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Fetch Me This and That [Selindra]

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Fetch Me This and That [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:47 am

Selindra had found herself in a very unique position. There were actually no requests pending for her within Oak Town at the moment, no contracts in which she was required to work towards or otherwise had to appease any clients who were otherwise incapable and too poor to do it on their own. It was a welcome change, though she had to wonder if it was one that was going to last. If there were one thing in which she could say about the contracts that she was taking out while she was in Oak Town, it was that they at least were able to put a task to her mind, making it such that she did not have to deal with the common folk and their petty quarrels, but in a case like here, when there was nothing for her to do, she was worried that there were going to have to been some actual interactions in which she would have to do, none of what she was interested in dealing with, regardless of what benefit that there may have been for the people or even Selindra for that matter.

After a short bit of walking around, she happened upon a small bulletin board, one in which those who were unable to reach out to brokers who were responsible to supply people like Selindra with actual contracts, a place in which they could put up their own jobs. While she criticized the jobs here as being even below the par of the low bar in which she was already engaging in, there was a sort of appeal towards them that she couldn’t quite understand. Perhaps it was that because they were so easy, she would be able to do them with essentially her eyes closed and hands tied behind her back, but either way, the only thing that she would have to worry about was just finding herself being bored to death. None the less, she noticed a job that seemed to be appealing enough, one in which would allow her to simply go around just take care of a number of mindless fetching while being able to get some nice reward out of it afterwards.

It was actually rather interesting in seeing the request itself and what just that it was asking for. The items, a plant, wood, and some metal, they seemed so odd that they must have been in use for something, but it was impossible to say without knowing the contractor’s actual intent, but that was impossible to say until everything was actually done. That they were largely all common items within Oak Town, it was not going to be tough, and even with the instructions that were laid out on it, it was not tough to tell what it was that she was looking for. The plant may have been something in which could have been a challenge, but the fact that there was even an included image to it of what the plant was supposed to look like made it more of a case of just look and find it, and after a few minutes of actual dedicated searching, she had found it. The other items, burnt wood and a chunk of metal, they were items which were easy enough to find, ones that a person could acquire even just as they were walking around almost any part of Oak Town and after a few secons, she had already found both items, thereby completing the entire set of items that were missing. As she was approaching the contractor at the location that was designated in the request, Selindra couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to the right location, as it was some place that she had never been to before, or even that of where she figured that someone would be located in. Finally, she located a home that there appeared to have been, albeit one that was located in an obscure location in which one had to go out of their way to find. When meeting with the woman who had put it out, Selindra had come to realize that there was no actual request that there had been was actually a prank, though in spite of her going out to do everything that was tasked, she was paid all the same. Disappointed and annoyed, Selindra simply left rather than complain further.

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