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The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open)

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#26Adelaide Sokolov 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:34 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice glanced at Judina as she had just asked about magic. She nodded as she walked past a few people so she could walk next to Judina again. And she would hear about the metal make, which sounded very useful when she explained to make cutlery and so on. She grinned and nodded and listened to the last part, "Well it's always useful to know things about fist fighting as well. My magic only gives me the ability to store my weapons, I have to do the rest myself."

Than the incident with the apples happened and she paid for it and turned to look back at Judina. She puckered a bit, "I hope it was just a bet between children. Maybe we should trail along to see if they are okay." She wasn't sure if she should do that, she didn't want to make a job of it on her free day. She hoped she had warned the kid and besides that he had the two apples now. "If they come again, stealing other pieces of food. I will drag them to their parents. If they are in the plan as well, I will write out a fine or so." she shrugged most of the time it didn't happen but her plan b was there anyway.

She continued to walk and made sure Ophelia was with them, her eyes also scanning the crowd, she was sure there were pickpockets but she wasn't sure where to spot them. "I also believe that because the child now has some of the apples he wanted, he won't get back to it. If it is indeed because there is no food in the house, he got a bit. The Church would help him further if only he knew to go there." Her eyes glanced at the Cathedral for a second before continueing, looking at the art that was sold at the stands where they were now.

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#27Judina † 

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Judina †
"Maybe if i ever needed i would have other uses for metal objects I can make, Just has not arrived or came into my mind yet." who knows what things you could do with given the situation to make objects from metal. Maybe Alice would be better to think up object then her, Judina had yet to be in an actual fight and remember to make an object to fight with, After all the fight with her brother she used nothing but her hands and feet, In thought how did Judina hurt from that she could never figure out totally.

"I would find that power very useful." Then again almost any magic power a person had, had some use in some way, It was how the user used their power."How many weapons do you have currently?" Judina asked carrying on the conversation while looking around. With look to her left and right because it seemed normal too if checking. "Seems like reasonable punishment." Judina mentioned, The judgment of punishment would be something she would have to learn over time, since it would be new to her to make up that option for people but she also assumed no one would enjoy that since you are not suppost to enjoy being punished.

"We did not have such a church in Marigold last i remembered, then again it has been a fair bit so things might have changed." but then again Marigold did not have as many problems as here, different times and different areas."Then again this isn't Marigold." Judina said with a bit of a laught about it because it was a bit funny to her, But she tried to laugh even at the least funniest of the jokes because she never had any of her own.

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Adelaide Sokolov
"Maybe at some point. You won't ever have to buy a weapon. You can make it with your magic. That is great." and saves a lot of money, is what Alice thought, thinking about her own jewels that she was trashing for every other armour because she wanted a new one and be prepared. Though she had to say with her Scarle armour she was very satisfied, better weapons might be a thing, especially because she loved to use spears better than swords.

She looked at Judina for a second and thought, "A sword. A lance and a Spear. Two sets of armour." she frowned, she planned to sell her sword though, she had her eye on a better one, but it was cursed so selling that might be difficult. She would see for now it wasn't important. She nodded when Judina talked about the punishment, after all it were still children, "Only time will tell and only time taught me how to think about such situations. I mean if you do plan on joining the Rune Knights, don't worry about that." She was afraid it felt like she was pushing Judina, which she wasn't, every answer would be accepted by her. She herself didn't agree on Konstantin his proposal the first time, she had agreed on something else and look at them now.

She lifted up Ophelia to show her the music boxes. She might buy one for her, she was sure that it would be a challenge to get her wallet out of her little blue bagpack that was on her back. She frowned which she would like, she looked at Judina for a second, "I haven't seen one last I was there. Which is like three months ago, maybe four. This city is bigger, not much but the Illumin influence is bigger here. Of course you have cities like Oak, Crocus, Era and do not forget Orchidia that have big churches as well. Maybe there don't need to be Cathedrals and such else were. The bigger ones are relatively central to travel to." She didn't like to talk about the church but it was more Lacie her fault so she tried to put that aside. "What do you think of this?" she said as she pointed to one of the music boxes and the owner of the stand played it softly. Ophelia seemed to like it a lot, that was already enough to buy it of course.

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Judina †
Judina would wonder what kind of things she would end up coming up with when the time arrived for it, But since it has not happen, Maybe when she had time to herself she would come up with a few ideas and maybe share it with Alice or some one else."Well good thing with it I can easily take suggestions and ideas." Judina could laugh about it easily but she knew she needed to attempt to try something with her magic eventually.

"Interesting weapons, I would have to try using them some time if i actually knew how to use such weapons." Maybe Judina also think about making her own ideas of such weapons, She knew they all worked different and had different looks. "I have seen few swords, and one set of armor in my day." Maybe with her being around and joining knights she would see and understand weapons more to inspire her to make her own with her magic. Then again she often wondered why people wore armor it felt like it almost held a person back, But Judina never wore or tried to wear armor just small pieces of metal every once and a while.

Judina seemed to look at the music box in interest. "My mother use to own about three of these that she got off of our grandmother." She could not remember the tunes or music the boxed played after all her mother did not play the music they had. "It seems very well made and crafted, well taken care of. a lot of joy was put into this box." Judina mentioned looking at the box's overall shape and condition, Then again most likely because the owner wanted it sold so Judina might be stating the pointless.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice grinned at Judina as she got the point of suggestions and nodded, maybe she could help with that but that was depending on it, "Well whatever you decide, if you ever want to train or get inspiration out of my weapons, I would be glad to help you out." She was sure it could help give someone the idea of how it would work, since she used them mostly herself all the time. She was surprised Judina has seen few swords and armours, on the other hand that was of course positive but she didn't know how to entirely answer to that. "It might sound stupid but I'm definitely in love with the recent armour I bought." recent was a bit far fetched as she bought it last month but it was the last edition to her set and since she got the diadem it was complete and man that sword that came with the magic from it. "Apart from that, you don't have to focus your magic on weapons like swords and spears, I can't come up with an imediate other example but I bet there are way more shapes and sizes that you could make with a little bit of training." now she wasn't the smartest when it came to Magic, since she only recently about a year or so ago started working on her requip and it wasn't forming things, it was a pocket dimension.

Ophelia obviously showed that she wanted to have all but Alice couldn't afford that and as much as it was to buy Ophelia a present, it was to call out the guy that was stalking them the whole time. They might not look impressive apparently to him, but she narrowed her eyes as she scanned him. He was tall and lean, obviously trained in fist fights and he was after her money or anything else or maybe after Judina her money or anything else. She leaned towards Judina to pretend to see what she was seeing, "Someone noticed we planned to buy something. Behind us is a bald man, he has been watching us since the apples." Maybe he made the mistake to think she was something of a noble, not a knight that told a kid off. She pretended to not know nor notice and let Ophelia go to grab her bag from her shoulders to get her wallet and buy the music boxs she had pointed out and that Judina had approved.

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#31Judina † 

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Judina †
Either way Judina would come up with options eventually, Since so far everything was going to be pretty decent Judina maybe realized this offer might be right for her. "Well if everything goes to how i think, My mind may already be made up about our meeting and situation of offer."She knew and felt it was right, since so far nothing was much really stressed or forced, If such mention is true she will end up being busy with various different things and she would be okay and happy with that, Working life was normal in her family since Her father was always working and rarely stopped until her mother asked him too.

"I just need to start trying and explore my options more it seems."
Looking back at her training she remembered that in fact all she did was fist fighting and kicking she never tried a spear, sword,axe or any of the other weapons they offered to teacher since she prefer to fight and disarm the person before anything could arise from it. "One of the coming days it will be something to do if i am not too busy with any much really." She seemed content and happy for that time being and the current moment seemed like it was just more of a small detour shopping trip then working, But she knew she was still trying out being in a job.

With being informed of what was behind them Judina seemed a bit more different."Always the bald ones huh?" She said at first quietly, Judina had been trained for most situation like this and just asked. "I wonder what he is expecting, Nonetheless I can easily take care of him. I have beaten up stronger and smarter men before." Judina seemed to be planning out her options already seemingly the one to make her own choices, Seemingly ready to act even before Alice was going to say anything.

But in her mind she asked if she should, after all who knew his intentions but Judina was starting to think differently from logical and rash minded.

With her face turned to a serious expression Judina then said. "Forgive me if I am too rash with this." Turned around and ran straight for the bald man following them, She didn't wait for an answer from Alice or a plan just went to the point she wanted to do.

Taking a position of her left arm to be raised to protect her face and knock anything back and her right being ready to punch him right in the stomach, When she was close enough in range she would do that exact punch with her right arm as quickly and as powerfully as she could, She was taking no risks in her mind with doing this, not realized that risks and situations that followed while she did.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked at Judina when she said that her mind was made up. She said it in a positive way so all Alice could think was: oh.. "Well I would still want to add, that if you decide to join and I have the feeling you are considering it. I could like be your support. If you need any help or have a question, you could ask me." she said with a smile on her face. It was like what Kon had done for her, however he was gone now from the Rune Knights and she didn't need it anymore but it had felt a little saver to start. She would pick up the paperwork somewhere and sign Judina in, if she was a hundred percent sure the Metal Make Mage would want to join. It actually made Alice feel excited about the whole ordeal. She nodded on the rest of their conversation. It felt like she knew Judina for a long time already and she was very happy and content about it. She didn't mind to hang out more often.

That's when she noticed the person that was sort of trailing them and she informed Judina about it. She had just taken her purse and was paying for the music box while she listened to what Judina was saying, she frowned. Looked at Ophelia that was standing on the table and realized a little bit too late what was happening. That's when Judina finally said her intentions out loud and Alice turned towards her to stop her. She tried to hide her grin because it was obvious that Judina could handle him, before anyone else on the market knew it, probably including the man himself, he was down.

She looked left and right, hid her grin with her hand and asked the man of the music boxes to wait for her with Ophelia. The music box was still in the companion her hand even though Alice had paid already. "Well that was quick work." she said as a compliment towards Judina, "Though next time make sure the person already made the falony because now we can't arrest him or give him a fine, since he technically didn't do anything yet." however if he was a pickpocket, she was sure she wouldn't be his first target. So she hunched down and grabbed a purse out of his pocket, she heard him complaining but gave a kick in his ribs and showed him a picture of a happy family that was in the male purse, "Aint looking like you buddy. You're under arrest for stealing wallets from people on the market. Show me the others and you will get off with a fine. If you do not, we will take you to our headquarters and have you interrogated. Everything you say can and will be hold against you." she found another wallet in his jacket that wasn't his either, unless he liked frilly pink purses. She looked up at Judina, "But this time, it's better that you did it." She asked Judina to keep an eye on him so she would drop the purses in her backpack, walk back to the music boxes and pick up Ophelia. Together with Judina, she would lead the man to the office. She didn't need to hold on to him, one sign of her cat claws on both hands and he was willing to walk with her like a good trained puppy.

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Judina †
Judina then let out a sigh of relief really, After all she felt like she almost went slightly out of a control for a moment then again she knew she acted more on reactions and motion then logic it was just how she was when situations got serious, It was only a minor case of it this moment but who knew what would happen next time Judina had that mind set switch in.

Looking down at the men she just punched Judina asked. "Too much?" It was mainly her asking Alice this not the man she just sent right to the ground after all Judina really did not seem to have a single thought of his feeling or words for the moment."Or should I be much harder next time?" It seemed to have not set into her mind yet but it was slowly getting to her mind now. "Oh....I was a bit too rash then." She seemed to laugh about it slightly, Hopefully she wouldn't be too much trouble with her being that way.

Judina stared over this man on the floor and crossed her arms waiting for Alice to finish up what she wanted too after all Judina was the one who went this way and ended up in this situation but in the end it all worked out. "Well, I will try to control  my mind a bit better next time I can admit i am a bit reckless a lot." She remembered it was a bit of her father's the quote in her mind of, If you have a problem no one else is solving do it yourself. But it is a different kind of place and job so Judina needs to think a bit more, most likely react less on feeling and more thoughts.

Judina would just pick up the man so he could start walking not much else he could do now after all two people were watching him and well if he attempted to do anything else Judina would wait to drop kick the man right away with out a second thought of it at all.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice made sure that whatever sort of attack Judina had done, it was justified. She didn't want to say too much at this moment because of the people that were staring at them, she didn't want immediate gossip to surround the two of them. Thank god Judina didn't seen the worse in it, "Just quick. I don't even think harsh. He did something wrong, he deserves to be punished." She stood up straight again and turned to look around her to the people that were staring and whispering, "Spread the word, for everyone that lost their wallet. Show up in an hour on the Rune Knight office at the Willow Street. We will see if the wallets are there." She made sure the guy would walk but with Judina her help it did go easy.

She couldn't help but grin as she walked next to Judina, "I don't see any problem with you handling possible culprits. The thing is just to keep an open mind, they might not be doing something bad but look suspicious. Always make sure to have some evidence to arrest someone. Sure mistakes can be made though, don't worry too much about that. It happens to everyone, you will learn it day by day."

It didn't take long for them to reach the office and she pushed the man inside, she had dropped Ophelia right before that and made a gesture with her head to greet one of her colleauges, she didn't know his name, and she brought the man to one of the rooms for an interrogation. "Anything to drink? Water? Coffee?" He ordered a coffee from her and she left him, he couldn't leave the room anyway. "My speciality is certainly not interrogation," she said as she turned to Judina while walking to the coffee machine in the hallway, "Even though he did something wrong, I believe that sometimes it works to act nice. I offered him a drink, so I hope he will talk faster. I leave it to someone else. If you join right now, like we said, it is highly unlikely that you would be one to interrogate people, again something you would learn later and possibly have to do once you reach the rank of a seated Knight." like her. She wasn't sure what more to tell Judina or anything she wanted to see or do.

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Judina †
Everything seemed a bit more normal after that, So if the jobs was like this she would settle in little to no time in her mind was good, Judina already seemed happy with the job as it stood so she would look to join right away.

They left that man to be spoken too, Judina would ask. "Were do i sign the paperwork needed exactly?" Judina would hide it but she was happy and excited but this situation over all, it was a nice pace in life for her and well a job. A feeling with stuff falling into pieces for the moment so it seemed like a normal no brainer for Judina to be happy and excited about something positive.

Even with what had been said and done and there given situations before hand it did not seem to be anything to judge or worry themselves upon one another there were better things to worry about and do, Judina heard sometimes people had problems moving on from some events but sometimes not being judged is better to help some one then just having the thought linger in your mind.

Much like her older brother did not linger in her mind for the moment she just wanted to sign paper work, become a knight and continue work, The studying she wanted to look into could wait after all she would also want to locate him and maybe make sure he was not going to harm anyone as well too, so many things to slightly worry about for now she could put them off.

#36Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice shook her head, making her long red hair swing from one side to the next like her tail. She couldn't hide her smile, "Easy there grasshopper." She entered the room to drop the coffee and leave again, it was obviously not too hot so he couldn't burn himself with it but he seemed to take care of himself. They had taken his coat and emptied his pockets and one of her colleagues would soon interrogate him.

She beckoned Judina to come along to one of the empty offices at the back, boy they were lucky. She nosed through some of the drawers and found the papers she needed, "First could you sign as an eyewitness." she gestured for Judina to sit down and handed her the papers and a pen she soon found. Once Judina signed that she switched the papers for the other ones she was holding which asked her for some small personal details, such as name, age, possible address and the agreements of becoming a Knight and being a hundred percent human. Alice would wait for that to be signed, "If you want me to be some sort of support, mentor for you, than I would have to sign the other side of the paper but that's up to you. You will start of as a page and the more your potential is growing as well as your abilities, you will be able to get to squire and so on to the seated knight rank like me." She hoped again she explained it well. She noticed Ophelia walking into the office and smiled to her before focusing back on Judina.

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#37Judina † 

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Judina †
Just quietly following just quietly followed the office stuff was vastly different then mountains, stone, sky, clear skies and simple wooden housing."I did not think I was that edger, Unless I am just being different then how I normally am." Could easily be noticed that maybe Judina might have missed the humor of it for once.

The process might not be what Judina could expected, But then again she had no idea what to really expect over all, When Judina joined the group of people she trained with, Took her in with out requesting of her after all at the time she was lost, they just took her in thinking she would be fine and on her way but she stayed and learned because she was interested and they agreed knowing it would help her in someway, It was year but Judina was not a black sheep there, Only one of five woman total in that group such memories long passed.

When she signed, It showed Judina had not wrote in a while, It was slightly messy but nonetheless she wrote her name down."I would not mind being you being a mentor."She agreed to while she was writing stuff down. "Only thing i can not put down is housing, Since i do not have a house currently, Everything else is 100 percent right." she mentioned, Handing over the paper and pen she used to write to Alice for her to sign next.

#38Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice looked over her shoulder towards Judina, not sure what to say about the eager, different part. She simply gave her a worried smile and went on. She gave the explanation and the papers and would just see if Judina had more questions. She absolutely didn't want to push her but she would look forward to the other woman joining the Rune Knights. She wondered again about how she had felt about joining the Rune Knights. She had made that decision on her own but Konstantin had accidentally send the papers to Era and she was accepted before she knew it, with her power, that was also a reason why they had the spar, she was made a Seated Knight immediately. She skipped at least two ranks. With Judina giving the information about not using magic much, she sure had a few things to learn considering potential and she was sure she would be able to rank up with that.

She took the papers for the eyewitness and walked out of the office, remained in the door window and handed it to someone else without saying a word. She was sure they would know what to do as she nodded towards the interrogation room. She walked back to Judina to catch her question, she smiled, that was an honor, "I'm glad you would like that." she said as she sat herself in the chair on the other side of the desk. "Just write Era. I did that too, I also don't have an address, I go from inn to Hotel to Bed & Breakfast to the next place to sleep so that's no problem. If they need you, they will eventually know how to find you." it wasn't like they were stalking but at some point one of your colleagues would have seen you last. She took the pen and paper and signed her own name on it to show her support and stood up again, "Well congratulations. You are now a Rune Knight!" she said enthusiastic.

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Judina †
"Ahh so that is normal then." Judina mentioned, Then again maybe it would better if she actually found a place to live as well, Judina had been with out for a while that it would be a goal later one just so she had a placed to stay in one spot for once."Even if it is kind of normal a few knights to not have a places to live, I may look into one myself just because I personally think it would be nice then just sleeping on grass." The only time other wise was not going to be mentioned out of respect for Alice.

The life on sleeping on the ground so far, for the longest time it was uncomfortable and barely sleep believing she would easily get attacked while she slept, After all she was alone and just sleeping by a fire and no longer by the group of people that protected her when she did sleep, Maybe fate was just on her side when that painfully slow three week walking trip when she did rest no one found her that would harm her, then again no one seemed to be on the trail or anywhere near while she did, which was odd...was it fate looking over her? or something that could not be explained Judina could never figure that out.

"I am happy to be a part of this job and so far happy to be around the people of it, I am interested to meet the eventual other knights and co-workers as well."
She sounded peaceful and delighted about it, Which was always good.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice nodded when Judina mentioned that it was quite normal, she gave a small smile as she was sure that Judina wasn't the only one and neither were they together. "I believe ya." she said, unfortunately her ya almost changing into a nya, something that naever happened before even if she was a cat. She waved it away for herself as if it was nothing. "I'm also considering to find a place. I only haven't figured out which City I prefer." especially because she had not seen that many yet. She would consider Era because in her line of work she would be often there but on the other hand she had been in Magnolia a lot too. If only she would have figured out what to do about Lacie it would all become very easy.

Alice ordered three tea, considering that she had seen Judina drink tea before and well Ophelia always liked one. She would sit down behind her desk, normally she would have to pick up herself but now she had this opportunity to get some. "You will meet them soon. I know a few are in Magnolia at this point, there are of course always knights that you could meet in Era. Have you been in Era before?" She tried to recall the places that they had talked about but that was Orchidia and Marigold. "Not everything is this exciting though. Considering the festival and all, it makes it a bit more busy but there are the regular days of just patrol and doing jobs for others as well as simply going around to other cities. You can always sign up to work somewhere else if you want. And apart from that you have the bigger cases. Since you start of as a page, you will be in a supporting role until you proved yourself but if they need help, always make sure to point out that you are available if you are up for it. Some knights and higher ups tend to look over pages and we shouldn't do that." She smiled when she finished her little peptalk, maybe she was getting better at this and was Judina some sort of support she could use for that as well.

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#41Judina † 

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Judina †
the city of Era? such place would have been a dream for person. But before she forgot to answer. "No I have not been to Era, But eventually i shall travel there for now only meeting the other knights but because I know I should show up to the town were we are based in as well." She would want to learn and study Era since it would be what could be considered a home at least."I will do the jobs before as needed to be, After all I joined to help others and I know all this work will not be easy, If the work were simple and easy everyone would do it." Judina mentioned to her in her thought about it.

Judina knew what else not sure to expect but being the support role was a pretty good idea to start with even with Judina being a bit brash and a bit headstrong given the situation already passed she realized it was still needed to be done then again that situation was more on the spot and she. But she had to start and learn somewhere and this was a wonderful start personally since she got a long with one of the few she would meet, for the moment Judina did not have much to worry about since signs were clear for now.

"There are a few of them here huh?" Judina seemed interested with that being mentioned, New people that were co-workers thne again logically she knew also there was a change that no everyone would get along since personality and people were all of the time but nonetheless Judina would interested to meet them anyway, Since the better people at least know or met each other the better they work together.

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Adelaide Sokolov
There was a negative answer if Judina had been in Era before, well that made it only more interesting. "It is a little less busy than Magnolia, there are a lot of knights. Heck there are every where lot of knights to protect Fiore from people that want to do harm. So eh yeah considering that, I think I told you the most." What more to tell if you could sort of show in action, so she would suggest to go back to the festival and enjoy it while keeping an eye on the people. To be honest it was her day of but she didn't mind that sort of patrol if she could enjoy herself as well.

"You will meet everyone eventually. Mostly people like pages will be placed in a team with higher ups. I don't know who that will be since I don't have a team and not sure if they plan me to have one. But than you will meet others and well you can all learn from each other." she said as she lifted up Ophelia to go back outside, "Let's get some more experience, shall we?" she said and with that stepped outside. Brushing the tea away that she had ordered on the wrong time, she apologized to the knight that went to get it and suggested that she would get it at some other point. She didn't feel bad at all, if you would do everything from the minute you say it, you life will be dull. She wondered what would happen but it sounded like a lot of fun. She liked Judina and felt flattered to be her mentor for now. They will see each other more often, she was sure of that.


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#43Judina † 

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Judina †
It seems a peaceful end to an interesting day, Such time she was told be to be happy for when they happen by family. being mention such things would be rare once your life came into place. Like fate ties into it's self eventually turning around to it is ways like the breeze of wind. Everything was lining up with this new start that she could only hope for the good to happen more, Not giving a single thought upon what could easily happen because the darkness in life easily lingers no matter how good a person is in life.

"I agree a bit more experience in the town would be nice." Judina did not seem to put much thought into following right away, normally not the follower type by nature so Judina did find the situation a bit odd but life and work were different, even if she had to listen to people, Her mind set would be different from work and not working Judina would be seem a bit different depending on if she was working or not. Normally not even the type to listen too people and just work on her own, But even the lone wolves can have friends on a rare time, Life had to have its twists this was hers.


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