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White Claudia Refined [Seira]

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White Claudia Refined [Seira] Empty on Wed Jun 28, 2017 2:00 pm

“Perhaps I made the wrong decisions,” Seira quietly whispered to herself and sighed heavily. The vampyress nibbled on the plastic of the almost empty blood bag—it was her second one already—and rolled over in bed, pulling the blanket above her head as she thought about the events of the previous two days. Seira had not been in Oak Town for very long, hardly a week yet—but she enjoyed it thus far. The city was beautiful, there was plenty to discover, the town offered a wide range of different shops where wizards could purchase magical and non magical goods and there were plenty things she fancied about Oak, even in spite of the Phantom Lord guild’s location so close. As per usual, after doing a little bit of shopping here and there, Seira had grown more curious in regards to shop and tried her best to meet clients with whom she could work with and hopefully earn a decent amount of money. Very much like Reagan Hullston in Hargeon Town, she preferred working for a small number of people who would frequently give her work, rather than having to find a new client everyday. In a way, Seira had been successful but the client she has met was strange, different and almost scary to her. She began to wonder whether or not the “jobs” she took were truly worth the money and while there wasn’t much she had to do in order to complete them, they still put a strain on her physical and mental well being. The vampire had to consume much more blood in order to make up for the stress, which mean that during her last visit at the hospital she had stolen a significant amount of blood bags, more than ever so far. Under these circumstances Seira knew that she could not stay in Oak for a long time before someone would spot her doing what she did and that perhaps it would be smarter of her to leave again. In regards to Phantom Lord and Bianca, the vampire who had turned her, Seira had not been very successful yet. She had yet to run into a member of the guild and decided to drop this as her priority for now, since keeping her own identity a secret was much more important. The one thing Seira was really worried about was losing control. She had never fed on a human being yet—her transition was completed due to her drinking blood from a blood bag—and disposing a better was a lot of work and nothing she wanted to have to deal with just yet. But if she ever got so thirsty that she ran out of blood bags she would instinctively attack a human and that could be dangerous for her. She had grabbed a total of six more blood bags and stored them inside her fridge. And it was all because of that damn client. Doctor Mabuz was a strange man and he was, without a doubt, dangerous as well.



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Doctor Mabuz was running a quaint little magic shop in the streets of Oak, which clearly didn’t receive much attention but she figured that that was nothing he had to worry about. At this point she was very much a hundred percent certain that whatever he did, he had his underground dealings on some sort of black market that were most certainly illegal. But that was how he earned his money and Seira could accept that. It wasn’t as though she didn’t do her fair share of illegal jobs and that wasn’t the problem about him. The problem was the fact that he was a doctor and quite obviously did experiments on humans. She figured that he had no idea that she was a vampire and it probably didn’t matter to him since it was a mage that he needed in first place. White Claudia, god knows what exactly that substance was, was a white liquid he had asked her to inject and it caused her some sort of hallucination that put her into a trance and messed with her mind. Whenever she was going through those hallucinations and visions she found herself in an absolutely terrifying place where she had to run away from monsters and find her way back into reality somehow. It was a mindgame an while the doctor enjoyed it, Seira felt as if she wasn’t being paid nearly as much as she should have been. On the other hand, however, she had also received a glimpse on things from her past, something which she thought wasn’t possible and made her really curious. Being confronted by one's fears and walking out victorious wasn’t something many people did and she had to admit that there was a certain aspect of rush of adrenaline which she certainly enjoyed. Did it justify anything they did? No, certainly not, but it couldn’t be helped at this point. Seira finished off her blood bag and stood up when she noticed that a white letter had been slid under her door. She picked up up and, of course, it was addressed at her and from Doctor Mabuz. Seira opened it and started reading with a sigh. He kept it short, as he always did, and asked her to meet him again at his shop since there was more he had to test. This time, he said, he was going to pay her twice as much and Seira figured she could accept that at least. As per usual, Seira starting filling one of the blood bags into her flask and readied herself to leave. In case she was going to end up as exhausted as yesterday and the day before she definitely needed something to drink from. Furthermore, her stay in Oak was going to end sooner than expected but even that couldn’t really be helped. After Seira had finished up with everything and got dressed she left the hotel and walked down the streets of Oak until she arrived at Doctor Mabuz’ shoppe.



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As soon as Seira entered the shop through the door the man stood up and greeted her. He had already been waiting for her, she could easily tell that much, and looked extremely content that she had actually shown up shortly after receiving his letter. “Ah, Miss Navillera, please come in! Thank you so much for showing up, I am very excited about the things I can present to you today!” He said and gestured wildly while leading her deeper into the shop. At this point she started wondering for what exactly that man took her and who he thought she was. “Surely you know how the procedure works by now!” He exclaimed and led her into the same room as the two days before, still gesturing wildly while he did that. Seira frowned at his actions, but had certainly grown used to it by now. “Please, take this syringe with you as well.” He handed her a wooden box which she knew had the syringe inside and entered the room. “As always, I will be watching, however this time I have added something that will enhance your capabilities—just in case.” He added with laughter and Seira arched a brow. Enhanced capabilities? Did she need that? Did she even need to fight in first place? After all those hallucinations had been.. well.. mere hallucinations, right? Nothing more and nothing less. He closed the door and Seira learned against the wall, reluctant about whether or not she was really going to do this again. The woman pulled out her flask and took a sip from the blood. The red liquid tasted good and gave her a little bit more confidence. Then she took out the syringe, slammed it into her upper thigh and pressed the liquid in. “Here we go..” Within a matter of seconds Seira’s vision became blurry again. The world in front of her blurred out and the room disappeared. Instead, she found herself in complete darkness. The scent of rusty metal and blood was still present, but there were no walls, no corridor, no “place” for her to tell where to go and where something else was coming from. The floor, however, was covered in endless rusty iron grates and the sound of industrial and mechanical voices from all around her were deafening and disorienting. The Doctor had given her a flashlight ahead of time, for whatever reason, and it seemed that he had expected this to happen. When Seira reached for it, it thankfully was still there. She shivered in fear when she heard the sounds of claws scratching across the tiles and the heavy breathing and screeches of something that wasn’t human, something monstrous that caused even the vampire to shiver in fear. Seira didn’t dare to make a step and used the flashlight instead to shine around to see where she was and what else was waiting for her in the dark. Much to her dismay the young woman spotted a total of three monsters surrounding her from all sides.



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A monster figure that looked like a human, its limbs look stitched together and it moved erratically, twitching and making fleshy noises—and there were three of them! Seira gasped and clenched her fist. Immediately—and this had never happened before—she bared her fangs. Much to her horror, they then split their head open and spurt black, acidic liquid at the poor girl, who was fortunately very quick on her feet and dodged all of it without issues. There was absolutely now way she wanted to get in physical touch with them, but in order to rid herself of them she probably had to. As all of them stormed at her, Seira kicked the first one away, and the other one to the side, dodging the third one’s attacks before going after it. She was, even in spite of the fear and the strange situation, significantly stronger in terms of physical strength and very much managed to rip the creatures into pieces. Collateral damage, nothing more, she thought to herself while repeatedly punching one of the creatures until she’d destroyed it. As soon as it fell apart, massive flames started spreading from the ground and the girl screamed in fear. “I have to get out of here.. I have to get out of here!” Still afraid, but determined to make all of this end, she rushed towards the remaining two flesh creatures and with a few desperate, but well aimed attacks she took down the second one. Yet again, flames grew from the floor, surrounded her and she became even more anxious. Because of her childhood home being destroyed by flames, Seira had always had a fear of burning to death, so this quickly became a nightmare to her. Fortunately, there was only one monster remaining and now that she knew that she could take them on, she basically charged towards it, tore it into pieces in her despair to end all of this and when the last one was finally defeated, lightning struck down close next to her. Seira screamed in fear, covered her eyes and only opened them again when she was slapped back to consciousness by Doctor Mabuz. She nearly had tears in her eyes, but the Doctor was laughing like a maniac. With no explanation as to what in the actual fuck just had happened he offered her the bag of money with her reward in it. Seira, at this point, didn’t even care for the damn reward anymore. She regretted coming here and she really wanted to get home. When she stood up and looked around in the room, however, she realized much to her horror that all the corpses of the monsters she had fought in her hallucination were still here, which means that had not been much of an illusion after all. Terrified at the thought of there being more waiting for her, Seira stormed out of the room and the store and decided not to come back for a very long time. Her entire body ached and she pulled out the flask with blood which she emptied quickly. She needed to get out of Oak.


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