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Interrogation Tactics [Seira]

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Interrogation Tactics [Seira] Empty on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:47 am

When Seira woke up in Oak Town the following day, it was already afternoon. The weather was gloomy and as she took a glimpse outside the window, Seira noticed that not many people were out on the streets. Perhaps a storm was coming or it was going to rain, but that wasn’t going to stop the Sorceress from her plans. She had shown high interest in Oak Town’s infrastructure, and was curious as to how exactly the city worked, who was on top of the food chain and what clients offered the best jobs. Yesterday, Seira had spent almost the entire day working at the Phantasm Castle, which was interesting to say the least. She had run into one of the children of the Phantasm familia by accident, so to speak, and he had immediately offered her a job. It was almost a little too easy for the vampire, but she couldn’t help but accept. That day she learned that the Phantasm familia left the doors to their castle open for travelers and adventurers all around the globe to enter. Everyone was welcome to search for work and accept jobs that had been provided by the noble family, and as long as they didn’t cause any disturbance or trouble they were always a welcomed guest there. Seira had spent a few hours training the guards of the familia and what seemed like a simple job at first, had actually turned into a violent fall out. Little did she know that she was completely overwhelming the guards with her raw, physical strength and the vampire lady couldn’t help but break a few bones and there. Sirius Phantasm, however, seemed to enjoy the show and paid her well for what little amount of actual work she had actually done that day. It was a fairly simple job and she hoped to find something of similar nature soon. Seira was by no means a naturally violent person, but ever since becoming a vampire she had noticed a change in her personality in that regard. She was now much more willing to accept violence and become violent in order to get through with what she wanted and even though a year ago she would have never willingly assaulted or killed people for such minor amounts of money, it now was part of the job. Seira started looking at humans as food, since that was what they were to her now, technically speaking, and she had become even more apathetic in the long run. She left the inn she had been staying at and started walking through the streets of Oak. The shops still were open and Seira went through a few here and there to see what they were offering, before she stopped for a moment and decided to change course. She was now heading towards the local request board to see if there was any work for her to do. If she wouldn’t find anything there she would simply head to the Phantasm Castle.



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Seira was stopped in her tracks when she heard someone approaching her from behind with heavy footsteps. She turned around immediately to face whoever had been following her and was surprised to find a man in front of her, much taller and very suspicious looking. Seira turned around and noticed that no one else was looking. Surely she wouldn’t have any problems taking him on, but it was weird anyways. “Excuse me?” She said and frowned. “You’re a strong wizard, you’ve worked for the Phantasm’s before. I have a job for you—follow me.” Seira was a little bit surprised at the way he expressed himself, but a job was a job so she decided to follow him. He led her towards a large building and when they entered there were a few people there. Another man stepped forward to explain the situation to her. “It’s best if you don’t know too much. You may only use your fist to gain information, we need him alive, he will be dumped somewhere afterwards. Do not tell him about who you are working with, not that you know anyways. We will pay you. You have thirty minutes to find out about the cash transport.” He gave her a balaclava and sent her in. There was a man tied to a chair and he looked quite miserable. Seira sighed and cracked her knuckles. “The cash transport? Are you going to cooperate and tell me about it?” The man laughed. “A woman? Is that all they have to offer?” Seira quietly shook her head and started punching him in the face. Blood splattered across the wall and a few of his teeth fell out. Unfortunately, and much to Seira’s annoyance her beating him up had to continue for a while until he took her serious and was willing to spill the information. “Next week.. it takes place next week! They are going to use the route number 22, on the west side of the city.. but I don’t know more than that, please let me go!” The information he had came out, albeit slowly. After making sure that there was really nothing else the guy knew Seira decided to stop beating him up. She had no clue what exactly was going on herself but it seemed that he had revealed all the information to her that he had, and that there was nothing else he could help her with. That was fine with Seira. She left the room and took off the black mask. “Next week, sometime. West route, 22. Is that what you wanted?” The men looked at each other. “Are you convinced he doesn’t know anything else?” Seira nodded. “I am, certainly not when it comes to what exact day it’s going to happen. Can I leave now?” One of the men said something, then the others nodded and they handed Seira a bag of jewels. “Thank you for your services. You may leave.” Seira grabbed the bag of money and did what they said and left.


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