disturbed her elfin features. She did not understand him and there were still so many questions that stood between them. She never thought of him as more than a companion for the night, a face she might remember for a while, but eventually would forget about and although Seira thought of herself as kind and compassionate, she was secretly a puppet master and enjoyed the struggle of others.

Vampyrism heightened her senses, feelings and emotions and part of her had never forgotten the very first impression Finn had left on her—how alert and careful he was, very much like herself. Fascinated with his qualities, in spite of his mortality, Seira had involuntarily and subconsciously tested his defenses and much to her dismay the young man had failed miserably by giving himself up; he was at her mercy now.

”Yes, you are,” she whispered and was completely surprised by the sudden embrace that followed. ”Finn, what are you—” her breath faltered, words got stuck in her throat and Seira blushed with embarrassment. She’d been perfectly calm and under control just moments before, but his actions stirred up a whirlwind of emotions. Seira could hear his heart beating quickly, gently throbbing against the same chest her cheek was now resting on. ”Please don’t do that,” she begged, but he wouldn’t listen.

She hated how good it felt to be held like that.
She hated how much she craved physical intimacy.

...but more than anything else, she hated how the words he spoke applied to her as well. They were strangers, she didn’t know this man and yet, in spite of everything, he made her feel at home. The world was filled with liars and pretenders, but Finn was straight-forward and honest about how he thought and how he felt—and it irritated her. Seira didn’t know how to handle him and by admitting to his own weaknesses he made her feel weak as well—and the vampire couldn’t have that.

He saved me once, but that doesn’t make him my hero.

Seira was going to fight that feeling, she wasn’t ready to give up on her independence just yet. With a quick twist of her arms she freed herself from his grasp; the Sorceress pressed her hands against his chest and rolled her eyes at the young man. ”You’re drunk,” she spoke, her voice was hushed, ”you don’t know what you are talking about.” Seira was fast and strong, perhaps even stronger than Finn for as long as he didn’t get ahold of his sword and she made use of her abilities by slamming him into a nearby wall—harshly enough for it to crack, but not to actually harm him.

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It didn't take long for Finn, even with his lack of experience around others, to gauge what she was feeling. Discomfort. A lack of control of her environment made her feel as if she was being cornered. He was the same way, but how could he know how similar their pasts had been? How could he have known how different they were? Her life could not have been more different than his own, but seclusion was the same regardless its flavor. While he had the luck of being with his adoptive brother and parents, he had no real experience with other humans for most of his life. How had her life related to his?

His hug of her, as sudden as it was, had caught her off guard. Whether it was the need for increased focus, or simply times continual march forward, he was beginning to sober up. To truly be attentive to the things around him. It was while lost in the whirlwind of the present that he made his move, pulling her into him.

He was not stupid. He had many instances of naivety laced throughout his personality, but in this moment he was clear with his thoughts. To call this love would be an overstatement. It would devalue both the word and what he was currently feeling. What he knew he felt was attachment, attraction, want, comfortable, and vulnerable. There were other feelings welling inside of him as well, new ones he did not know the name of nor how to describe.

He had a crush on her. He liked her, and wanted nothing more than to pursue that. They were both very different people though. He knew nothing about how to do that, only how to act in the moment. And that is what he did, when all things began to turn. She twisted from his grasp, and more than her pulling away from him, he felt her break their connection. He looked on at her, his face relatively unchanging. He was not going to continue playing the weak boy, unaware of what was happening any along for the ride. He might be unable to understand himself, but that didn't mean he had to sit in the backseat of his own life.

As she slammed him into a nearby wall, his eyes shot wide. He was lucky that his breath was not knocked out of him, but the wall did not begin to give without reason. The cracked wood was evidence of the quick shot of pain that shot through both his rib cage and his back. She was indeed strong, and fast. His mind was stuck between two states, the urge to defend and the urge to try and talk to her. He didn't know what to do, but whatever he chose would be his responsibility to see out.

As she went to rip him from the wall, Finn grabbed her firmly by the arms. She'd feel her own mighty grasp break, her arms being forced into her sides as he spun her around, pushing her back into the wall. It was rough, not as rough as she had pushed him, but with enough weight for her to feel that there was still a major difference in their strength. She was far stronger than he had expected, but he was stronger still than she could imagine. Grabbing either of her arms, one by the wrist and one by the forearm, he pinned them above her head and stared at her.

His body had subconsciously moved to defend himself from her kicks. She could move her legs to accommodate a more comfortable standing position if need be, but by no means would she be able to muster a kick before her leg would connect with his leg, crossed over with his hips turned inward. He searched her face for any sign of emotion, listened to any signs of verbal attack or irritation. He searched for an answer, unsure of what to do or what to say.

Then he acted, without answer. He acted based on instinct alone. There was no answer to find. An answer would have implied that there was a right, and a wrong. They both knew that there was no such thing. There was only the moment, for each individual to act as they chose.

He chose to close the distance between them and press his lips to hers. His eyes closed. He didn't care about being on the defensive, nor about his guard. She'd do with him as she would, and he'd react as he would. There was no more thought going on his brain to plan out the next move, only in reaction to the movements of his body. After a few seconds, his hands released her arms and moved to cup her face. If she pushed away, she wouldn't find it difficult to do. He was not exactly adept at romance or its intricacies. This was his first kiss, and something he only blindly dove into. What happened from here on out, for him at least, was uncharted territory.

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Seira fought her impulsive desires; they wanted more than she thought she deserve and troubled by the potential consequences she never pursued her wishes.  She was emotional and everything she did was often a decision of the heart, rather than the mind. She aimed to change that part about her, aspired to become more reasonable, apathetic and jaded—but it was difficult, and Finn didn’t make it any easier. He was stronger than her after all—it was almost ironic and the vampire should have seen it coming, there was no possible way for her to always win and always make the right decisions. Finn overpowered her with relative ease, she gave in and gasped when he returned the favor and pressed her into the same wall she had damaged using his body—not out of fear, but in shock.

He wasn’t rough, nor was he violent; every movement was gentle, careful and well thought out. Finn was never completely careless, defenseless or helpless and his guard was never completely lowered—it was stupid of her to underestimate him and she realized that now. She thought about apologizing to him, but silence ruled the room, he hadn’t spoken a single word and she felt a feeling of angst creeping up her spine—this wasn’t the reaction she’d expected, nor was it one she could foresee, understand or control. Finn’s lips pressed against hers; the desire to kiss was overwhelming and when it finally happened her chest tightened, she forgot how to breathe and nearly lost balance.

It was then that she realized he already meant something to her.

Seira could taste the alcohol on his tongue; a bittersweet & burning sensation, something she had hungered for without even knowing it. She was passionate, a sensual kisser and a hopeless romantic. She wrapped her arms around him, clung to him the moment he’d let her go and only stopped pressing herself against him when their lips separated and she was overcome by embarrassment. ”I’m sorry,” she mumbled and covered the reddened cheeks with her hands. He was drunk—but she certainly wasn’t. Upset and bewildered, she walked over and opened the closest window to let some cold air in. Seira didn’t know how much of this truly meant something to him, but she had to say something because the awkward silence was unbearable. ”That was really inappropriate,” she paused and gazed at him, ”and really hot.”

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Tenshi †
Her body melted to his as the heat of their lips combined. The icy barrier that had been erected by her seemed all but gone now, evident by the rather steamy situation they found themselves in. She was the more experienced of the two, obvious by her whisking control away from him and back into her own hands again. Their kiss evolved, and with it Finn felt himself slow to withdraw, hesitant to end the moment. Her face still cupped in hers, he felt unbearably sober. She had proven more intoxicating than the drink, and he felt himself thirsty for more.

As she made her way to the nearby window, allowing in some fresh and cool air, her comment made him start to look concerned at first- Then laugh. "Mostly the second one," he said, slowly starting to clear the distance. He stopped short this time. She had separated them for a reason, and it was not something that he would rip away from her. It was a subtle thing, proof that she still maintained some control over the situation. She could view it as him allowing it to her. She could view it as him unwilling to press her, afraid of the outcome. Regardless, she could neither be fully correct nor completely wrong.

He searched for something to say, not wanting to lose out to the total lack of sound in the air. Sometimes, when words wouldn't come, one simply had to create them. "It's not because I'm drunk, you know." As he spoke, he took another step forward. Not enough to take away her buffer completely, just enough to prove to himself that she was still within reach. "I was definitely drunk earlier, and I still feel a bit of it, that's true... But it's not like I didn't want to do this only after I tasted a bit of alcohol."

He searched out her eyes, not knowing what to say. He wasn't one who could sculpt words into exact images or meanings. He scrambled in the dark, hoping for the right words. "Just stay. I can prove it to you. When I'm sober, and still making you uncomfortable, you'll know for a fact," he said with a bit of a laugh. He had not seen her blush much since they had reunited, and now that she had herself completely together it felt much more surreal. It was as if he was truly earning his way past her wall now, and it felt good to know that he was being welcomed in. Even if it was slowly, each step was progress.

He'd simply take his time.

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”You are ridiculous,” she responded, sheepishly hiding her smirk behind the bottle of water she’d grabbed. Seira drank nearly all of it before placing it back onto the wooden table, and after having something cold she felt refreshed. Finn’s words made her smile (they almost always did) and she noticed him slowly approaching her, closing the distance but leaving a certain amount of space between their bodies—he respected her privacy and she acknowledged and respected that. ”I know,” she admitted and closed the distance between them. ”You’ve been nothing but good to me today, and I’d like to think that makes me at least a little special,” she was intrigued by him, his sweet personality and the strange circumstances under which they met. Seira planted a few kisses across his chest before parting from him, she lifted up her little head to see the yearning in his eyes when she let go of him and then proceeded to smile smugly to herself.

”I came here to thank you, not to seduce you, but you leave me with no other choice,” he was acting natural and his calm behavior gave her confidence. She liked him, she wanted him and in spite of their differences and everything else that possibly stood between them Seira thought that, perhaps, she was going to allow herself to enjoy his company—if only for tonight. The Sorceress owed her sanity to him, and while many bad things had happened to her still she somehow subdued them all; and today it was because of Finn. Seira tiptoed across the room and picked the shirt Finn had taken off earlier from the floor. She inspected it, pretended to be all curious about it, and then threw it onto the bed. ”If you want me to stay that badly, I will,” she was never under the impression that anything was going to happen between them since they’ve met, but the tension was undeniable and neither were their cravings.

Seira placed the glass he’d used earlier onto the nightstand, using it as a vase for her flower. ”I’ll get comfortable then, if you don’t mind,” there was something evil in her, something that completely and utterly enjoyed watching him trying to control himself when she took her clothes off in front of him (yes, all of them) and dropped the pretty, black dress onto the floor. She allowed his innocent eyes to have a closer look—but not for too long—before slipping into his shirt and crawling onto the bed. Within moments, Seira was curled up in between the sheets and flashed Finn a cheeky grin. It was almost a bit like a challenge, and Seira was feeling awfully playful tonight.

”Your turn.”

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Tenshi †
The feeling of her lips grazing his skin made his body tighten. His skin prickled, hair standing on end as he moved his hands to her hips. He was out of his depth in this, that much he knew. She stood in his grasp, and him in hers, for mere moments. They stretched on like they would never end. A side effect from allowing oneself to live completely in the now. When one stopped tracking the time, its passing became much more ambiguous. It wouldn't last though; Without delay, she stepped back away from him.

What she said next took him back, something he should have likely responded to. A witty remark, a quick comment, even an agreement would do. Nothing found its way to him though, and before long she was skipping across his room as if she were gliding on water. Her feet hardly made a noise, and if he had closed his eyes it would be like she wasn't there at all. Her movements were completely and totally silent, as if she weren't there at all. As she picked up his shirt from earlier, it was all the confirmation he needed that she was indeed sharing this room with him. She looked at his discarded cloth as if it were part of an investigation, and admittedly cute if not playful look on her face before she tossed it down to the bed and addressed him once more.

As she moved the glass, her words reflected back to him and finally he found his voice if only for a moment. "Of course, make yours-" His words stopped short as the black dress that had once hugged her fell to the ground. It took mere seconds for the few garments that were left clinging to her body, serving as a barrier between her and the world, were relieved of their duty and joined the dress on the floor. His entire face was red at this point as he stared at the woman before him. She was flawless, though he didn't precisely have anything to compare her to. Her skin was smooth, radiant, and defiant to the forces of gravity.

As she placed his shirt onto her body and crawled into the covers, he heard her coo and knew that she was right. Kicking off his shoes and socks, his hands moved slowly to his waist. They were in no rush to match her, but that was not due to hesitation or lack of will. It was as if he were confirming with himself that this had become real, that this was what was happening. As his shorts finally fell to the floor, gripping his boxers as they fell, he stepped out of the last clothes he had been wearing, he made his way to the open window and closed it, dropping the blind to obscure vision. The world may have seen his body for a moment, but something primal within him was against sharing the sight of Seira with anyone else.

Turning back to the bed, he made his way to the bed with an excited quickness. Sliding under the covers and moving a hand to her cheek, he offered a shy smile, and allowed the night to flow onward.

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Finn was sound asleep; he was resting close beside her, with a cute smile on his face that made him look adorably innocent—but Seira knew he was everything but that. She’d exhausted him (it took her hours to do so!) and after he finally fell asleep, the vampire felt fatigued herself and a soft, stinging pain settled down in her thighs, making it a little difficult for the poor girl to move around. She wiggled herself out of his embrace, careful not to wake the sleepy human, and rolled out of bed only to fall onto the hard floor. She cursed quietly, grabbed Finn’s shirt from the ground and made her way into the bathroom where she noticed a decent bruising around her pelvis area. ”At least it felt good at that time,” she murmured to herself, shaking her head at the mere idea of Finn’s strength. She was no longer going to question whether or not he was worth being in a wizard’s guild—clearly he could defend himself just fine, with or without  magic.

Everything seemed perfect. Finn was kind, handsome, sweet and surprisingly long lasting—a decent lover, to say the least. She didn’t mistrust him—she actual began to feel some sort of loyalty towards him, together with the feelings she was developing—but Seira was curious nonetheless and while it was still night and he was asleep she was going to investigate him a little. She wouldn’t have felt the need to do so if she was still merely a human, but things had changed for her and her new identity required more than just a bit of attention to her surroundings and the people she involved herself with. Given the current situation, there was nothing she wanted more than to sit on a pile of frozen peas to cure her sore lady parts, but that would have to wait.

Seira returned to the bedroom and went through her purse, grabbing the little flask filled with human blood she’d brought along. She took a few sips while appreciating the fact that she could move around soundlessly while seeing in the dark—there was no way she’d accidently wake Finn up.

First things first—the sword. Seira crept around the weapon for minutes before actually daring to touch it. There was something off about it, she couldn’t quite place but she was betting that it had something to do with the blue lacrima. She lifted it up and made note of how heavy it was—Finn had made it look light and easy to swing around, but then again he’d handled her with the same ease just hours ago, so she wasn’t going to bother herself it. Next was the closet which, to her surprise, including a fairly interesting looking armour. Now that is sexy, she thought while rolling her eyes at the mere idea of anyone having to wear that. Continuing to snoop around, the vampire also discovered a cute picture of Finn and his...dog (?), which she dismissed with the words ‘how adorable’ and what seemed like a journey somebody used to keep track of sandwiches and whatnot.

Nothing seemed to be of particular worth and, most importantly, nothing here could potentially endanger her existence (unless he decided to stab her in her sleep of course). Now that her safety was assured, Seira could finally get some rest. She snuck back into Finn’s bed, took off the shirt and rubbed her body against his until she was comfortable enough to fall asleep.

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Tenshi †
As morning came around, the world around them began to change. The rhythmic hum of insects slowly died down, replaced instead by the songs of birds. The dark of their room was slowly overcome by whatever light could find its way into the blinds, tainting their paradise with proof of an outside world. The sound of the town around them began to slowly increase in volume. What had started as but a few lone voices loud enough to carry evolved into a clamor of sounds, all melding together to form a steady background of volume.

It was at this time that Finn had finally woke from his deep sleep. It was perhaps the best nights rest he'd ever gotten. He felt well rested, all his stress and- Well, whatever else had built up, was now long since spent. It had been a first for him, but the assumption could be made that he performed up to, if not beyond, expectation. His waking was one of the unique ones, where a person regained consciousness but kept their eyes closed. He was no longer tired, yet he was not quite ready to give up where he was at. The feeling of her skin on his, the warmth beneath the blankets, they culminated to a rather comfortable abode.

He knew it would have to come to a close, but he'd certainly not have to rush it. Slowly opening his eyes, he turned his gaze downward to the form that was pressed onto his. Her eyes were closed, face fully relaxed. Not a muscle was tensed, and not a sound outside of her gentle breathing was made. He caught himself staring, but he didn't care. A smile crept upon his lips and a quick exhale akin to laughter escaped his nose. The night before was incredible, but this morning after was sheer bliss.

Leaning forward and closing his eyes, he pressed his lips soundly to her forehead and held it there. A deep inhale of breath brought in nothing but the scent of her, and as he began to exhale he pulled away from her forehead. Leaning in again, he placed a gentle kiss upon the tip of her nose before placing a final one onto her lips. His hand, the one not already wrapped around her shoulders, moved up to brush the hair from her face. He was doing his best to remain gentle as possible, but certainly something he did would wake her-

And like that, his heaven splintered. Head arching over his body towards the kitchen, a bulldogs head poked around the corner. Pursed lips and a knowing gaze was on his face, instantly striking crimson to Finn's cheeks. "Hey there slugger," he started, his voice with just a bit of kick in it to add some sass. "I'm making a full, protein filled breakfast cause looord knows you both need it. Don't you worry about a thing!" Turning his face back around with an embarrassed and frustrated sigh, he buried his face into the neck of Seira. "I'm sorry... That's my brother, Jake."

Looking to her now, Jake winked and smiled. "There's some grapes in the freezer if you need to-" "Jake!" Finn grumbled, not too loud as to yell in Seira's ear. With a laugh, Jake went back around the corner, leaving the two to themselves; Minus his singing of course.

Face still in her neck, honestly more for his own enjoyment than his embarrassment, he pulled her closer to him. "If you want I can bring your clothes over to you in bed... He won't peak or anything, but I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

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She’d never been an indecent girl, and hungering after a man was unspeakably lewd and shameful. Seira—who awoke to kisses and affection that morning—forgot all about what she’d been taught by her parents and returned Finn’s caresses with a few of her own; she pressed her lips against his after he let go of her, and her hand cupped his cheek. Sunlight peeked through the window blinds, causing the vampire to stir and eventually pull the blanket over both of them. She didn’t hate it, nor did it hurt—it simply made her eyes burn and she was feeling a little uncomfortable.

Seira’s mind was a whirlwind of emotions and unforgettable memories, she never thought she would fool around with a boy she barely knew but, in spite of what her common sense tried to convey, she didn’t regret spending the night with Finn. She only wished she would have been able to sleep past noon, like she usually did. Although the woman’s intentions were still a bit fuzzy, she began pulling her partner on top of herself to get his attention, but both of them were interrupted by what seemed to be a rather unusual guest (at least from her perspective).

She had already dug her nails into Finn’s back when she heard a foreign voice from the kitchen and (much to her surprise) a small, orange, bulky looking creature poked their head around the corner and spoke to them. Something about ‘bacon’ and ‘grapes’ was said and the vampire witnessed in disbelief how the person she had just slept with completely disregarded their visitor and instead pressed her back into the sheets. Finn mumbled something about ‘his brother’ and she remained quiet for a minute or two, while her sleepy brain placed the pieces together.

Oh, so the dog I saw on the picture is actually his brother Jake—of course, makes perfect sense.

”...Wait, what? Seira nearly threw the poor boy off the bed as she sat herself up, bent over and began fishing for her thong and his shirt. Once she was properly ‘dressed’ she rolled out of bed, left the blinds closed, turned the lights on instead and rubbed her eyes. ”Your brother is a dog? And it can talk?!” She thought that after showing him the ways of human reproduction he would figure out that there was something wrong with that, but Finn was pleased all the same and she decided to see for herself who she was dealing with. ”I’m sorry, but I need to see this with my own eyes—again,” turning on her heel, Seira marched into the kitchen where the dog was preparing bacon pancakes and kneeled down to properly inspect it.

Jake was a mixture of ugly and cute (your typical bulldog, to be honest) and after glaring him down in silence for a few minutes, she decided to reach out and pet him gently. ”You are making us breakfast, you must be a good boy. Thank you.”

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Tenshi †
Their chance at a morning to rival the night before had been ruined by Jake, as well as any hope of them having the day alone. She had sat up in a hurry, practically throwing Finn to the side in shock. His face was blank, yet again blissfully unaware of the fact that people were surprised that his brother was a dog beast. When you relived the same thing repeatedly, it loses its luster. It was one of the pitfalls of time, and something that had obviously wormed its way into the young mans train of thought. It wasn't as if each person who found themselves shocked or surprised at Jake would go around, spreading the word. Of course each person would be caught off guard.

It didn't make him any less exasperated knowing that, though. Watching her get dressed, which was almost more erotic than when he watched her strip, she hurried into the kitchen for an inspection. There, she found Jake beginning to plate the food. He hadn't heard the quick discussion in the other room, mainly due to the fact that he didn't want to. He had a very good idea of what had happened the night before, he didn't need any of its lingering smolder. Once she crossed the threshold into his kitchen, he gave her a quick glance. "Hey th-" He was cut off by her pats on the head, and her calling him a "good boy" to go along with it.

"... That's offensive." With that said, he offered a quick laugh. "Nah I'm just kiddin'. I'm Jake, Finn's older brother." Unlike Finn, Jake had a decent idea of the shock people had when meeting him. Even when strangers had made their way into Worth Woodsea expecting creatures outside their wildest imagination, they could hardly process that Jake could talk. It would only make sense that finding out your new lovers family was a talking dog would cause confusion and wonderment.

"You go ahead and make yourself comfortable. Breakfast is ready." Walking past her, he set a plate down in front of Finn and handed the other to wherever Seira now stood, or sat. Staring at Finn as he took the first couple of bites into his bacon pancakes, a nearly inaudible whisper came from Jake. "You're a man now..."

"What was that?" "Nothing! So, Seira." Turning his attention to her, Jake recalled everything he and his younger brother had talked about the night before. He didn't know much about her, but he knew she made Finn feel all ditsy and that was enough for him to like her for now. "Will we be seeing a lot more of you now? Maybe traveling together? We have really nice place in Worth Woodsea!"

"C'mon Jake, I haven't really talked to her about all that yet. Lets just enjoy breakfast and not put her on the spot."

"Yeah," he sighed, dragging out the word. "You're right." Taking a seat next to Seira, he leaned over for a whisper. "It's a really nice place though."

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"It's a pleasure, Jake," she spoke sweetly and took the plate from his paws with a gentle nod as a sign of gratitude towards the dog. Finn entered the kitchen shortly after and she waited until he sat down before choosing her own seat next to his. Seira walked past him, allowing for her fingers to subtly brush against his bare neck and whenever Jake wasn't looking the woman would plant a cheeky kiss onto it, before positioning herself on the chair by his side. "My name is Seira. Thank you for the meal," once she'd formerly introduced herself, the flustered vampire began nibbling her way through the pancakes. She was focused on her food (Jake was, strangely enough, an excellent pancake maker), but every so often the woman's eyes wandered off and she caught herself glancing at her newfound lover. She would blush if he noticed her, turn her face away and pretend to be busy with eating, all while replaying last night's events in her mind over and over again.

Jake was awfully talkactive for a creature that shouldn't even be able to speak in first place, but friendly from what she could tell so there was nothing for her to be concerned with. He refrained from asking her personal question (similar to Finn), which was a much appreciated gesture, and simply attempted to make some small talk. "I'd love to, but I'm afraid it is a little too early for that," she avoided Finn's gaze while responding to the dog's questions; she didn't want to see his potentially disappointed expression although part of her hoped he would feel that way—she wanted him to miss her after all. "Perhaps another time," she finished her plate and decided that it was time for her to leave. Seira entertained the idea of spending another (many more?) nights with Finn, but now was undoubtedly the perfect moment for her to disappear from his life.

"I hope you don't mind if I speak to him in private for a bit," she meekly tugged on Finn's sleeve until he gave her some attention and eventually lead him out of the kitchen and back into the bedroom. She closed the door behind herself and the second they were alone Seira's eyes locked with his. She hesitated for a moment and somehow decided that, instead of getting properly dressed, she'd take this shirt of his along—as a trophy and memory. She put on her boots and simply wore her trenchcoat (which luckily was long enough to cover her behind) over Finn's top before approaching him. "I have to leave now," her voice was merely a soft whisper and the girl wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him tightly while leaning her head against his chest. "I hope you know that last night meant a lot to me. It has been many years since I've shared this level of intimacy with another person and frankly, I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did." She lifted her chin up, and with her body still pressing against his, gave him a look of innocence. "Surely we will meet again?"

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Tenshi †
As she found a way to sneak her lips onto his neck, Finn instinctively arched his neck to allow her more room, despite her quickly pulling away after. Jake went about beginning to clean the kitchen of its mess as Seira nibbled upon her food. Finn, with only slightly larger than normal bites, finished his breakfast quickly. Glancing at her, his eyes raised at the same time hers had. Locking gazes with her for a mere moment, she quickly looked away and acted as if it hadn't happened. A grin spread itself onto his lips. She had, for a moment the night before, acted as if she was willing to shut herself off to him entirely. Yet now here she was, apparently as infatuated with him as he was her.

Moving a hand to her thigh and resting it there, he reassuringly gave her leg a quick squeeze. They both knew deep down that there was a change coming. Regardless of how magical the first night, it would turn into the last night for a while. They both knew this, and yet it seemed neither would address it just quite yet. He appreciated it, though he did not specifically acknowledge it. She addressed Jake's offer, and with it an embarrassed chuckle, Finn's thumb began making a rubbing motion. Mouthing the word "Sorry" as Jake looked away, Finn couldn't help but with he could simultaneously hit Jake in the head and hug him. It was worth the try, he supposed.

It was Seira who broke the silence, hinting at the elephant within the room. She tugged upon the sleeve of his shirt, which she still wore, in an embarrassing display of fiddling with something nervously. As she led him out of the kitchen, he glanced back at Jake as if to ask him to not eavesdrop or follow. In return, Jake gave two thumbs up and a goofy looking smile. Sighing, as they entered the bedroom and she closed the door, he looked at her again. Her back to him as she closed the door, he was given a moment to appreciate just how long her hair was. How well the shirt grasped onto her, fitting her much better than it fit him he decided. She was slender, but strong. As she turned around, her face becoming slowly apparent once more, he felt his heart skip a beat. This woman had been his first, and this woman had stolen at least a piece of his heart.

As her eyes locked with his, he offered up a smile. It wasn't one that exuded confidence or cockiness. It was a content curvature of his lips of a man whose only discontent was the space still between them. As she walked past him, she began getting dressed. With this, he felt his heart raise into his throat. His smile turned into a confused expression, lips curved down and eyebrows furrowed. As she put on the trench coat and turned her vision to him, he already knew what she'd be saying. It had been said often that to prepare for what was to come would lessen the blow.

What a load of shit.

As she said that she would be leaving, he exhaled deeply. He couldn't claim ignorance, really. He had known it was coming, though maybe not so soon. As her arms wrapped around him, he reciprocated. One arm around her shoulders, the other gently cradling her head, he rested his chin upon the top of her crown. As she spoke and looked up, he removed his head from hers so that she could do so without hindrance. She asked him a question whose answer was obvious, but he still found himself struggling for words.

After a couple of moments, he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers once more. Hesitating for as long as he dared, he pulled back only to rest his forehead on hers. "This... You... Last night was a first for me," he said through what could only be described as a whisper. As his eyes opened just enough to see if she was staring back at him, he pulled his face away and moved his arms so that both hands could cup her cheeks. "We'll meet again... For sure." He'd hold her like this for as long as she'd allow. For as much as he'd been able to map out her face, it still felt like he was being graced with her for the first time. To have gotten to know her so intimately in such a short amount of time had certainly been a growing experience for him. Now, a new lesson. What it truly meant to say goodbye to someone whom you cared for.

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Finn’s smile faltered. He saw her leaving and although they both barely knew one another, Seira understood the person she’d spent the night with. He was unhappy with her decision, and his sweet face was expressing the thoughts he kept quiet about—he was being thoroughly honest without realizing it. She felt her heart break a little, in spite of her cold demeanor, and after embracing him she could hear his pulse going quickly and his body gave away many signs of nervosity. She adored him, it was almost sickening how lovable he was and Seira wanted nothing more than to pursue the feelings she was developing—but they both needed time. They weren’t children anymore and her own life was growing more confusing by the day, there was still a lot she had to learn about herself, vampyrism and how to act ‘normal’ around other humans.

After yesterday’s incident in the forest, which occurred a while before Finn’s arrival, Seira decided that she couldn’t trust herself around others, especially when she was in danger or dire need of blood. She never wanted to hurt the person in front of her, he was precious and deserved to be protected. Seira thought that perhaps once she became more aware of what she was, and how to control her powers, she could allow herself to spend more time with other people and by meeting Finn she experienced a longing for company and love she’d otherwise forgotten about. It was strange (to say the least) and quite embarrassing, but he somehow returned those feelings and for that she was grateful.

”Didn’t feel like it at all,” she whispered, exhaled a chuckle and planted a kiss upon his nose. She could only hope that being his first would grant her a place in his heart—or at least his memory—forever. Besides, in a way he was her first as well. ”You are the first man I have been with because I truly wanted to be,” she admitted to something very personal and private, something she had never spoken about. She was feeling sappy already, the idea of leaving him behind saddened her and she made a silent note in her mind that next time they met, she’d make sure to take him to her place instead so they could be undisturbed for days if they wanted to.

She kissed him, but eventually broke free from his embrace and took a step backwards, turning her back on him while approaching the door. ”I suppose this is it for now,” Seira spoke softly and tied her long hair up in a ponytail, ”until then, please do not speak to strangers again, especially when meeting them alone in the middle of the forest. You never know what kind of person you are talking to—they could be dangerous.” With that being said, the woman flashed him a final smile and disappeared from his sight; she quickly made her way down through the hotel lobby and outside. She turned around the corners, making sure to avoid all the places he could see from his room’s window and eventually returned to her own.

[ EXIT ]

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Tenshi †
Her whispers teased him, without any obvious intent to be found. She felt right in his arms, enough so that he had dropped his guard without even realizing it. What was happening was of no surprise. They were travelers, both of whom without any real home. The only difference was she knew that about herself, and he seemed to still be confused. He had yet to truly make Blue Pegasus his home, despite the time that had gone by. Worth Woodsea was a place he could call home, but he'd been gone for so long who was to say? He had been infected by the need for travel, as had she. This was the reasonable outcome, yet he tried his best to pass it off and surprising.

What she admitted brought mixed feelings. A hint of jealousy pulled at his stomach. He couldn't help it, receiving confirmation she'd been with another. He was by no means angered by the idea, nor would he be so vain as to feel it was bad of her. It was only the knowledge of her with another man, and the potential of fulfillment from that, which made him nervous. He was not the jealous type to such extent, and so that feeling was overcome by the warmth in his chest. What she said had the intention of making him feel better. That very intent, more than the words she said, did its job.

She turned her head, her lips once again finding their place onto his. He felt his breath catch in his throat, and for a moment the reality of it all seemed to fade away. He willfully got lost in the world they created. It made the moment much easier to bear, but her reluctant departure much more difficult to swallow. As she stepped away from him, his fingertips lingered. There was longing in them, his greed causing him to stay in some sort of physical contact as long as possible. Soon, his hands fell with nothing to support them. They rested at his sides, and he stared into her back. A smile had fixed itself onto his lips, but it was perhaps more telling than a frown or any tears would have been.

"I can't help it," he said with a laugh that was as forced as it was natural. "It's what I do. I talk to strangers, and I go into forests." It wasn't witty, but it was something. Any sort of sensory input to drown out the realization that she was departing.

It wasn't love. There had not been love at first sight. That was a thing of fairy tail, or brought about by those who did not know themselves enough to respect their time and worth. Neither of them were like that. It was infatuation, intrigue, and an immediate connection. They hit it off well, and were obviously very compatible. There was a sense of mystery in the both of them, and the unknown of the future offered even more interest by both. Her walking away was the obvious path here, and yet he now found himself wondering when it was their paths would intersect again. In a world as hectic as this one, would it even be on good terms?

As the door opened, as if to finalize her decision, Finn spoke up. "I will see you again. Next time, we'll be together longer. I'll make sure of it!" His voice rose as she put distance between them, ensuring she could hear every last word. He took himself to the door, watching her just as she vanished around a corner. He caught himself staring for a solid amount of time after there was nothing else to see. Stepping back and closing the door, he saw some of her clothes still scattered about the ground. Undergarments, and the jacket she'd worn with her dress with the dress itself near to it.

Walking over and grabbing the jacket and the dress, he balled them both up and put them between his arms as if embracing them. Falling sideways onto the bed, he found the bottom of his face burying into the clothes. Her smell lingered in the room, on her clothes. Her feeling lingered within the bed and upon his lips. She was still in this room, and yet he knew she wasn't.

"Look Finn, sounds to me like you've been bit by the love bug." As Finn panicked, holding his arms and legs out in front of him while searching for a bump, Jake shook his head. "No no no. You have a crush, dude. You liiiiike her."

"Did you feel like your heart was gonna explode?" Silence. "Were you super disappointed when she said she couldn't stay with you?" Silence. "Then you've got a crush dude."

”I have always wondered what crosses your mind when our eyes meet.”

"I like your flower... It suits you. A really amazing guy must have given that to you."

The memories of the night before flooded into his mind, out of order and without reason. Jake had positioned himself in the doorway, staring at Finn with a look of pity on his face. Finn felt the gaze, but stayed as he was. "She gone?" Finn stayed silent, a slow nod being his only answer. "Need me to give you some time?" Silence followed. A deep sigh could be heard from the bed, Finn turning his face towards Jake.

"Is this normal?" Jake smiled at him, one of confirmation and comfort. "Yeah man." "I don't think I'm in love." "Than you're not." "But I do think I like her."
"Than you do." "Can it be that easy?" Nodding, Jake turned to go back in the kitchen. "As long as you let it be." As he disappeared around the corner, Finn's eyes drifted close once more. He felt his consciousness begin to fade, despite the business of his brain. It was buzzing like hornets, and yet he felt himself fade into the abyss.

There, he was allowed to rest. He dreamed that night, his mind forming images that fit to what he intended to see and hear. It was a dream he wouldn't remember, but that didn't matter. The memories that formed it were still there, forever. Truth was based on perspective, so the events were likely not all completely accurate. Still, he saw the eyes just as he had the night before. The hair, cascading down her like a waterfall. The look of bewilderment and wonder. She was disheveled, obviously having had a rough time. There was blood on her, scrapes and bruises, and her clothing was torn. She was obviously tired, and she spoke to him.

”You found me.”


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