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White Claudia Refined [Selindra]

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White Claudia Refined [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:49 am

Selindra had at this point come to expect that there were just some jobs that she was expected to have to do, as much as she may have wished that that were not the case, but that wasn’t something for which at this point, she found to be something that she could afford to avoid. For her code, the contracts that were given, regardless or not of the potential risk or in the cases at least lately, lack of risk that may have been associated with them, she was content enough to carry them out, hopeful that the next job would be one in which that would enable her to further enhance herself as a fighter, as a killer, and as a mercenary than even just beyond what it was that she was able to deal with. However though, if there were something to be said of her talents and what she had done up to this point, there was little reason for her to be upset, as these jobs that she had completed within Oak Town were at the very least enabling her and teaching her to deal with people who she believed to be beneath her, and this was no such exception.

When she had arrived to meet with the man who had contracted him time after time again, even going as far now as to ensure tht he was directly associating himself with Selindra, going as far as to issue out contracts directly for her, of which she was obligated to answer and complete. When she arrived, it appeared as though he was expecting him, now at this point having realized that he was going to be meeting with her again, and as such, there was no reason to be surprised to see her, to expect her, but rather there was an expectation that if anyone were to have answered the request, it certainly would have been her. Much like how several of the jobs in which she had done for him in the past, this one was very much like that of the same, that she was going to have been expected to have to deal with the after effects of having taken a strange injection given by syringe, a syringe in which she had no idea of the contents, nor that of the effects in which they would afflict upon Selindra. She had done it twice before, along with a medley of other jobs and for the most part, all of htem had long been working and under the same general premise, of her having to deal with basic tasks that otherwise did not test her talents and abilities. In this case, the way he spoke made it at least appear as though it was going to be different, if not even a bit more challenging. She hoped that that would be the case, as every time she had taken the experimental syringes before, they had always resulted in largely the same thing, her wishing that she had not done so but being a bit richer for her troubles.

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White Claudia Refined [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:50 am

In the past, she had been left alone with out the accompaniment of the man, him trusting that she would take the syringe, and though there were times in which she would have preferred that she coul have just disposed of the contents of the syringe, with each time she found that there were no place in which she would be able to adequately hide the contents or even know how to go about the symptoms to pretend accurately that she was under the effects. With the first syringe, she had lost consciousness, and with the second syringe it had put her under a strange trance in which things were moving and changing as her mind began to more and more draw accustomed to the effects of the drug. But this time around, it was tougher to say what it was, and while she may have thought that the syringe would mirror the first or second drug that she was given, it was impossible to tell and when she was presented with the syringe, the reality was that she was going to have to go through with this man watching over her, determined to see what was going to happene, but to her surprise as well, rather than leaving her to her own devices, she was provided with a small flashlight, an instrument that was clear for his purposes but unknown, at least for right now.

Feeling the syringe enter her skin once again, at this point she was becoming more used to it than anything else, a sensation that she was far from pleased about. The reality as that the more and more she came used to that, particularly to something that was so frequently tied to the actions of drug addicts, it was something that she would have rathered to have avoided as a whole rather than anything else, though that was always a risk and chance that was posed with dealing with something like this. As the effects of the drug began to take effect, it bore similar resemblance to the second time in which she was given the injection, the room seeming to break aprt, though not into the rooms in which she had remembered last time, nor were her senses at all impeded. Instead, they were as strong as they were before hand, if not even stronger, though that may have been more attributed to her having full capacity rather than that of only partial awareness. What she did notice too was that the room’s definitions, the dimensions of the wall, their locations relative to her, they were gone. She was in an empty room, with the distances extending out as far as she could make out, at least all things considered as a result of the darkness around her, to no doubt at least some reason why the flashlight was so required. Proceeding aimilessly through the area, she noticed a handful of things which were very similar to both times, particularly the effects of how it affected the area around her, how everything seemed to interact and be recognized by her.

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White Claudia Refined [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:51 am

After a short time of her walking around aimlessly, she began to believe that she was not alone, the feeling of something or someone watching over her continuing to become more and more pronounced, even to the point in which she was utterly convinced that there was no reason to believe that she wasn’t alone. Taking some more steps forward, she realized just how dangerous the area was, especially as she turned around, shining the flashlight in her hand upon a creature that bore some resembleance to how the doctor figure had appeared when she had taken the first injection, but this one was different, one in which appered hostile, unlike how he appeared. Hearing another sound, she turned and saw another creatuere of similar size and ferocity coming towards her. More sounds indicated that a third and hopefully final creature was also heading towards her, the three of them acting and moving towards her in the manner more similar to a pincer attack than anything else.

She wasted no time, puling out the blade in which she had recently acquired, rushing right for the first creature, impaling it against the head of the creature, causing it to immediately fall over dead, there not being a single stirring of it, but a cry of anger coming out from the other two creatures. She proceeded towards the third one that had shown up, shoving the blade in a similar manner right through the head of the creature, killing it in a manner exactly identical of that of how the first one had died. With it dead, she charged again at the third creature, fnding it having adapted slightly to her actions, making a strike to the head far more difficult, though it was simple enough to impale the creature several times in the chest, and while they may not have been head shots, each one of themw ere effeictvee, the blade going through the fleshy substance that made up its boy, causing it to be momentarily stunned and in pain as it fell to the ground, dead like the others that had risen up to fight against it. As the last creature died, she found herself entering into a new scene, a world that was unlike the shadowy area in which she was becoming more and more accustomed to. It wasn’t long until after that even, that she found herself being awoken by the doctor, standing in largely the same place in which she had been standing before, though it appeared that in spite of her moving throughout in that area, she was stationary in this one. Looking around though, much to her susprise, were that the creatures seemed to actually exist, the husk-like bodies of which they possessed all lying in the gorund before her scattered about in the room while the doctor simply watched with glee. Tired of these interactions, she took her reward and made her way out of there, wishing that this would be the last time in which she would have to try another of his experiments.

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