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Interrogation Tactics[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

Interrogation Tactics[Fiora] Empty on Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:10 pm

Fiora Sylvari

Back at it again in the Oak streets was Fiora as she had a request that wasn't from the orphan boy she had been working with the past couple of requests as this one was an adult that actually had a mission where she could use her particular set of skills that she had gained from doing elf work in her village and by joining Grimoire Heart and learning even more tactics from them. Fiora would walk by an abandoned building and mean a member Martin Martello of the Martello family. The family was still small in the Oak underworld but they were trying to rise up and then they could be one of the top families in Oak. The man would be next to the abandoned building and would tell her that he had a job for her to do to help increase the fame of their family. The request was pretty simple as it to get information from a man that they had in custody but he wouldn't talk so they called on her because she had skills to make him talk with her dark guild experience. The man would then hand her a mask to cover her face so the man wouldn't know who she was when he was getting the crap beaten out of him and wouldn't try to come after her or go after the people that hired her. She agreed but it was going to be a pain in the ass because she had some long ass elf ears and had to squeeze them in the mask over her head but she finally did it. They said that the thing they needed to know was the location of a cash transport because it was a ton of money and they needed it to increase their families worth so they could rise to the top. Fiora would open the door and then she would see a man that was tied up in a chair and he was whimpering like a little baby. Fiora would pull out her weapon and get started with the interrogation.

Fiora would rip off the rag in the man's mouth and then would look him in the eyes and ask him where the money was going to be in the cash transport but he was a dick and responded by spitting at her. She managed to dodge it but some got on her arm which pissed her off. She would take her right foot and slam it into his deck and twist her heel a bit. The guy cried out in pain as she squished it down into his stomach. This would make any man talk. She pulled out her blade and put it at his throat and said that she would cut it off next if he he didn't say anything. He was nervous but still kept quiet. Fiora rolled her eyes and would take her blade and slash off the guys pants. As it inched closer he freaked out and would start to talk about the transport that was going to be taken in a street outside of north of Oak Town and there wouldn't be very much guards because it was going to happen at night and an 2 person exchange. Fiora would thank him for telling her where it was before she would take the end of her weapon and would smack him in the face with it and then he would be knocked out and then she would tie the rag in his mouth so he couldn't talk anymore and head outside to the Martello's. She would pull off her mask and then she would tell them about the transport location where the cash was going to be dropped off and then she would wait for her rewards. They confirmed it with their guys and then would reach and give her a big suitcase of money that had the jewels in in so she could get rewarded for doing the quest. They thanked her for the services she provided and then they would tell her if they needed anything else they would call on her again so they could use her expertise to get the job done quick again.


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