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A Twin Timing [Lacie & Konstantin]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

A Twin Timing [Lacie & Konstantin] Empty Tue Jun 27, 2017 6:10 am

Lacie Eventide
Now Lacie wasn't her dead sister but she was sure loving this city than Alice, but not prepared for a city like Magnolia. She had just got away from the Cathedral from her evening prayers and headed back outside to find Scarlett there waiting for her, she was fine and let her leash go. She was always allowed to just walk around but not when she had to wait for Lacie and couldn't join her in the church, it was different as it was in Orchidia. Just when she let go, a big black dog came running out of no where and chased after Scarlett while yelling for her to wait. Ducking and trying to get away from people and not fully bumping into them. In the end the little fox was gone and Lacie stood around looking as lost in her own town as possible. Where would she find her?

The city was big, too big for a girl alone to find her pet. Besides there were many people on their way to the market to buy the last ingredients for supper or hurry to the restaurants where the date was waiting or the family. She felt a bit lost and dropped herself with a deep sigh on a bench, she checked underneath it first in case Scarlett was waiting for her there. She wondered if the fox would even wait for her or now enjoy her freedom. She felt alone even in a place that was always her home and she tried her best not to start crying.


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Taking a break from both his Holy Knight duties and requests in general, Kon had taken the luxury of simply have a nice cup of coffee by himself at a small and simple cafe in the centre of town and watch the people walk about doing their daily boring routine. He couldn't imagine having that sort of boring lifestyle for the rest of his life even if he were to get married in time his heart would remain focused in adventuring and defending what he saw as worth protecting which at the moment was truly only Alice, though after what happened a few days ago, he didn't know whether or not she trusted him to be able to do so, not because of his inability to do so, but from the sheer force that he had done to her.

Where she had gone to her didn't know however he did wish to give her the space that she likely desired considering the sheer amount of power he had revealed to her. He would have to find some way to resolve the matter perhaps he could provide her with some form of a gift as repentance for his mistake. Luck seemed to be in his favour as he spotted Alice just opposite to him, he was surprised that she hadn't noticed him in the slightest, though upon further observation she didn't have cat ears. Who was this girl? this has to be Lacie her twin sister there was no mistaking her. Returning to his drink the table where he had been sitting on he moved towards the twin, standing just in front of her and made an indirect comment to her. "How dear you do that to Alice, your own sister, if it weren't for the citizens around us I would cut you down right here, right now."

#3Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She was staring in front of her just staring at the nothing, daydreaming about a solution and dreaming about locking herself up in the house that she had left so many days ago with her mother. The grave of her mother in the garden at the back of the house. Though she still spoke to her or pretend to, she knew she was all alone. And now Scarlett had left her too. She looked up when someone was coming towards her and she recognized him from Orchidia, hadn't she met him there, at the market, for breakfast or so. Yes, his cousin was there too. What was his name again. She smiled at him, but that soon fell away as he didn't seem to look very happy to see her.

Before she could say anything he spoke to her and she opened her mouth to form words but nothing came. In the end she stood up and looked left and right, heavily blinking as she was so flabbergasted that she didn't know what to say. "What.. what are you talking about? What is it to you." She totally had no idea what he meant. How did someone know about Alice. She coughed, hiding the blood in her hand and cleaned her hand to the layers of her skirt. Her eyes darted from his face to the ground, "No.. It can't be." Her breath quickened, how could someone know about her sister who was dead for twelve years. That was.. only if she was back.


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Wasting no time at all, Kon grabbed her by the front of her chest, confusion initially plagued through her mind fortunate as he tried to remember what her name was from Alice, "Hmm it was very similar to her own name, tech." He thought to himself. She probed him for questions about what he was talking about it and the significance of it to him. Without hesitation and after finding her name after remember the many conversations he had with her sister. "Lacie, Alice is my partner and the trauma you put her through isn't something that I can take lightly." Wanting to get further information out of this evil version of his beloved no matter how sick she appeared, Kon would drag her back to the cafe he was formerly at and force her to confess various things to him by asking her certain questions. Making his way back to the cafe pulling the girl back he would reveal a tiny portion of his claws just enough to reveal the gleam of metal and cause the skin between his fingers to burst out from inside and bleed. "Don't think just because I won't kill you now, I won't hurt you to get the answers out of you even within the community, now sit down and don't start anything." Forcing her to sit down on, swiftly wave a waiter organise a drink for her himself before calling him away to get a good picture of Lacie. "Tell the truth I'll let you go no harm done, lie to me you won't like it, now I have a few questions to ask you answer with yes or no." Wasting little time he pulled out a small book and a pen he began to question her.

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Lacie Eventide
"Hey let go of me!" she said loudly enough for others to hear when the stranger, whom she had met once before but forgot his name, grabbed her and started to pull along. No one was stopping him though and she didn't understand why, by the Divine what was happening. Was she played with? Was this a joke. Alice couldn't be walking on this road, this town, this Earth! Her face only covered by so many freckles turned very pale when he said that Alice was his partner, "Well than God bless your soul. She is not supposed to walk on this Earth. My sister is dead, for twelve years. That must be an imposter. She can't be alive nor traumatized. My sister was possessed by the devil himself." She said finally getting angry because of the situation, traumatized? His partner, someone was toying with him and she meant every word, this was ridiculous.

The sight of his what it was claws? And his voice made her very afraid but angry at well. Not only at him or herself but the Divine too, she had promised! She had prayed every day for this and this was how she was thanked! It was ridiculous! It was too much, how could someone do this to her, to her beloved mother! She almost fell into the chair and coughed again, hoping he didn't notice. "Like I told you. My sister is dead. She died when she was eight. I have no idea what you mean." Only that was half a lie, she had no idea what this man would know about what happened to her sister but the fact that she was walking on the Earth surface was so impossible that Lacie couldn't grasp the idea of being in serious trouble.


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It was interesting actually for him, the public seemed to ignore the pleas and cries of the helpless girl perhaps because the man responsible donned the church's own medallion noticeable by the public of Magnolia devotedly loyal to the Illumin religion. The majority of what she had said to him was filled with spite or malice towards her proclaiming her as possessed by the devil and that she shouldn't even be alive. Frustrated by her claims towards his beloved he slammed his right fist onto the table causing blood to seep out of the newly formed wounds between his fingers. "I told you not to lie to me, Lacie, Further lies will come with punishment afterwards, if you find solace in praying to whatever god you believe in ohh dear you are in for a surprise." Many implications could be made from his statement but for the time being he would hold onto them instead he would give examples of what he would do. As the waiter returned to the reluctant duo he hastily past the drink to her before going to Kon's side. "If you would be so kind as to give me some ice that would be greatly appreciated." Scratching his chin he continued to threaten her. "Lacie, don't think I'm not above taking you out deep within the forests because i'm not, I was once a Rune Knight but no longer so I'm not bound by rules that restricted me to do so, I'm now a free man." It was partially true with him having left the Rune Knights but not to become a free individual. "Now Lacie if you say she was suppose to be dead, tell me why and the events that happened during it."

#7Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She sort of jumped up in her chair when he slammed the table. Her heart knocking very hard in her chest and she slowly swallowed because she started to get more afraid. He would definitely do everything to get rid of her. But he couldn't! She wasn't lying, Alice was dea.. she swallowed again slowly and stared at the table, she was sure he wasn't lying. They were twins, but they didn't look the same so he knew not to mistake her, they never had looked the same if you looked closely when they were small. She was shorter, plump, freckles! Besides.. he knew her name and it wasn't because of their meeting back in Orchidia. But she was definitely panicking now and angry but again on the Divine, this was no longer a possible joke or backstab. Alice was here and she gripped the table and with big brown eyes stared outside as if her devil sister could walk in any second. "That's not fair. I didn't do anything wrong. She was possessed, is possessed I don't know by the devil. The only way to get rid of that we did a ritual to dump the devil back into Abyss, the underword but the only bad thing was that Alice would go with him. There was no other option. You weren't there, you wouldn't know. She if she is here, she can't be herself. She could have never survived. I am honest," and very in panic as she talked fast, still held the table with her perfect manicure nails, "Is she here?" she said with a quick breath, because than whole Magnolia was lying to her, leaving her in the stupidity!


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His blood boiled as Lacie spoke with her complaining about not doing anything wrong and how it wasn't fair. "Bah." He thought to himself all of what she preached just seemed like a lie to get rid of her loathed sister, she was going on about how she was possessed by the devil, this was where it got tricky as he could sense some truth in what she said. Frustration quickly formed around Kon with him unable to decide what was lie and what was true. A quick question focusing on Alice was brought up concerning her presence within the friendly town of Magnolia, there was no reason for him to lie about her so without hesitating he informed her. "Yes the two of us are staying within Magnolia town if you are considering starting something I will warn you I have the authority from your beloved divine to defend myself and I'm more than willing to put myself between her and anything that stands against her including yourself." There was little he could gain at this point so instead would allow Lacie her independence back just as the waiter returned with the ice for his wounds. "Lacie you may go, Alice will be within Magnolia town somewhere, However I swear if you hurt her or anyone else does I'll hold you responsible and personally hunt you down to the end of the world." Giving the required money for the order and then promptly leaving in a manner that would prevent her from identifying where he was staying.


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