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Blameshift [Selindra]

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Blameshift [Selindra] Empty on Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:48 pm

Having completed how ever many contracts that she had done up to this point, it was difficult to say just how much she had genuinely done, how much she had actually contributed towards, though it was very clear that there were not enough jobs or tasks that could warrant her remaining in Oak Town for very much longer. Instead, it was far easier and made much more sense for Selindra to leave as soon as she were able. There were other places within Fiore, and while Oak Town had the infamous reputation of being the home of the Phantom lord Guild, there was actually very little of interest throughout here and rather she found that she was repeatedly met with disappointment as to the matter of things which were taking place. Obviously, there were matters that she would not be contracted perhaps out of blind trust and faith to the Phantom Lord Guild, but all the same, there were very few reasons in which anyone would be inclined at all to just allow, to otherwise engage in or think that they may have been wanting to just allow happen. That was not the case, and even as time went and her reputation within Oak Town had begun to get stronger and stronger, it was not appearing at least that there were anything going on or contracts to which she was likely to be able to accomplish to further experience those things in which made her most excited, death, destruction, things of that nature.

She was just getting ready to leave when she noticed something, something that was beginning to appear more and more familiar to her the longer that she was in Oak Town, someone running away from a crowd of people with people otherwise being disappointed or upset at what they were seeing. However, unlike in those cases where it at least appeared that someone had attempted to steal from someone, there was no indication of that, and in actuality it appeared far from that, that more like it was someone who was moving hastily away from the guards after having been caught, but after looking a bit further to see if there were anyone pursuing whoever it was that had disappeared into the alleyway, she saw nothing. Intrigued, she ventured into the alleyway herself, only to happen upon the stupid child who she had helped on a past occasion, the same child who when she had first arrived in Oak Town had put a blade to the throat of the child in an attempt to accomplish another task that had happened even before then. That they were meeting again, it was an ironic meeting, one in which was of great delight to Selindra, having a chance to possibly cut down the boy, as his actions were more reflective of something guilty, of someone who would be willing to pay for his death, though before she had a chance, the boy happened to notice her and begged of her for her help.

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Blameshift [Selindra] Empty on Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:48 pm

According to the child, there had been a group of people who had been lurking around in one of the alleyways, the group of them apparently discussing some sort of matter that required a bit of privacy, but the fact that theyw ere talking in an open alleyway was something that already Selindra couldn’t help but believe that she was not dealing with anyone who was very bright, but rather a bunch of idiots. This was a large city and there were no lacking of homes and buildings, whether abandoned or otherwise, who could have simply just taken refuge there and not have to worry about stupid children who would happen to listen to. And that was exactly what this child did, listening in on some sort of scheme in which they were planning in dealing with something or another, but what the child could make out and what Selindra was able to deduce from all of this, appeared to at least be some sort of caravan in whih they had managed to raid. One thing that she was not surprised by where the frequency of caravans that were coming in and out of Oak Town, even in spite of the reputation that the city seemed to have had. The trading district within here was vast, it was vibrant and lively, to the point where people who could manage to get inside there would be more than able to deal with the people and would be able to net a large fortune.

As the child explained, as he was listening to what was going on, he had made a serious error in judgment and moved closer, accidently knocking over a box that ultimately resulted in the men being alerted to his rpresence and giving chase to the boy. However, the fact that he had been so used to the alleyways proved to be his saving grace as he was able to get away without incident, but he was terrified that they were still after him and as such, he was issuing a contract for Selindra, offering to pay her with whatever was found of the caravan, in a location in which only the boy and the men knew about. If the guards were to be killed or otherwise removed, tehn she would be able to reap the benefits of what they had done, so long of course as they were not accused of the crime itself. While not intent on taking another job while she was in Oak Town, the fact that the boy was offering not only money but the chance to kill, it was something that Selindra was desperately longing to do after having been unable to do so for perhaps the overwhelming majority of the time that she had happened o have been in Oak Town. So long as she were able to actually kill the men and not just harm them or otherwise make them forget about the boy and their fortune, she would accept the contract form the boy, which she hoped would be the last one.

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Blameshift [Selindra] Empty on Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:49 pm

The boy informed her of where he had last remembered them being, in a part of the alleyways of Oak Town that had been like that of a labyrinth of sorts, one in which unless osmoene knew where they were, they would be unable to tell how to get out. For people like these men, stupid enough for them to ttalk about their crime in public, it was not hard to believe that they would be lost in this area themselves. With the instructions and a map of the alleyways that she would be able to use to tell where she was, she ventured into the alleyways, happening to get lucky and finding the men still lost deep within the area. They appeared o have been arguging with themselves and therefore were unable to focus on Selindra moving closer towards them, to the point in which she was essentially right on top of them, charging at the closest one with her blade, piercing the man through the back of the head, causing him to fall dead right on the spot. The second one had been the first to notice Selindra but he was almost immediately cut down as she ran her blade right through the man’s chest, causing extensive amounts of blood to spill and coat the area, much to the dismay of the men who were still trying to adequately react and get a grip on the fact that they were being attacked.

The third man had managed to at the very least reach for a weapon of some kind, but as he looked upwards to try to get an idea as to where Selindra was, she had already impaled her blade through the man’s chest, directly piercing the heart which would have killed him instantly. Pulling out her blade as the body fell to the ground, Selindra rushed towards the other and final man, paralyzed with fear at how effortlessly she had managed to cut them all down. He did not even make an effort to even run away, knowing that there was nothing more that he could do than otherwise just accept the fact that he was going to die. With a single swing of her blade, she managed to completely severe the head from the man’s body, causing it to roll to the ground lifelessly as they all fell to the ground, now dead. Once they were done with, she used the same map to get herself out of Oak Town and it was not long until she found the caravan that the boy had told her about, already there waiting for her. Once she arrived, covered in blood, the boy believed that she had done the task required and handed over a small bag of wealth in which he had already set out to provide to Selindra. While she probably deserved more, she simply accepted the total and then departed, knowing that it would be best that she clean herself off first before she were to venture somewhere else.

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