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Fetch Me This and That[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

 Fetch Me This and That[Fiora] Empty on Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:41 pm

Fiora Sylvari
It was another sunny day in Oak town the the sun shining bright and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Fiora was back in the streets of Oak Town with another request that was in her hand but this time it was from a different client that she pulled off the bulletin board. The paper seemed pretty old as it was very brown and crumpled apart pretty easy but she had memorized what was on the request. IT was a simple fetch quest to get a bunch of random items which didn't seem like much to request from a dark guild member. However the pay is what matters as it was a lot so she figured extra cash was always good to have and she had the free time so Fiora would then go to find the items that were on the list and return to the location which needed the items returned to. The items were An old plant, some burnt wood, and a large chunk of metal.Why someone would need these she had no idea but that wasn't the point. A request was a request. Fiora would head out to flower shop to find the first item.

At the flower shop she would walk up to the shop lady and ask for plants that were really old. The shopkeeper gave a weird look but she didn't question it as it was a customer and didn't want to give any attitude so she would just direct her to the back. There were some dying plants which were old and would fit the request. Fiora would grab a small one and the shopkeeper wouldn't even charge her as the plant was old and dying so she gave some good faith to her and gave it to Fiora for free. Fiora tossed the small plant in a bag and then would head to the next place to get the next item that the request needed to be completed.

The next place would be home good store that had many items for home improvement. One of them was pieces of wood that the quest required. SHe would find a small plank of wood and also a fire starter and make the purchase of the two of them. She then went into a nearby alleyway and would use the firestarter on the wood and set it ablaze. Before the whole thing of wood could burn she would stomp it out so the wood would be burnt which would fulfill the 2nd part of the request as the wood was now the way it had to be. Finally she had the last thing on her list which was the large chunk of metal.

This would be a tougher thing to find as a large chunk of metal was rare to come by. The question was how large though. The request was pretty vague. As she walked and thought of what to do she saw a building having some construction and there was some thin metal sheets lying around. That would probably work she thought as she would walk over. She made sure the rest of the workers weren't looking as she then would yank one of the sheet metal squares and scuttle off like nothing happened. Now she just had to return the items to the location which the request had listed.

Fiora would head to the location listed on the outskirts of Oak and would knock on the door. A woman opened the door and saw the items and started laughing. Fiora would explain that she was completing her quest when the black haired woman would drop a bombshell that the request wasn't real and she put it up as a joke. Fiora was angry as she gripped her blade ready to stab this woman in the chest for making her do all this. However, the woman would go back into her house and toss a bag of jewels to her feet as a reward for entertaining her with doing the fake request. Fiora counted it and would see that it was all there so she was ok with it. She still didn't like her prissy attitude so she left without thanking her.


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