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Scold the Brat[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

Scold the Brat[Fiora] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:15 pm

Fiora Sylvari
It was another day in Oak as Fiora walked the streets to go to the next mission that she was assigned which was a D rank request that she had to complete. IT was a simple request from one of the shopkeepers in Oak town and then she would head to the street where the shop was located and entered through the side door with the request paper in hand so she could get the instructions on who the target was as it seemed that the man that owned the shop had issues with a kid that was stealing from the shop but not only his shop but it was also other shops all around the oak streets that were being stolen from so this kid would be stopped. It wasn't the most hard quest but it was one that paid well as it seemed the shop keepers all pitched in to take down this brat and take him down for good so he didn't do any more of that stealing junk. She sat down with the owner and would get some tea from him as he would pour it and she would drink it and it was good tea so she sipped as the owner would explain his situation and then would finish explaining it and then he would go to the window and show off the kid that was causing all the trouble. He was already at another shop across the way and he was just sitting next to some jewels and he quickly pickpocket them and tossed them in his bag while nobody looked. The little kid was quite the little thief as he took them and ran away to the disgruntled owner shop probably to steal more stuff from him. Fiora would go to the door of the store with the shop owner so they could cut him off. Right when the little brat saw the two of them, Fiora reached down to stop him but the little bastard slipped out of her grip and took off running down the streets. Fiora gritted her teeth as she didn't want to do this but she had no choice. She took off after him.

The little brat was fast she would give him that. Fiora tried to keep up but the little kid was faster than her. His tiny little legs were putting in work. Fiora would continue to chase him down an alley. She removed the lid from a trash can as she ran and tried to throw it at him while they were running but it did not reach the kid in time. They kept on running when finally she got a break of luck when there was a fence in the way that they had to climb. The kid hopped up on the fence but his body was tiny so it took longer to climb up. Being a full grown woman elf woman Fiora could climb it fast because back in the woods she used to climb trees with ease and she was one of the fastest in her village. The kid climbed the fence and was on his way climbing down but this allowed Fiora to catch up as she would reach the top of the fence and then would fall down on the kid from the top jumping down and would crush him against the ground. IT would knock the wind out of him but she was light enough to where the kid would be fine. She picked him up and would then head to the store owner with Jerry the thief. The owner was pleased to see that he was captured and then would offer Fiora the reward of the quest that was offered. The little kid was very angry and annoyed but he would empty his pockets of the stuff he took. Fiora slapped him on the back of the head as he would then apologize to the shopkeeper for all of this and his stealing before shopkeeper let him go. After all he was just a kid and now he knew people would come for him for being a brat. The shopkeeper happy gave Fiora another cup of tea before she left and headed back home


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