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More Experimental Hexes [Selindra]

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More Experimental Hexes [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:41 am

The first that she had been contracted to performing a task for the man with respects to dealing with Magical affinities and hexes, it had proven to be a rather enjoyable and interesting experience. In her attempts at further understanding and conveying her understanding towards it, Selindra couldn’t help but appreciate and marvel at how well the two of them seemed to have functioned. The first one was one in which induced the targeted woman in to a state of pleasure, one in which given the open area in which she cast it, caused a great deal of commotion and entertainment towards her, all the while conveying a great degree of disgust and perhaps anger amongst those of who witnessed what the woman was suffering. The woman, she obviously did not even have a case of enjoying the matter either, though that may have been consciously. Internally though, she may have enjoyed it very much, perhaps even her body wishing that she could have returned to that state. A shame that she would never be able to quite achieve something to that level in the future.

The second individual, it was something that was perhaps more cruel, more twisted than perhaps what Selindra was inclined to even think of herself. It was not a woman or a fully grown man that fell victim to the second hex, but rather that of a child, a young girl having an age no more than perhaps 10 years old in all. Once afflicted by the other hex in which Selindra was expected to have tested it on, it worked, causing the girl to lose all capability to move her legs, finding herself stuck on the ground for a moment while her parents departed. It was only for a moment as it was not long until she heard the screams and cries of pain as the girl was trampled to death by the crowds that were walking through, someone perhaps recognizing what had happened until it was well too late, as no doubt perhaps what the mother may have realized as well, much to her utter dismay. There was a part of Selindra that wondered if this was going to be the case here as well, or if it were going to be a case that she was just dealing with some other sort of hexes in which would just cause different sorts of effects. It was a mixed bag in which she was leaning towards as far as her prefences went. The first two hexes and the effects that it had, more upon the social aspect in particular, were what she enjoyed. But the idea of possibly seeing more was also very exciting and hopeful that she would see something new, perhaps something that was a bit more engaging.

As she ventured through the streets of the city of Oak Town, she wondered just who it would be who would be the victim of the first hex that she was tasked with. It was tough to say, though after a short time, she noticed a man that was being pursued by someone, for whatever reason being dangerous enough such that it warranted the man pursuing to draw his weapon. It was a curious site, but one that was not particularly strange or odd in her times in Oak Town. Rather, it was becoming like common sight, but unfortunately today, the man who was trying to flee, who often enough times would be able to escape without issue, was not going to see such success today. The hex went off without issue as it affected the man, causing his legs to go numb as he fell to the ground, immediately followed by the man shoving his blade into the back of the man. She figured that this man would be enough of a reason for her to use the other hex on the other man, though as she cast the effect, it found that the man did not suffer at all, nor did it seem that he lost any energy as was supposed to happen. Rather, Selindra found that she was instead given a greater deal of strength, to her surprise but also enjoyment. However, the effect was very quickly waning, so much so that she found it happen as the seconds ticked away. Knowing this, she proceeded towards the man who had originally offered her the contract and in little time, she had been given her pay as the effects finally waned.

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