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Proletarian Shopping[FIORA]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

Proletarian Shopping[FIORA] Empty on Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:41 pm

Fiora Sylvari
Fiora was back in Oaktown walking through the Oak streets as she wanted to do some shopping and that was where she would find the shops she desired. She picked out some small things like food and some drinks for later and to eat and drink while she walked around Oak on a day like today which was a really hot and sunny day of summer with the sun shining up in the sky nice in bright. She would continue down the oak streets and would hear a familiar voice in the alley and then would look over and then she would look again and see it was the kid from a previous request that she had to catch for stealing. His name was Jerry and he was an orphan he spent a lot of his time in oak town stealing stuff because he had no money so it was the only way to survive by stealing stuff and it was his duty to keep on stealing to survive. It was something she could respect but he wanted to make sure he wasn't bothering her other client again. Fiora would walk over to him and the little kid would try to run from her but she would just grab him by the collar so he didn't move anywhere. The kid was obviously scared out of his mind because of the way she handled him last time by jumping on him and capturing him and turning him in which got him in trouble. He could have gotten arrested or beaten up but instead the shop keeper let him off with a warning so she would listen to what he had to say to see if he had redeemed himself. The kid stated that he needed her help as he was starving and needed food so he would ask her to go to the shop and steal some food for him and his fellow orphans as they didn't have much money but they needed to eat. Fiora saw he had a purse of coins he took and said she would do it for that. He agreed and she would go to the local grocer to take some food.

Fiora would mix this in with her own shopping as she got a big bag that could carry a bunch of items and would walk around the store. She first stopped by the vegetables and would pick up some of the carrots for her and the kids. Carrots were good for the eyes so maybe this would help him see that his way of life was really dumb and he could do something with his life instead of be a thief. She then headed over to the fruits and would pick up some green granny smith apples because the sour taste was the best. They had them at home and were her favorite so she got some for all those little orphan kids as well. Fiora would head to the bread aisle which is where she could get a bunch of food for the little kids. That's what they eat most of the time anyways was bread and milk and water as they were orphans and that was the cheapest stuff. She got some fancy bread for herself and then would go and steal some cheap brand for the kids. She then would go to the meat aisle and steal some slices of turkey and toss them in her bag and then the kids could have something to put on the bread at least. That was most of it so she headed to the counter to pay for her things. The stolen stuff was already in her bag she bought before and she had a receipt so it wasn't checked by them and she got off scot free. She walked over to the orphan Jerr and would hand him the things in her bad that he requested. The food would be more than enough for the week and then jerr would hand her the coins that he had in his bag from his other heist. He counted and it was a lot of jewels that totaled to 25k jewels so the kid just hustled himself. She went back home to relax after


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