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Marigold To Magnolia | Foot Travel

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#1Venus Rosé 

Marigold To Magnolia | Foot Travel Empty on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:52 pm

Venus Rosé

Marigold Town had been an adventure. The places she had visited so far were something she enjoyed being to. In fact, the town provided her everything she needed; serenity and quiet nature, after going back and forth between places to complete quests. Speaking of which, the majority of the quests required her to go the farmlands to assist Farmer Jim and after a couple of times, they have bonded pretty well and Snowflake regarded him as a nice old gentlemen who should probably stop working and perhaps retire due to his age and health although, she doubted he would listen to anyone.

The room that had been a mess throughout the weeks she had stayed in the inn had been finally cleaned up, for it was the day for her to leave the town. The young mage was not one to stick around to a specific location for a long time, no more than a few weeks since she preferred to travel and discover more of the country if possible. After all, she was still young and she wanted to use her adult years travelling and meeting new people until she was not able to do so anymore. Communicating with people was probably not her best strengths albeit, her interpersonal skills have been improving somehow and she learnt to be less introverted, just barely.

”Should we get going, Vy?”

Blue hues scanned over the place to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything and picked up her luggage before strolling out of her room while her companion trailed along behind her. They began their laborious descent down the stairs of the inn and placed a couple of coins on the counter to pay for their stay at the building. It was a cozy place, not too expensive or too shabby, just perfect for her stay in for a few weeks. Now, where would her next adventure lead her to?


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