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More White Claudia [Seira]

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More White Claudia [Seira] Empty on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:00 pm

Yesterday had been a disaster. Seira had gotten lost within the streets of Oak Town and thought nothing of it. After all, it had been her goal all along to visit the city, get to know more places and perhaps even meet a few people such as potential clients for jobs and what not. Seira was a very active person who spent a lot of time outside and even though she avoided the sunniest hours of the day nowadays due to her vampire nature, she still spent a lot of time outside during the night and, quite frankly, there was nothing wrong with it. The young woman had made it a habit to stroll through the streets, always hoping to find something that could help her out, something she could benefit from or something she would simply enjoy. When she visited a certain magic shoppe, she had entered it with the same attitude. Seira had thought about the magic drug shop that was located in Magnolia Town. The owner was an elderly wizard who was friendly and often given her work before. Furthermore, he sold all sorts of different magical items and goods and most of them were useful to Seira as well. Not many good and legit magic stores existed so she was excited whenever she ran into a new one and hoped that she could find something that interested her. She had entered Doctor Mabuz’ store with the same thoughts, even though she should have been suspicious right away. The fact that he owned a shop and was a doctor in a place like Oak Town, that was ruled by a dark guild, should have rang some bells but Seira for once had been naive. Luckily, after emptying nearly three blood bags she was able to fully recover from the strange experience she had after the doctor had put her on drugs, and while she no longer felt any after effects after getting a good amount of rest, she was still concerned as to what exactly he had given her and what the white substance was. Seira wasn’t afraid for him and she figured that the only way to find out more was to visit that man directly to see what he had to say. Furthermore he had also mentioned that perhaps he had more jobs for her to do and that he needed to do more experiments, so that day Seira got out of bed quickly, but packed a few blood bags along the way in case it got bad again. She had 2 more in her fridge and decided to fill one into her flask so she could drink from it anytime. Then Seira left the hotel she had been staying at and returned to the shop of Doctor Mabuz. When she entered he stood up and greeted her halfheartedly, almost as if he had been expecting her. “I found out more about the White Claudia mixture I’ve been testing on you yesterday,” he said coldly and directed her deeper into the shop. Seira followed.



More White Claudia [Seira] Empty on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:26 pm

“White Claudia? What exactly is that? Look, I need to know what you are doing to me at least, I mean I’m not even sure if this is worth the money,” Seira protested as she followed the Doctor, but he just ignored her. “I don’t know yet either, I need more experiments first. Here, today you will inject yourself.” He gave her a syringe with the White Claudia substance inside it. “Excuse me?” He nodded and was about to leave the room. “You can use a syringe on yourself, right? Do it, so I can see what happens.” And with that he left the room and locked the door. At least he didn’t strap her down to a chair this time, which already made her a bit calmer. Seira looked at the syringe and sighed. She then injected herself into the arm and waited. Closing her eyes and leaning against the wall, the room began to shift again, her vision became blurry, changed and took he to a seemingly other world. Shortly after, Seira saw rusty walls again, darkness, the scent of metal everywhere and suddenly she found herself in a corridor. The woman’s breathing got quicker, she grew more nervous and looked around. The corridors had several rooms on the sides and Seira started moving forward and opened the first door. The first room lead into a garden, nothing strange about it until Seira realized that this was the garden from her old house from her childhood. She frowned, and closed the door again immediately. She didn’t want to be reminded of that. As soon as she did that she heard a gruesome scream from the end of the corridor, but there was nothing but pitch blackness there. Seira moved on to the next door, opening it showed a picture of two skeletal remains, nearly burned to ashes—her parents? She wasn’t sure. Seira closed the door again and yet again heard another scream. Looking into the opposite direction, she spotted a stairway. Seira opened one last final door only to find that the room behind it stood completely in flames. Seira slammed the door shut and heard another, deafening scream from the end of the corridor. A dreadful sound and this time the young woman panicked. Instantly, she began to run for the doors to flee whatever monster coming at her. When she reached the stairs, the picture in front of her eyes shifted again, the world changed and she was back in the room with Doctor Mabuz. “And? What did you see??” He asked and she explained it all in more or less detail to him. He had a devilish grin on his lips and handed her a bag of money. “Excellent, you can leave for now.” Seira took the money and stood up, clearly exhausted. “That’s it? Aren’t you going to at least tell me what exactly that drug is you are experimenting on?” She said to him but he ignored her, waved his hand dismissively and lead her outside the store. “Perhaps next time,” the Doctor responded. “It’s too soon, I need to do more research.” Seira shook her head in frustration and left.


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