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Dozing Kids [Quest: Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
After helping the sick people from the Kardia Cathedral, Ophelia and Alice had headed back towards the Bed & Breakfast. She looked at the little rocks that covered the path. She had been bored and now she had done a job and she looked forward to do something more. She felt so confused about herself after well many things. First she had been a coward again, ran away after that fight that wasn’t very successful. Then she went to Crocus but because of the note of getting her diadem, she needed to return to Magnolia to pick it up from the smith her, the one whom had also made her Scarle armour. Which she was basically in love with. Well not really because she was for obvious reasons in love with someone else. That brought a smile to her face and a blush, all in a positive thought though. For now she simply had to focus on other things, not on the coward that she was, not on the lovesick person that she had been in Crocus and once she arrived here, though it gave her some butterfly feelings in her stomach. She had to be better and work harder to arrive at a point where she wanted to be right now. This would take quite some work to reach. She kicked a pebble of the road and opened the door to the Bed & Breakfast, she immediately was welcomed by one of the owners, an old lady called Clara and she was glad to see her. She had been in Magnolia before and apparently Clara was still glad to see her even now, not that there was a reason as to why she wouldn’t be happy. Ophelia immediately ran towards Clara, which made Alice a little sad but she could understand. She was at a fickle point in her life apparently. Alice talked shortly with Clara, about having lunch together after the shower she planned to take. She left Ophelia down stairs and headed towards room number 3 upstairs, the one she shared with Konstantin, but he wasn’t here at the moment. They both had jobs to do and now more or less not together since they weren’t both Rune Knights anymore. Though she had also taken different jobs than jobs for the Knights, such as the one at the Cathedral. But she first had to shower, she had prepared her mind for it. If she didn’t need to, she would be relieved, but it felt dirty not to shower. Thank god she had never been a fan of swimming anyway.

With her hair on top of her head in a messy bun to safe her from getting her clean hair what again. She only wanted to scrub her skin clean of the possible illness that she had encountered with Father Jerad. She was quickly done with that and headed back downstairs dressed in casual clothing again, her tail swaying from left to right. One topic that she had talked to a lot with Clara, she had told her the whole story about what happened and the first question she had asked was if she blamed Konstantin, which she didn’t. She actually didn’t mind so much, apart from her fear of water that came so suddenly.

Wordcount: 547/1000

Dozing Kids [Quest: Alice] RVxL5Jg
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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
While she was enjoying her lunch with Clara, she was actually starving after working so hard, Clara showed her a quest for the school in the city for the Teacher Sandine. Maybe it was something for her. Alice took the paper and read it, it sounded utterly boring. Keeping children awake and paying attention during a class? It would bring money into her pocket and she could definitely use some thanks to buying the armour and the diadem. She also wanted more weapons and more armours so she should definitely get more jewels. She wanted to sigh but quickly corrected herself in front of Clara, it was nice that the elder lady thought of her. She gave a smile and answered that she would do it and thanked Clara. She finished her lunch and would bring Ophelia along, again on the path to the city centre of Magnolia. Clara had drawn her a small map to tell her where she had to go to find the school. Thank god she returned on time from the Cathedral to do this job. She hurried a little, holding Ophelia in her arms. Maybe these children were a lot nicer than those bastards in Crocus. She arrived right when the break was still there and went to look for miss Sandine. Which was not difficult to find since everyone could point her at that teacher. The job description was easy: keep an eye on her students and make sure they were awake. That sounded really boring, but she would think about the money. She placed Ophelia on the desk in the back and sat on that seat herself and waited for the children to return from the break, talking a little with Sandine.

When the children re-entered the room they were staring at her and the Clefairy but she just waved them away with a hollow smile and would just wait for the class to start. At some point she got up and walked between the rows, maybe her red hair made it more obvious for the kids to watch her but she didn’t care, she did her job, when people were talking, she stared at them with her hazel eyes and shook her head. One fell asleep with his chin on his chest and she lifted up his chin which made him wake up and he blushed and stared at Sadine. Well it worked at least and again it was dull, most of the time she sat down because the children seem to be a bit afraid of her but it worked none the less. She waited till the lesson was over and with the same fake smile talked a bit more to Sadine, that the children were very well paying attention, only one fell asleep and Sadine was glad. She paid Alcie and asked if she would like to have a drink to talk about Alice her powers and so on, which was fine besides she liked coffee.

Wordcount: 1043/1000

Dozing Kids [Quest: Alice] RVxL5Jg
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