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More Hunting and Gathering [Selindra]

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More Hunting and Gathering [Selindra] Empty Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:46 am

There had been more than a few times in which Selindra had come to believe that she was making a mistake in pursuing more and more contracts within Oak Town, essentially bleeding the entire town dry of potential work, but as far as she was concerned, this was for the best. The more she was doing, the more she was earning as far as monetary gain, and similarly too it was discouraging others from heading ot Oak Town, which was decreasing the amount of people who would be there, which meant that there was less of a plentiful supply of people who could fulfill requsts which would subsequently mean that the people who were putting out these contracts would be a bit less inclined to have them. If those who were poor enough and unable to help themselves found themselves without any sort of assistance to deal with any minor tasks on their own, perhaps their eventual deaths would prove to be valuable enough and sufficient enough such that eventually the meek will no longer walk the world and instead those who have some degree of talent ore event just general functionality or common sense would live instead.

Today was not one of those days where she was inclined to believe that she was going to be of any valuable or genuine assistance towards further culling the world of weaker people within Oak Town, but it was still another chance for in which she could take advantage of the work that was being offered, namely that of further assisting the man for whom she had only just recently been tasked with gathering mushrooms for. It was an easy task, one that required little work, little effort, especially as time went and she felt less and less incline to actually put forward any sort of effort towards the entire task, eventually just forsaking it entirely and grabbing whatever it was that she possibly could in order to simply hand it in to the man as quickly as possible. However, for as great as it turned out that that job had went, there was still another task at hand given by the same man, and much like the previous mushroom hunt, it seemed that this was going to be another subsequent scavenger hunt through the woods outside of Oak Town. Fortunately at least, there wasn’t a matter of her having to look for a mushroom, but rather instead that she was being tasked with finding an herb, one that was not similar to that of the things nearby as the mushroom had been, but rather instead it was that this was an herb that was largely unique an easily identifiable.

What she was not told about this herb initially was the fact that there were a huge degree nad plentiful amount of climbing and trails to which she was going to have to follow, something to which she wasn’t particularly fond of, though at the same time something to which there was really no means of getting around, even in the best of scenarios or cirucmstances. Having accepted this as a necessary evil of the job that she had been contracted to do, she continued with her objective, wasting no time before venturing through the mountains just outside of Oak Town, taking the time to seldom enjoy the sights, but rather instead that she remain focused on her task of finding this damn herb, whose location was proving to be more and more infuriating as time was going on. The more and more she trecked, the more she wished it were that she was coming towards the summit where the herb was rumored to have been, and eventually she did reach there, thuhg it was not without it taking a long period of time, far more than in which she wished that it had taken her. If nothing else, it was something that would be at the very least sufficient in getting her a decent workout. With the herb now in her possession, she returned back towards where the doctor had told her to head towards to drop off the herb, and even though the trip was far easier than beforehand, it was nevertheless something which she couldn’t help but feel wasn’t worth it in the end.

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