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Petty Theft[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

Petty Theft[Fiora] Empty on Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:12 pm

Fiora Sylvari
It seemed that all her time now a days was going back to the streets of Oak Town as there was a lot of work to be done there. It seemed that most of the dirty work by the dark guilds and the dark vendors was done in the shopping area in Oak Streets as it had to do with theft and also price gouging and also they would also shipping illegal goods to all of the stores in the Oak Streets. Fiora would then go to the same location where she also went when she shopped to get her usual supplies but on her way in the sunny day she would then run into the little orphan boy again which she rolled her eyes because the little brat was super annoying but he did pay as he beckoned her over but still was nervous because of their past where she caught him stealing because he was a bad little orphan boy but he did pay for his requests so it paid to listen at least to see what the request was so she could do it for some money to use in the future to help the guild Grimoire Heart. She walked over to the boy and it seemed that there was going to be a heist and he needed her help because there was this gold bracelet that had diamonds and rubies and sapphires in it and it was really rare and sold for a lot. She would act as his mom as Jerry would pull her to the polishing stand where the merchant took it off and he would be polishing it to make it nice and shiny so it looked good for everyone that saw it and would impressed with his wealth and he would feel more important than he was. The man had two fat guards with him but they were really strong probably and were bigger than Fiora. The two walked over and and would look at the polished goods on the table when Jerr would jump and steal the bracelet and take off. The guards looked to Fiora and tried to grab her but she ducked and took off. The guards would follow her.

Fiora darted through the crowd because she had been here for so long that she was familiar with the area and all the shortcuts and alleyways and where she could lose the two fat guards. The guards had average speed and also could plow through the crowd using their big size. Fiora wasn't fast enough to lose them so she ducked into an alleyway and then would see the fence there. It was a big metal fence so the fat guards wouldn't be able to plow through it without using a spell or something of the sort. The guards laughed as they thought she was cornered but she smiled as she jumped on the fence and would start climbing. She was used to climbing because she was an elf and was born to climb trees and she did it a lot to make her climbing good. She hopped over the fence and the guards tried but they were too big. They cursed her as she ran away from them leaving them in the dust and would then head to Jerr to get her reward and get the report on the bracelet. She was now in the alley where they first met and they rendezvous as Jerry had the bracelet in his hand and said he could sell in in the black market and make a bunch of money. He was mocking wearing it on his arm and said that he was going to show it off for a little bit before he took it in order to make a bunch of money off it and then he would continue stealing and might have another request for her. HE would reach in his pocket and would pull out cash this time instead of coins with the jewels in it and Fiora would take them and thank him for the easy pay day. This Jerr kid was going to be a rich man if he kept up all this stealing and heists he had going on.


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