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Oak Town to Baska Town [Foot Travel]

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Oak Town to Baska Town [Foot Travel] Empty Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:45 pm

Seira started packing her belongings early in the morning, determined to leave Oak Town behind. The Sorceress had seen enough, far more than she had thought she’d witness in such a short amount of time, and after the latest mission disaster involving Doctor Mabuz, the White Claudia drug he’d used on her and her excessive blood lust and desire to hunt, drink and scavenge growing, Seira chose to leave the city—for now—and find a friendlier place to stay at. There was nothing else that came to mind other than Magnolia and she’d already checked the train station plan in Baska Town, where she would be heading to now.

Magnolia was very much halfway across the country and to get there as soon as possible she would have to take the train again. Since Oak had no train station or railways, Seira would travel down to Baska first and take the train from there. Seira didn’t even wait for the night to come, but started her journey right away. She traveled for about two days, including breaks, and rested during the daytime mostly, while crossing more distance at night. She would return to Oak eventually, but for now she wanted to take a break from doing jobs and once she arrived in Baska she headed straight for the train station to confirm her ticket.


Oak Town to Baska Town [Foot Travel] LqKLdpe

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