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White Claudia [Seira]

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White Claudia [Seira] Empty on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:58 pm

Seira woke up to the sound of rain pattering against her window. The young woman had slept long again, and when she checked what time it was she noticed that it was afternoon already. The sun was covered by grey clouds and when she took a look outside the window she saw that there were at least a few people going around, even in spite of the bad weather. Seira smiled when she saw that. Today would hopefully be a good day for her and she had plans on going out and finding work. There were also stores and shops she had seen the other day while walking around town and had expressed interest in exploring them. So far, Seira had not been able to go on a proper shopping trip yet because every time she left the house something else seemed to happen— which was just fine for her considering that all of those incidents had been given her the opportunity to earn some extra money for her stay, however she still hoped that at least today she could have some time to herself. After slowly getting out of bed, Seira walked over to the fridge and pulled out a blood bag. She poured the red liquid into a cup and started drinking from it. This was her breakfast and even after what had happened yesterday, she had fortunately been able to sneak into the hospital and find herself some human blood bags she could steal and take home to drink from, or else she would have ended up tired and exhausted by now. Seira needed the blood to survive, even though she could survive on far less than what she was actually drinking. She didn’t, however, want to feel weakened and even though vampires could live from animal blood as well, Seira knew that her race was the most powerful when they drank from humans. She needed the strength to protect herself and that was why she made sure to always feed on human blood, even though it was unethical. The woman had stopped caring about that awhile ago and at this point it truly didn’t matter to her anymore. While she drank from it she looked through her notes and her planner, thinking about what she was going to do next. There was a very interesting shop nestled somewhere in the streets of Oak that Seira was interested in visiting. She had seen it from the outside, but never entered it before. Apparently it was a magic shop that was supposed to sell all sorts of magical items and goods and something like that Seira was certainly curious about. The shop was about 20 minutes of walking away from her inn, so it wasn’t really too far away but still quite the walk. Seira finished her meal and cleaned up after herself before reading herself to leave the house. When she did so she walked slowly and casually through the now almost empty streets. It was slowly getting dark.



White Claudia [Seira] Empty on Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:09 pm

Seira eventually found her way to the store and entered. The store didn’t have a specific name, but it had the name of the owner written on it. A certain Doctor Mabuz. The fact that he was apparently a doctor made the entire situation far more interesting. When Seira entered the store she spotted the doctor sitting on a chair. His entire body was tensed up and he stood up almost in a nervous manner when he saw her. Before she could say anything he approached her. “Are you a wizard?” He asked right away and Seira seemed surprised. “I am,” she admitted and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Why?” He turned around, walked over to his desk and picked up a small glass bottle that contained a white liquid. “Because I need a wizard to test this on. A test subject so to speak. Will you be mine? I will pay you, of course, but you have to be absolutely willing to do this or else this substance won’t show its true colours.” Seira was completely taken aback. She came here to job, not to be experimented on, but the idea behind it was very interesting. She was tempted to simply agree. “Alright, I suppose?” His mood improved immediately and he led her inside a backroom. “Alright, come along come along. Take a seat here, please. I have to chain you don’t just in case.” Seira gave the chains a worrying look but figured that she could break out of it if she really needed to, so she obeyed. Everything went on fairly quick from here on. She sat down, he put the chains on her and injected the white liquid which, much to her surprise. didn’t really hurt. It took a while but her vision suddenly became dizzy. Her senses started tingling and the vision ahead of her became blurry and she suddenly saw what seemed to be another world. Metal, almost as if she was in a cage, and blood everywhere. Seira’s anxiety began to grow. “W-what is this place?” The scenery became industrial, as if she were in an old fabric or something. “Where am I?!” Seira struggled to get off the belts, but it was no use. When Doctor Mabuz finally stepped into the scene, it seemed that he had transformed into a terrifying monster which even the vampyress feared. She started screaming and almost immediately everything around her became black. Seira didn’t know what happened but when she woke up she was no longer on the chair but on the floor, gasping and sweating like crazy. She could hardly breath and her entire body ached. Her first initial thought was that she needed human blood. Doctor Mabuz was still there, but he didn’t even look at her. Instead, he told her to get up, take her reward and leave. “You can come back anytime, I might need another test subject sometime,” he added eventually as she left and ran away with her money. Seira returned to her inn immediately.


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