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Atani's Sheet

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Atani's Sheet LF91Nsi


Name: Atani Tathvir

Age: 23

Birthday: 14 May, X767

Relationship: Single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Wood Elf

Height: 5'5" // 1.65m

Defining Features: A strange scar in the centre of her lower back

Tattoo: Green - Below Left Collarbone

Face Claim: Princess Zelda - Breath of the Wild

Guild: Blue Pegasus - Level 3

  • Homefront: The user may get up after being knocked out with 1xA-Rank durability or 1/4 of their durability whichever is less as long as they are in territory controlled by Blue Pegasus. This effect lasts for three posts.
  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 20% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • Potion Purchase: The user is allowed to purchase an extra statistic, mana or experience potion per month.
  • Pegasus Watcher: The user gains access to the Pegasus Global Watcher system, a lacrima network, allowing them to respond to any conquest attempts regardless of their current location or travel requirements.


Typing: INTJ-A, 5w6, Neutral Good, Type B, Taurus, Sin of Pride

Keywords: Curious, impulsive, kindhearted, stubborn, intelligent, levelheaded, natural, realistic, caring, understanding, stern, intuitive, self-critical, introverted, quiet, tidy, responsible, reserved, dedicated, perfectionist, analytical, good listener, adaptable, patient with others, dependable

Likes: Coffee, tea, quiet, books, candles, nature, wine, mornings, animals, mint, warm drinks, learning, chai spice, greens and blues, Joyan cuisine, warm baths, writing in quill

Dislikes: Crowds, needless fighting, messes, caramel, cold weather, laziness, sage, arrogance, wool, museums, ice in drinks, graphite & lead, noise, stupidity, those who deceive

Fears: Incompetence, failure, being controlled, being unwanted

Regular Haunts: Libraries, home (or an inn/hotel), riversides, forests, cafés, quiet lakes, the back of the room

Associations: Wind blowing through your hair, a thick forest far away from society, fawn laying in a patch of sunlight, stars twinkling in the night sky, a log cabin deep in the woods, a flowing stream, crowns made of wildflowers, pale lilies, unspoken words, wooden puzzles, snakes, gentle touches, serenity, the scent of fresh ink & parchment


Elemental Resistance: Wood Elves receive Minor Resistance to Nature.

Elemental Weakness: Wood Elves receive Minor Weakness to Darkness.

Enhanced Speed: Wood Elves receive a 20% increase in their base Speed.

Weapon Mastery: Wood Elves receive 20% wordcount reduction when training Dagger or Bow.

Soft Step: Used to moving through woodland and hunting animals, they make minimal sounds in their movements. They are Half-Soundless.

Au Natural: Adapted to living in Woodlands and places with wild animals, Wood Elves have an inherently earth aroma which masks their olfactory presence, making them naturally Scentless.

Tree Run: Naturally graceful and adapted to moving through tricky woodland terrain without issue, Wood Elves have inherently perfect balance and acrobatic skill, being able to perform acrobatic stunts, including dives, rolls, somersaults, and flips.

Wood Elven Essence: Wood Elves can only utilize the following elements for their magic: Nature, Light, Wind, and Water. However, because of this specialization they receive a one post cooldown reduction on their magic.


Ageless: Upon reaching early adulthood similar to that of humans, elves begin to age incredibly slowly. Even as a hundred years go by, it will look as if Atani hasn't even aged ten.

Enhanced Speed: Atani receives a 20% base speed increase from being a Wood Elf.

Enhanced Constitution: Her Relhin earrings are indestructible. When worn, they provide a +20 increase to Atani's constitution.

Stealth: Atani is naturally both scentless and half-soundless. Her scent is completely masked, and although you can still hear her footsteps, it is impossible to determine where the sound is coming from. Direction and distance are indiscernible.

Base Attributes (Passives Included):

  • STR [61] A-Rank Damage
  • SPD [121] 15 m/s lunge, 30 m/s run
  • CON [251] 5x S-Rank Health, 8 post run, 4x lunge
  • END [78] S-Rank pain tolerance, -20% WC
  • INT [293] 50% WC/Mana Reduction



Atani's Sheet L3jgv1d      Atani's Sheet Rap3J4x      Atani's Sheet A3GbvUi

Name: Sacred Water Magic

Element: Water & Nature

Description: Sacred Water Magic channels the power of water's purity to support allies. Its Healing-type spells do double healing. It also comes with the unique ability to sustain healing spells for one rank lower. Through her connection with the twilight forest spirit Ëala, Atani is able to use nature spells with this magic as well.

Key: 🝣 Healing, 🝠 Supplementary, 🜝 Defensive, 🜄 Water, 🜃 Nature, 🜂 ???

D-rank Spells (4/5): - 10x Max

C-rank Spells (4/5): - 10x Max

B-rank Spells (3/5): - 10x Max

A-rank Spells (2/5): - 10x Max

S-rank Spells (1/3): - 5x Max



✓ = Have Turned in for Victory Road

  D-Rank Quests Completed (51):

  C-Rank Quests Completed (15):

  B-Rank Quests Completed (6):

  A-Rank Quests Completed (11):

  S-Rank Quests Completed (3):


Atani's Sheet CdPaKjs
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