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Baska Town to Oak Town [Foot Travel]

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Baska Town to Oak Town [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:18 am

Seira had spent approximately four to five hours in Baska Town after her train from Magnolia had arrived here. She spent those hours at bars, pubs, cafés and on the market, looking around for things to buy while she still had time before she had to move on. The vampire purposefully waited until after nightfall to continue her journey to Oak and since she was already in Baska for the very first time ever, she decided to make it worthwhile. The merchant town had plenty of interesting goods to offer and Seira came to the conclusion that one day she had to return with more time on her hands.

Night came and the young woman decided to move on. It had been a long journey thus far, but walking through the forests until she arrived in Oak felt good, especially after sitting on the train for nearly four days. Seira had more energy during the night, which was only natural seeing how she was now a vampire. The young woman rested during the day, traveled at night and eventually arrived in Oak after about two more days. Glad to have finally arrived here, she entered the town and began looking for a place to settle down for the next week or so.


Baska Town to Oak Town [Foot Travel] LqKLdpe

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