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The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open)

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#1Judina † 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:32 pm

Judina †
During the travel she had put that cup of water she drank with in her bag, after all she had emptied it shortly after she started traveling to the next town she would end up with.

These travels were interesting to Judina, she has seen a lot more places then her younger self would ever think about going and seeing in her life. all of the places were interesting in there own ways.

But now was time to thinking about what to do in the new area of Magnolia, A lot of things could lie here a guild of known was here, after all Judina only knew the guild Fairy tail was here, not what other guilds were she never kept track where they are, Her father told her that this was the home of Fairy tail.

The town was nice, nicer then she would first assume, Then again her father never told her what to expect to see of the town, But so far the town seemingly so normal was left a good mind set for her even leaving her with a small smile too.

Now it was left to see what would happen in this town so far she was happy with this area, But such options were limited for the moment but it was interesting seeing a town she was told about from family.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:45 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She had been in Magnolia now for days and it felt more easy to go around, be around the place that Lacie probably had been as well. She had not delibrarely thought about it all the time but she had done so from time to time. She didn't know why, maybe it was a feeling of a twin. She wondered if she would see her and would immediately recognize because how weird would it be to see your own face if it wasn't in the mirror.

She entered the town after walking the twenty minutes from the Bed & Breakfast that was just outside it. Carrying Ophelia in her arms. She was curious to what was going to happen today, there seemed to be a lot of merriment and it was rather busy. She stood on the side of the market, looking at the people that were spitting fire, juggling and so on. It was her a bit too busy and she was trying to find a place to be, to simply have something to drink. She found a cafe at the corner of a street connecting with a small alley and she looked through the windows, most people were on the streets, buying coffee, tea and everything there.

She entered the small cafe and found a spot next to the window to look out side. It was rather dark inside compared to the festives out side. Instead of ordering her usual coffee, she ordered a juice d'orange because it felt better for the moment. She had a lot to think about, something that she lately had put off because it wasn't that much fun. She still had Ophelia on her lap and had ordered her pet a tea. Her brown eyes staring outside while she waited for her order, who knows maybe the answers would come today.

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#3Judina † 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:03 am

Judina †
It was a peaceful time, such time that Judina did not realize what time of day it was maybe it was a lack of eating or maybe she was just walking around too much again, She didn't eat much before going any where.

Food and maybe sitting would be, Judina for once would mentioned she traveled slightly a bit too much for a few weeks or really rather unknown time she travels. Maybe she could just stop for maybe an hour or a bit.

Quietly walking around and looking, having for the moment no idea fully were to go yet but since she was not picky, But the peaceful day was nice.

Seeing a sign that shown enough interesting Judina would follow a few people in front of her into the small ish cafe, Bigger any other are she had been too being use to small town areas or mountains.

But at least she knew how it worked the lines and everything. Also having already knowing what she wanted to get as well, It was simple cup of green tea and just two pieces of bread was all she asked for. Only having on here were to sit and such was left because Judina was slightly picky about were she sat in new areas and places but scaning the area and looking around taking her time to make her choice, Not paying follow attention quite yet to the people around her Judina seemed a bit weird standing just after the line of ordering looking around, Even if it was odd she would not find it odd Judina was just thinking after all.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:29 am

Adelaide Sokolov
After Alice entered the place, some sort of queue of people entered the building, as if she started some sort of hype. Thank god she and Ophelia had a place to sit but it didn’t take that long or all the tables were taking. She had been staring outside but turned her face around to look at someone that was standing looking around to possibly find a spot. Alice wasn’t fan of crowds and strangers were not the best thing but most of the time she managed. She wondered if she should just share her booth with this person, she looked like a good person on the outside. She was doubting about it but right, she could do something nice for others, if she would be ready soon if she didn’t decide to order some food more. So she waved to the woman that finished ordering and looked around, ”If you don’t mind we could share the booth.” she said a little louder so she would be heard. Of course people stared at her and she hoped that her cheeks wouldn’t show off too much redness.

Ophelia was sitting on her lap, otherwise she would have stand up but she had at least waved so perhaps she would be seen. She found herself stupid, she came to think, not to wave at strangers and offer seats but thinking would no longer be an option thanks to the busy insides of this café now. She wasn’t sure what to say if the person would join her booth but she looked outside for a second again, who knew what would happen thanks to this. She remembered Chelvaric and Evangeline. It was an interesting idea, it would also give her some more time to think about other things.

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#5Judina † 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Sun Jul 02, 2017 2:53 pm

Judina †
Having to be sure she was being offered the spot Judina realize she was infact being invited it was different but not the first time strangers have done as such, these situations is how Judina learned of places and what goes on around them, Then again it was only Judina's only time socialize and meet other people it was often traveling person like Judina could stop being crazy sometimes so it was interesting over all.

Slowly while she was walking more and more towards the lady she seems to have a small smile on her face. Slowly while she sit down and started saying thank you Judina slowly seemed slightly like she felt has met this person before. One of three told options in her mind, Was her mind playing tricks on her or was some one using magic to look like Lacie? But she would have too just relax about it.

But She would quietly places her tea down on the table. "Thank you for the offer to allow me to sit with you." Judina started off by mention but it was easily seen that she felt like she already knew the person in front of her given by here even say. "I would have easily taken a seat outside as well, But there is something nicer about sitting on something  about going various places." Judina was going to relax and let any slightly crazy ideas with in her head go away.

But she was still tempted to be sure if it was Lacie or not she had just not figured out how to ask yet or word how she wanted to mention it, But eventually something else would come to Judina's thoughts as she settled in for the moment in her chair.

"Did you gain a pet last we met Lacie?"
Judina asked since mostly her mind was sure it was not being tricked if it wasn't a look a like some one was really good at looking like other people to this woman credit."Things must have been change a bit since we last met in Orchidia." Judina seemed to be what she could call normal at this point her normal self talking to whom she assumed was Lacie.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:44 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice turned to look back at the person that was now sitting at the same table, in the same booth at the window. She had just looked outside and gave a smile to her, "No problem." She looked at Ophelia and made sure the tea that she was drinking was cool enough before her companion could drink as she took a sip of her orange juice not much later. She was still looking a bit outside but now sideways with her brown eyes, it was interesting to see thanks to the festival mood on the streets. She had no idea what they were celebrating but it didn't really matter to her. She didn't like to be in the crowd but to watch was fine.

Her brow eyes darted back quickly when the person opposite her addressed her as Lacie. How.. However she continued about Orchidia, she had heard Lacie had been there thanks to LeeAnn and Konstantin, that was far away from her but it seemed that the woman opposite her wasn't even that surprised to see her in Magnolia. Could Lacie have mentioned she was going to Magnolia, "I'm not Lacie. Sorry, I'm Alice, her ehm.. Twin sister." She wasn't sure what she should say, she didn't know her bond with Lacie, the lying evil bitch but maybe people found her very nice and would hate on Alice as well, what did they tell. "I believe she doesn't know I still exist." she mentioned out loud without her noticing at first, although when she did, she made sure not to apologize for it, it was just the truth. She decided to take a sip from her orange juice, "This is Ophelia by the way, my companion. And who are you?" she tried to say it as friendly as possible, but she was hyper aware of the scary feeling that she would be hated upon thanks to her sister.

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#7Judina † 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:42 pm

Judina †
This wasn't Lacie? Judina then cover up her face slightly finding the situation embarrassing, But also carried enough composure so get over it slightly quickly. "Well, Odd situation but when i had met you sister I was in an odd one myself." Judina started off She seemed as if she could laugh about it. "I had not heard much about you mostly because when conversation of family came up she mentioned you in past tense like you had passed on in some manner." Judina then just seem to hold her tea mug in an odd way, only using her index,middle and thumb holding it like at the bottom at three different point like a claw pinching something, And with her right hand she offer it forward to shake. "I would normally bow respectfully as my master taught me but we are sitting, My name is Judina, It is interesting to meet you Alice." So far nothing changed for the situation Judina stilled seemed the same as she first sat.

"And Hello to Ophelia,I am sorry I mistaken your name Alice." Judina seemed rather unsure how to interact with Ophelia after all she never had pets in her house hold or deal with tame animals normally, She would learn over time if Judina stuck around, with that moment of offering Judina took the moment to enjoy her just plain bread. "It is wonderful to meet the both of you." Judina would have to think about what to mention next. "Even given what i do not know of how you both feel of each other, I do have to thank encountering you sister when I, Untreated 3 week old sword wounds and helping a stranger from the wood is not what i expected to happen." She had not been sure what to expect in said situation Judina assumed people would turn away no matter what. "But however since then i am no closer to any goals or figuring out anything I currently wish too." Judina then took offer both of her gloves, even with the metal elbow bracers that seemed to be there for looks, Judina really pale skin seemed normal as well, placing both her hands now around the mug from holding it the weird way she had.

"But that will happen over time." Judina seemed slightly positive minded currently. "I am just happy to be off of the wandering for a while, I have done that a lot for a while now." Judina then wondered something and figured it was harmless to ask."What do you do for a living Alice? If you do not mind me asking." Judina asked seemingly still being normal for the time being maybe could change during the conversation, but the conversation could go many ways.

#8Adelaide Sokolov 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:57 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice her hazel brown eyes looked at the person opposite her, she was now very interested as also very aware of what her sister could have done. She had met more people that had seen Lacie before her and every situation asked her to be very careful. She could see that Judina, whose name she would learn in a few minutes, felt a bit embarrassed but that could happen with twins very often, especially if one wasn’t aware that the other existed. She clenched her jaw when Judina explained that Lacie had talked about her in the past tense, how sweetly, ”I believe she thinks I’m dead.” she tried to say casually, which is difficult considering the subject of the conversation. She couldn’t help but smile a little, after all it wasn’t Judina her fault and she like how she pointed out it was an interesting meeting, ”Nice to meet you Judina.” Ophelia looked up at her as she was addressed, gave a smile and focused back on to her tea, ”It can happen to the best, that’s what happens to twins. I am used to it.” the last part was obviously a lie, not everyone immediately had to know that and well she had been asked about Lacie before. ”She is a bit shy.” she said with Ophelia not paying much attention to them and focusing on her tea cup, it was lately more than usual, she didn’t know why.

Alice listened with interest about her sister from Judina, Chelvaric had also said she had been fun, Alice couldn’t imagine. She didn’t know what to say and only frowned with a half satisfied smile, ”Well we both try to do our best in this world, I think. We haven’t seen each other in years.” was maybe a smart thing to mention because all she knew was negative of Lacie, so she had just lied again which didn’t feel very nice but it would be more awkward to explain the: she thinks I’m dead part. Alice leaned on her left hand to listen to Judina talk and she found it interesting and made her wonder what her goals were apart from getting ahead in her mindset for the Rune Knights. ”Oh I am a Rune Knight.” she said, not in the least concerned about the question, she took a sip of her orange juice, ”So I travel a lot, work quite many days but I enjoy it.” She considered to ask what Judina did but because she said she was wandering, she thought that was her goal or well one of, ”I wonder what I actually consider a goal in my life, I think it’s interesting to work to something.” It was a sort of opening for Judina in case she wanted to talk about her goals, she wouldn't mind if she would go on and ask about the Rune Knights, she seemed honest and open so that was alright.

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#9Judina † 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:27 pm

Judina †
A rune knight huh? Judina kept that in thought it would be a later piece of conversation. "My brothers know I am alive, I know both of them are alive...well one is alive and one is unknown really." She was unsure what to call the state of the older brother. "But then again it was only a family of brothers for me and the only other female was my mother." IT seemed to have shaped her really, Judina maybe could be considered a bit different then her family members if Alice met at least Waylon could not say much as well for the older one still. " My older brother at one point wanted to be a Rune knight but life changed for him and he took a different path." Judina mentioned for the start of that going back and drinking her cup of tea and just seemed to be rather polite and quiet for a moment.

"My traveling just has been because i have not much else to do, I travel to do jobs just about it for me much like my younger brother Waylon."
She started off of that. "But unlike Waylon, I traveled to learn to balance a slightly hot headed mind and see what I could achieve." Goals in life were always changing in mind. "It always seems to the time of the situation of the mind sets future goals." It was also a mind set of what Judina could easily explain it but then again her life was boring enough she did not have much to talk about.

"I learnt the ways of balance and peace of mind, guess the life of a monk really."
Judina realized it how that went she was a mage monk? she had no idea what to call it But mattering not Judina put the thought aside. "How is the life of a rune knight, If by chance I get to talk to my older brother again I am sure he would fully interested to know." Judina was acting like he was still a normal person for the moment, until it changed topics really.

#10Adelaide Sokolov 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:29 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had sort of casually tried to slip that Lacie had no idea she was alive, it wouldonly be for the better, for Alice that is. She wondered if she should tell Judina that, that in case she would bump into Lacie again at some point. She bit her lip considering yet not discarding what Judina was telling her and she frowned, was it rude to ask what unknown in this case meant? Maybe Lacie would call her unknown too. She gave a small smile again to Judina, she felt at ease even if the conversation had started off with her being called Lacie, which was more like a nightmare than anything else. "I can't remember much, I split from my family when I was very young but I believe we were a family of three and only females. My mother, Lacie and I." she said frowning and staring at the table, trying to catch some vague memories, she couldn't remember much but last time she came here, more answers were there and that made her remember that they were only with the three of them.

Judina her older brother came back into the conversation and she wondered if that different path had to do with the unknown state of his well being, "I never considered to be able to become a Rune Knight, yet here I am." she said trying to stay as casual, simply because she seemed to be interested in this person, which was easily spotted by the upright cat ears on her head as well as her tail that had a little curl in it showing that she was interested. Ophelia climbed off Alice her lap so she could sit more comfortable (the both of them technically) and stare outside while the humans had a conversation or well human and neko.

As she explained that she travelled a lot because Judina mentioned wandering, their topic turned to that and she listened to the conversation and couldn't help but let out a soft giggle, "You don't seem like a hot head to me." But considering that, Alice was also someone who didn't think but went for action, probably also not something you would think from her at this moment, or maybe people did considering she waved a stranger to her table to share and look how the conversation was turning now. But she nodded when the conversation turned to goals and she believed Judina, her goal was still to find answers to her memories, to the conversation with the priest of the cathedral, all her answers were with Lacie probably.

There was a question for her and she stared at her orange juice again frowning, she wanted to give a good answer, "Hmm let's see. It's quite open I guess. Well there are of course some jobs you have to do but it allows you to travel and help citizen all over the country, which is something I like, keeps my mind away from other important business," she said without really thinking about it, so she quickly went on, "I always thought it was full of rules that would have you bounded but as long as you are aligned with light considering races I believe nothing is wrong. And to explain that more clearly as long as you are human or neko as is now my case, everyone is able to join and work out justice." Her own justice that is, she was still able to do what she believed was right and she was trying to follow that, it wasn't suddenly that she was more responsible for other crimes and thoughts in this world, "In case you didn't know, I'm very bad at explaining things." she said with a grin.

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#11Judina † 

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Judina †
Judina herself could not picture such things, Being apart from her family as young ages,It was disappointing in her mind because Judina knew her mother tried hard to keep everyone in her family close together even if trying to control such kids were such a hard task at times, with little memories in her mind how she was as a young one.

The small ones she did remember was her often yelling and losing her temper, yelling at her mother and at least Waylon, Knowing her older brother and father did not taken kindly to such thing and would not put up with such childish behavior of her it took a few years for her to be willing to change that behavior.

"I use to want to be a much louder and angrier person, sometimes it was to scare and protect my younger brother, sometimes it was to scare him into doing what i wanted him too. I am not happy about that second part now days but I will live up to such errors."You could tell when she admitted the second section Judina was bothered by it. "But times of such have changed since I kind moved out of the blue said nothing and simply returning now, But doing that had it's fall backs."

Judina would cross one of her legs on to her lap while listening and drinking more of her tea, Even if Alice was bad at explaining things Judina understood."Even if you assume you are bad at it, I understand just fine." Judina mentioned after she had finished and put her cup down, It seemed interesting in a way in Judina's eyes the thought of the job was not overly that bad.

"I could see why my older brother wanted to be one then if it is as you say it would fit both his and I's ways of working and mind sits." All and all sounding like a good idea, Maybe she would have to ask what else more they have the power to do."Since I travel enough as it is, I would find it better to have a reason then roaming aimlessly, Even if Justice as it's self it subjective to person to person." Judina knew everyone would point something else different with Justice.

#12Adelaide Sokolov 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:43 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
It was interesting to hear people talk about their past, so easily, so casualy and she hoped the hurt wasn't able to be read on her face but one of her cat ears was now flat on top of her head, her tail twisted slowly from left to right, no longer the little curl of interest in it, it didn't mean she didn't like Judina anymore for as much as she knew, it was just as that it wasn't important at the moment, she wanted to know how she had been as a child. She could believed she was a hot head to but the orphanage had not hated her, she simply had to leave because of her age, right after she lost her memory, it had been a brutal moment. All she remembered because of one flash back was that Lacie got everything, she got what Lacie didn't like. She tried to forget her own sorrows as she noticed Judina, "You were a child, it is not something someone should blame you for, not even your little brother." considering her little sister tried to kill her, she could blame her for that. She wondered what the fall backs would be, "Weren't your parents relieved to see you again?" She couldn't help but ask because of her curiousity.

She would explain things about the Rune Knights as well, which went better than she had hoped as Judina just pointed out and she smiled, "Good." was the only thing she said, before shortly looking at Ophelia, whom was still staring outside the window, maybe she could join the festival a little later with her. But she now first focused on the conversation with Judina as she turned to look back at her.

"Oh yes I agree. But I think that's the beauty from it, there is no right and wrong but there is at least something in the way of what's normal and what's not and well to be honest, I think the knights are quite open minded to see every point of view. Sure there are things that is simply wrong like attacking innocent people, bombarding cities but we could all agree on that. But there is always room for explaining or so I do believe as well as room for listening and that's very important." she couldn't help but sound a bit enthusiastic, "When I first thought about it, and I had some time, I bumped into Konstantin, we had a short spar because he wanted to know my abilities considering magic and all but also he said he would vow for me, like have my back when I was just beginning. I liked that idea, showing support to new recruits." She bit her lip, it was almost as if she tried to lure Judina in which wasn't the idea but maybe, if the conversation would turn that way, she could say she could do that for Judina, after all she was a Seated Knight.

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#13Judina † 

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Judina †
"I haven't seen them yet, Something else had came up and I have not gone back to Marigold to see them." She mentioned that to start. "Since i am traveling by foot my travels are massively long as well, So to my dismay I have not seen them yet." Judina was unsure how to respond to what her brother Waylon would think, after all Waylon was an odd brother after all, Judina would even remember calling him special in the insulting way and feeling rather unhappy about it but she knew it was long ago.

"I could see why, I would do the same if i could to the best of my own abilities."
Judina did not have much she could do since she did not know fully how to help with her magic. Cracking her fingers for a moment. "But I have not done a lot things such as sparing and such, I only learned what i have while I was gone to aside form balance my mind, use it to work to balance both my mind and body as well." Judina mentioned reminding herself that she did in fact do her normal routine. "Meditation helps to a large amount, I try to make sure to do so at least once daily." Only things she had not done was a few minor part to her routine that she could easily be made up from her walking so much, So she was fine for a moment."It does not sound that bad, Then again I would have to experience such work to have a full opinion, I would have the time too."She mentioned in thought about it, picking the piece of bread she just ate and just finished it off, Letting a moment of quiet set in. "I am sure there are a lot of things interesting of the world too, I just sheltered myself away from it for too long."

"But one of my goals currently is one of these days , soon go see my mother and father again, But that can wait for as long as i need it."
She smiled about it because she seemed to understand that she was able to take her time with going to see them both.

#14Adelaide Sokolov 

The Town of Fairies and Unexpected Meetings.(Open) Empty Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:32 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice nodded a little, she had been in Marigold. Marigold was one of the reasons that she became a Rune Knight. There were obviously more but she had talked to the citizen about her career as a Knight. She couldn’t help but smile, ”I liked Marigold, everyone was very friendly.” which had also creeped her out but things changed when you developed yourself. She could imagine that the travel to Marigold was long, she had gone there from Oak and that had been a very long trip too. Alice frowned as soon as the conversation turned to the ways of the Rune Knights, her explanation went fine, her enthusiasm wasn’t bad either, ”Well not everyone is based on sparing. I don’t know what your magic is nor your preference, I for example fight close combat with weapons. But if you want, I wouldn’t mind to help you with that but that’s something totally different from the Rune Knights.” She grinned, ”If only I took time to do mediation. It sounds lovely for balance indeed.” her live was so unbalanced at the moment, maybe she should just do that too. She took the last sip of her orange juice and took the menu because she decided to order something else a coffee or something with food.

She frowned to the later suggestion of Judina, she understood what she meant: You only know you like it if you are a part of it. ”What I could do is like support you. If you want, there might be an option for a job soon. If you would want to tag along today that’s fine. I do know however what you mean with shelter yourself away, I did the same but finally decided to make a decision. Of course the decision was half made for me but that’s a dramatic story, not sure if you want to hear that.” She gave a weak smile and waited for the waiter to come to her as she ordered a grilled sandwich and a vanilla coffee. She turned to look back to Judina, she was really very curious, she couldn’t imagine that her sister liked her. However she didn’t remember much from her sister.

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#15Judina † 

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Judina †
Thinking about it. "Well a small idea would be, I will join you for round of this job of a rune knight, If it is of my interest I may join, in return I will teach and show you how medication is done maybe a few other things." Which she would offer to start with given the situation it would work for both of them, Mostly also Judina was enjoying the thought of the Rune knights a bit more but she would be sure she knew fully she wished to do this as well, reasonable in her mind.

With Alice being unsure if Judina would listen, Judina then also mentioned. "If you are all worried about it, If it will make you feel more comfortable if you mention such a story you feel uncomfortable about mentioning or dramatic, I will in return tell you one of my own, This is only if you wish." So she left both offers there all left now was to wait to see what would be done with it.

Judina would know what would she would being up, After all she only had one troublesome story to mention the one she experienced before she met Lacie, the wounds were gone but the images in her mind still stayed because something like that did not just simply leave the mind of anyone, scars can heal, bloodstains will be cleaned away and recovering is possible but the voice and images had not left.

#16Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice nodded when Judina accepted her offer as well as coming with a counter offer, she could only grin about it. This wasn’t as bad as she expected the moment she was called Lacie. ”That’s sounds like a great deal. I’m in.” She was still curious to what her magic was since she didn’t call it, or maybe she wasn’t a mage at all, there were people that she met that didn’t use magic. Like Kenny if she remembered correctly. ”I can see if there is anything to do, we could check it out later.” she would first have to wait on her food, that she would possibly share with her over enthusiastic Clefairy, whom was staring at the festival, ”She seemed to be a bit hyped for the festival. I bet there is someone there pickpocketing.” How would she know? Because she would have done that back in the time that she was a pickpocket. She turned back to see if the grilled cheese sandwich would arrive with her vanilla coffee, she felt very good about today. Which was different from the moment she had arrived here with only Ophelia.

As she had something about enrolling into the Rune Knights because of a dramatic story, she apparently sparked Judina her interest. Which wasn’t really what she had planned to do, ”Oh well it’s not for a faint heart but I doubt you are one. I came into Era and immediately bumped into an attack from a Dark Guild. I was with my cousin who is a Rune Knight as well and while we were at an Auction, some guy acted suspiciously and I finally tried to arrest him, pretending to be a Knight. He was quite a tough catch and even escaped with bombarding the whole building. Apparently there were others in Era as well. That’s also a part of our job. Or well I think our most important job, to protect innocent citizen.” She felt super dramatic to finish it like that, but she was also curious to Judina her story. She thanked the waiter in the mean time when he brought her food and coffee and she would immediately take a bite.

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#17Judina † 

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Judina †
A festival in the area, an interesting to come around too maybe because Judina did not know the events of these areas very well, But that is normal of her not to know such things."I am sure there is more then just pick pocketing, But it is all about what is seen."Unsure what made Judina say that but she did in reply to that. Then again Judina made have been getting into the mind set of the job before even being on the job or hired for it, Maybe it was good to have the mind set right away. But Judina was unsure what to be assure of currently.

Listening to the situation, Judina just seemed to be okay and decently saddening story given the situation of the job."Given the job it sounds like a vast, saddening disappointment I can agree." Given her jobs people getting away would be a painful story indeed, But now Judina guessed it was her turn now to talk about her story, the only one she had really so at least she couldn't hide it or think or something different, she could easily make up a story but Judina was not the type too nor a liar.

"Well my story will be a bit different then yours, It will be what happen before I met your twin and why You could say I have a bit of respect for her."
Judina would start by mentioning that, being unsure why and what effect it would have. "Upon finishing my training and learning, I learned one of my family members lived a few days travel from were I was, It was shorter then traveling all of the way back to Marigold, It would give me a place to rest aside from camping in the woods." It seemed harmless so far, which Judina thought it was harmless too. "Our family is always open to visit and seeing each other so, I would be sorry to showing up with out word but aside from that no other problems." Judina seemed to go quiet for a moment like even the first thought of seemed like a nightmare to her.

"This was the house of my oldest brother, A lot had change from what I heard talking to the towns folks just before reaching his house in an area slightly far out in the woods."
Judina remember walking through such woods with out a problem, smile on her face and the sun in her eyes it was peaceful. "When i arrived and knocked the seemed to move open on its own, To the sight of blood everywhere upon the walls, ceiling and some of the windows, Like a some one try to killed some one in a long drawn out battle in a house." Her mind when to the voice or wailing noises she heard also seemed to be her mind. "My older brother stood upon the dead body of his wife, cut to pieces by him, Upon turning around he let out a ghostly cry like he was trying to speak or ask for help but all he knew was grunt noises and screeches, Like something mine his mind change from a normal logical person to a feral zombie being." Judina remember that fight too it seemed to be hours that it lasted."I fought him for two hours, I fled eventually locking him away in his house, to be locked away his the body he left behind not only of his wife but his daughter as well."Judina almost seemed for a moment she wanted to weep, But that time had passed. "I traveled for three weeks with very deep sword cuts until I found Lacie for help, I had not asked for help at first but she healed me even with the wounds were covered and three weeks old, I have not been back to that house since."Judina said dipping her left index finger into her tea checking it was still warm to finish it it off, which it was she finished her second piece of bread and took her time sipping the last bit of tea she had wondering what Alice would think.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice turned to look from the enthusiastic companion to Judina after she mentioned the pickpocketing. ”Oh sure but if only you know where to look. Apart from that it’s better to be open minded, if you suspect one specific thing to happen, let’s say pickpocketing, you might miss something else entirely. Although at things like this, pickpocket is the most common.” She was curious to what it was about, celebrating Summer Solstice was too late. Maybe it was a Fairy Tail thing, who knew. She wasn’t sure how she thought nor what Judina would think of possible joining Rune Knights. She would never think that she might sort of recruit someone, maybe she should say she would support her no matter what. Like Konstantin did for her.

”It sure as hell made me believe I had to train a little harder to get satisfied about myself. I just have to learn that I can’t do everything all at once immediately right. Which is a tough task to learn.” She gave that half smile after she had told the story about her fight with the Dark Guild in Era. Not everything could go right immediately; at least she had not ran away such as in the mountains. She felt glad that she didn’t lie about it, she was also glad to figure out that she was more or less okay with it and Judina her reaction made her own mind a bit more relieved as well. She was curious to the story Judina had to tell and she would put her sandwich down and took one last sip of coffee before the story would start. She would look at Judina for expressions on her face as well listen carefully. Her expression turned from that small smile into no smile at all. She forget about the respect for Lacie, the rest of the story was more interesting and actually sad than her hate for her sister. She wasn’t even sure if she hated Lacie that much. Especially because they sounded like a loving family, no matter the bullying Judina talked about before with her younger brother. She covered her surprised mouth with her hand. She gave a shiver and her cat ears were again flat on her head because of the uneasy feeling, ”I can imagine that you would not plan to return there right now.” She also frowned, worried and a bit ashamed that she couldn’t do something while Lacie could. Suddenly she wondered what Lacie did, but that was answered quickly as Judina told her that she was healed by Lacie. That must have been in Orchidia. ”I don’t know exactly how you feel, I think nobody can know. But I think my feelings of understanding can get very close. I know you like Lacie but..” she turned to look outside, not sure what to say but she wanted to be honest especially after this story. She believed Judina would understand. ”Lacie and my mother tried to kill me when I was eight. She believed I was possessed by the devil. This is why I haven’t seen her in a long time, why we don’t hang out, why I’m not glad to hear about her. I don’t know how to tell people so I pretend everything is fine.” She hoped, so hard that Judina wouldn’t judge the two of them, that she wouldn’t be clouded because of Lacie her nice behavior. She felt afraid for telling.

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Judina †
Judina had to think about it for a moment. "I have wanted to return to the area, But only to see if he is still alive, in the house, dead or lurking free. I am unsure how to cure my older brother or what has made him the way he is to start, But even in his state the unknown is slightly painful."she could admit that honestly with out a problem after all she wasn't hiding it. "But since, I have no clue to what it is and what is going on all I can do is warning Waylon, mother and father and wait." she did not sound like she was happy to stand by and wait with that situation but she knew nothing else to do.

Hearing Alice's recent words Judina then said. "Even if i have respect for your sister, such action are not something I agree with. Throwing away from under a guise of belief is simply dumb i can admit, Such actions should not be tolerated at any point and it does sadden me to hear happen." A person is wrong when they are wrong in her eyes, Alice was too young to really be considered ding anything wrong during that time, Even if religion was a part of it Judina would not stand but Judina could not do anything at the situation she was never there she could only speak against it really. "Even if it pains you, It is not intentional for me to cause it, Only mention what I feel is needed and honest of me." she had hoped she had not pained Alice with the conversation at hand but Judina did not know until now, But understanding and knowing now she would avoid trying to mention mention Lacie as long as she could quietly.

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Alice could imagine what a quest that would be. She didn't have the same but she had one carrying on her shoulders. Turning it around and trying to find why she was labelled a disaster. Although she was sure, even with no memories at all, that she had never acted like a monster. "Have you tried to find a cure though?" she was sure Judina had, especially considering how she looked right now. Maybe Alice could try and help her, she was still a bit doubting. Her answer about Alice her story about Lacie, made Alice her doubts go away, but she would only know that after a few seconds. Maybe Khalash could help, his shop owned almost everything but that would be way too easy. She nodded about the waiting part. Patience was a virtue but not for everything was it a possibility, "If I ever find something, I'll let you know immediately." again she doubted that she was able, especially if Judina was already looking, but you would never know and it was the best she could offer at this point.

The answer Judina gave her about the story of her sister was rather satisfying. She didn't want Judina to pick sides if she liked Lacie but because Alice liked her, she wanted to tell her. She was glad that Judina didn't point at her and called her a liar or something. "I'm actually glad for your reaction. I do have to say I'm always a bit afraid, considering I had many encounters that pointed me out as the wrong person. I am an honest person, I mean I picked Rune Knights to help people. It really hurts when people call me a demon. Besides that I think they did a ritual that went wrong. I lost my memory when I turned eighteen. I only figured out this about Lacie thanks to Konstantin and well flashbacks that random happen and make me faint." She finished the last of her coffee and handed Ophelia the last of the grilled cheese sandwich.

She would check if Judina had finished her bread and tea before she would over to go outside and get some fresh air after such a heavy conversation. "Maybe we can prevent some pickpockets or something from stealing." she said with an easy smile.

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Judina †
Curing the unknown was something she would like to do."Since I have no idea what happen, Given he can not speak himself. It would be hard to cure the unknown would it not?" After all she had no idea what left a person like that to start with. "What kind of situation would leave a person like that?" Since she herself wouldn't know it would be better to ask to see if maybe Alice might have knew what to do.

"The offer does help, But even then I can only be hopeful if something does come to light to help him, Either that or I may have not be scared of the thought of ending his suffering in some manner, after all he might be a danger to people."
She did not know for sure, After all this mentioned brother is in a house unsure if he even knew how to open a door and leave or if he was stuck there, But there was various options that could arise with this and thinking about could lead to Judina being paranoid.

"A person should not be judge by some one until they have actually done something wrong, Such actions in the end are unneeded, No person standing before anyone i have met so far is a demon that I can tell so, They have made a wrong call." Judina would not see logically how and why that would happen then again Judina's mother was different, a bit feared by her but different.

"I am done what i have so if you wish to go, I will follow you." Judina mentioned she was done with what she had and enjoyed it. "Stealing is easier to realize that pick pocketing silght of hand tricks always have to be more skillful about it." But Hopefully she knew what to look out for Judina maybe a bit different in actions then words about some events but only time would tell what is true.

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Alice nodded, she did understand the limitness of the information that was provided, "Well who knows, you know a few details, every little bit makes it easier. The search will not be the easiest but I bet at some point you will find an answer." Of course it was a matter of time and finding information, there was but so much, her loving brother had turned in to a zombie monster that had killed his wife and daughter and did seem to be maybe slightly aware of what he was doing and surely unhappy about it if Judina her assumptions were right. "I think there are many options but I would say a potion or a curse is one of the first things that I would check first if I was in such a situation. The Rune Knight Headquarters has a large library but there are more libraries of course, maybe even here in Magnolia you could find some answers in the library."

At least Alice was relieved that the conversation about Lacie was over and that Judina didn't judge her based on what Lacie had told the world about her. Lacie was now a distance memory in their conversation and she was glad to know that they could still go on and talk about other things.

Alice would pay for the last order that she made and lifted off Ophelia from the booth to walk outside, "Pickpocketing is a mind set. The people that do it are skilled in the hand tricks, mostly not so much in their facial expressions, they know they are wrong." But it was indeed always tricky, they had to be lucky with people on the market that knew that they were doing something wrong. She stared at the busy street and looked at Judina and shrugged, "All we can do is just walk around, enjoy ourselves but keeping an eye on the crowd." She didn't even like crowds but it was part of her job anyway, even if she wasn't on duty for it, it was always a part to help. You weren't really off when you were a knight, only of course if you intended to ignore things.

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Judina †
It was time to move on to from the thought for now since there was work to be done, If Judina could get information from books from the Rune knights It sealed the deal of her joining it would be more ideal that way if the book helped cure her brother before he did anything too dangerous, She would stop it herself if she had the chance too but too much was unknown for the current moment to make a judgement."If the rune knights large library will help it will only make me join a bit easier, helping the public and my family will do me fine as well."Sure it seemed like Judina was being spoken more and more into joining something blindly but a sense of duty and honor seemed to be showing forth from it.

Judina picked up her bag, fixing her metal cross badges she wore, she had yet to explain the meaning of that symbol she wore, but she had one on her robe were her heart is, and one on her hair, slightly messy and short with a long rat tail.

Following along quietly behind Alice, Brushing off the dust off of her dark blue robes."Well considering I have not been to Magnolia before, knowing it is the city of the guild Fairy tail. Both experiences should be enlightening."Judina could admit with a degree of slight enjoyment and even partly wonder, All this in general would be good for Judina in the end because a new place was nice than an old temple out in the unknown."So far the place seems pretty peaceful, nice and quiet like my home town."

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Alice nodded, she could understand that. She was glad though that Judina thought about the public. It was a nice conversation and she was still doubting she was doing any good, but she didn't ask for a spar, she wouldn't be like Konstantin, Judina wasn't like her. She wasn't even aware of the magic that she used, but Alice was based on close combat fighting considering her magic, if you could call it magic, it was more slinging the weapons and simply storing them in another invisible pocket, "Are you a mage yourself?" Since she heard her about sword fighting. As they stood up she checked the outfit of Judina and for the first time noticed the crossess as she wasn't blinded by her own thoughts and everything.

She turned to look at Judina as she said they should enjoy themselves once she stepped outside. "Oh you have never been here? This is my second time, considering I can't remember my childhood here much." She smiled a little, "So the festival is new for me too. I wonder what they are celebrating." She looked around and made sure Ophelia was walking in front of her so she could keep an eye on her companion and not lose her in the crowd. She looked at the stands that sold jewelery as well as food on the other side. Her Hazel eyes scanning the crowd, knowing perfectly well how pickpockets hid their hand movement.

She grabbed a child his wrist, "Oh peaceful it is sure." she turned her eyes on the child, "But we still do not allow to steal apples, no matter how sneaky you can do that." she looked at the two apples in his bag and the third he wanted to sneaky grab. She handed some jewels to the market lady and made sure the child was done with his two apples and hurry off, "Let me not spot you again." she called after him.

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Judina †
"I am a mage, I just have not used it a while. Or much to start with." Judina mentioned while looking around at the places around So far Magnolia was a nice and peaceful place, the market places and were people seemed to gather was quite lively maybe is this was why people came here often maybe Waylon would be here after all he was the person who would end up roaming around here. "I am a metal maker, most of the time I just make forks, spoons, cups, plates or bowls for me to use. Among various objects for cooking or housing when i was roaming about in my travels." After all it was what she mainly had done with it. "I use to rely on my training over wise for fist fighting and such because i have not really needed to use it."She wondered what they were celebrating as well, Then again if she wondered so much she could easily ask some one close to her, after all the towns folk seemed friendly enough to answer her at least.

With the situation with the little kid and the apples Judina wonder what her reactions was, After all Judina did not know how to deal with young children. "Children shouldn't be stealing either, Maybe my mind is a bit unknown to such situation but i never seen a reason for a child to steal." Maybe they were having a different life then what hers was, But alas she would still be scanning the crowd and looking to see what happens. "Spot them again huh? What will you do if that happens?" Judina asked in wonder.

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