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Hard Times [Konstantin]

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He couldn't help but laugh at Alice's comment towards his otherwise chatty nature. Honestly, he didn't see himself as overly converse as many others he had come across but at least he knew how to portrait being nice and friendly to individuals if need be. Refraining from commenting on the matter as it would just be proving a point he continued on with what he was doing as he overheard he explain how she hadn't eaten all day an understandable oversight that many could forget particularly for someone who was looking forward to seeing their partner. Shaking his head causing his hair to bounce from left to right as he showered, he noted how Alice had become uncomfortable around the thing. He too wasn't an avid fan of them however he put up with it regardless.

Having patted himself dry and redressed he prepared himself to leave the bed and breakfast to get some food however it seemed that Alice had other plans wondering whether it would be okay if her companion could come up her. He didn't mind, though he wanted to point out to her that they would be going through anyway and she would simply pick her up on the way there. "Uhh Alice, yeah that's fine if you want to have your companion come up here but didn't you want to go grab something to eat." If what he said reminded her of what they were planning he would follow her to the destination she had in mind otherwise he would stay here with her.

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Alice pinched her cat ear another time and finally felt the water in her ear disappear and she was done. With one hand through her long orange coloured hair she walked out of the attatched bathroom, she was dressed in clean blue jeans, with having her tail being able to be free from the jeans as she had made a little gap in it. She wasn't always sure if she liked it but when needed: she brought an extra pair, the great ponits of dimenional pockets that came with Requip magic. She heard her stomach rumble and was glad that she was wearing simple black and white striped t-shirt it felt like the cotton was hiding a bit of the noise.

She leaned her head a bit to the left, giving her a questioned look as her left ear twitched as well, "Yes, I meant to come along for lunch. I could also ask for Clara to baby sit her." which she had actually never done before, Ophelia always had been with her, but apparently the Clefairy had known pretty well the unwritten and unthoughtful matters. Which made Alice blush a bit, she grabbed her backpack that was around somewhere and would go to Magnolia city centre to find a place where they could eat lunch. She liked today, it was rather satisfying as it was. Before they had left, she had asked Clara if she would keep an eye on Ophelia, who was doing nothing more but using her colouring book. She felt guilty, for she had promised they would do something together and yet here she was leaving again. She tried to hide that feeling from her face as she was very hungry: it was a great distraction.

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Apparently, Kon had misinterpreted what Alice had truly meant rather than correctly he let her continue to focus on her companion, choosing to ask the owner of the property whether they could look after her in the meantime whilst Alice and Kon went out on their date. With the two having spent quite some time in Magnolia town, they had been to many establishments, there were a few that he liked and several he hated completely. Their tastes did differ from time to time but that was to be expected, feeling generous however today though he would choose to treat to two of them to one of the more expensive restaurants in town.

It was one of the most renowned in Fiore with meals on their menu often having awards to their name. Want to appeal to Alice, he informed her once she had spoken to Carla regarding her companion about the diner. "Alice, I've booked a table for two at the Le Bino, on the canal just near the Fairy Tail Guild Building, I haven't been there myself but it has received several good reviews from food critics." Once the decision of whether to go to Kon's offer or another they would begin their journey to whichever establishment she desired. As they walked, Kon would apologise to Alice about getting confused about what she meant. "Ah sorry about that I misheard what you meant back, there anyway, what were you thinking of eating at this place, I've heard that they make some excellent pasta and have a fantastic wine collection."

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There were many times that Alice had not liked Magnolia, but right now she had actually been satisfied to return. It was so annoying that was a double feeling but it was important none the less that she would get used to it. This was her home town, this was where she had belonged at some point. Until the point she was thrown in to hell or so, well that was the idea, it didn’t work but that was for now beside the point. She looked back a few times when they walked the path back to Magnolia centre. She felt bad for leaving Ophelia, there were many reasons and even in the future perhaps that she didn’t know yet, that would make her feel bad for her behavior to her companion. Right now she only felt bad for breaking a promise that she didn’t make with that many words, but she had meant it none the less. She shook her head slightly and smiled when she looked at Konstantin, why worry when there was nothing actually wrong.

She looked at Konstantin when he mentioned a reservation, ”When did you do that?” she said surprised but she definitely looked forward to it only because she had seen the restaurant before. It actually made her very excited. She looked at her clothing but shrugged not much later, she made sure her tail was tugged in with her jeans though. ”I believe the best combination is pasta with wine.” She followed him or well she walked by his side, not entirely sure if she knew where it was but they would manage to arrive in time. She thought about what he said next, ”It is okay, I think she would be rather bored. Anyway what to eat, I would definitely pick a wine and pasta. Even though I should probably not drink too much.” She grinned at him and was glad to see the building as they arrived, she hoped they would be able to watch the canal. She would enter and wait to get their table before she would check the menu, too much choices that she liked.

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Alice had enjoyed dinner with Konstantin. She still believed that pasta was one of her favourite dishes and she didn't mind wine at all. Today was well more or less a good day, sure there was a dent into her ego, she had dropped her best friend and well if you considered that it wasn't really a good day but well on the bright side were very good things too. And apart from that she always got a warm and fuzzy feeling when it came to have dates or stay in together on the Bed & Breakfast and not do much. Man it had been a time since she had read a book. She couldn't even remember when it was, before she left to Sieghart mountains was obvious but maybe even before she went to Magnolia the first time?

She didn't have to think about that right now, there were other things to do. Enjoy the view of the restaurant had been one. But she didn't want to return too late to the Bed & Breakfast, as long as Konstantin agreed and had no other plans. She didn't want to leave Ophelia with Clara all the time, especially after the promise but how much would Ophelia understand of the promise? She wasn't stupid and apart from that she was sure her Clefairy wouldn't have liked the idea of joining dinner. She would probably want to read her little book or drawn in the picture book, it was better that she had stayed with Clara.

It was better that Alice could just enjoy her day, for what more it would bring her right now. Together or maybe a returning moment.


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Their date was just like many others that they had shared together. Alice had taken his suggestion of the pasta, meanwhile, he had indulged himself by ordering a pure eye fillet steak accompanied with a glass of wine noting that Alice had not chosen herself leaving him feeling slightly perplexed though he didn't question her decision. He was curious how their different roles with him now being in the Holy Knights and her in the Rune knights would come into play later on, but for now, he knew that if need be she would likely choose him over the organisation or at least that's what he hoped. The conversation between the two of them was typical discussing various matters eventually though with their dinner finished they returned to the bed and breakfast with Alice not wishing to get back too late.

Her desire was understandable as she most likely wished to complete a job or had some official duties to attend with for the following day. Once they had reached the bed and breakfast Kon poured himself a cup of coffee before going to the living room and picking up from where he left off in a book he was reading previously.


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