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Gang Tension [Selindra]

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Gang Tension [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:54 am

The relative peace within Oak Town, Selindra had come to learn and realize, was a fleeting one. Two gangs, gangs in which she had contributed towards both in assisting with respects to her past contracts, and neither of them were of issue to her, nor where they ones in which she felt particularly wrong about, that she felt that a mistake had been made in carrying out, nor that of seeing to that they remained as constant and fluid as that. It was never quite clear as to which side was the one that was taking possession of the city of Oak Town, but it was easy enough to believe that it was going to be a long and drawn out war, with neither side showing themselves to be winners and in reality just being losers who would inevitably kill themselves off without irectly impacting what was happeneing through out Oak Town, or even the power structure of the location. The reality was, they were never going to overtake the nobles of Oak, nor where they were even going to be able to overthrow Phantom Lord, the guild based in Oak Town.

It also did not help that these people were conducting themselves in such childish manenrisms and efforts in which would guarantee or otherwise reinforce the strength of one particular gang. Rather, it stood more of a chance to just simply cause further acts of aggression, thereby causing the body count to continually rise, though that was beyond the worries and concerns of Selindra. She had a contract, she was to carry it out, and what happened beyond that was not her concern, nor one in which she very much concerned herself with. She had been handed a small stencil, a piece of animal hide that had been cut and designed such that it carried with it a particular seal, similar to that of the crests that guilds carried, though it was hardly of high quality. The reality was that there were a great amount of inconsistencies in which one could tell that this was a hastily made stencil, not one in which was meant to be very convincing or impressive, but rather one that was directly designed with the intent to incite. For whatever reason, they were hoping that this stencil and spray painting the design upon the various establishments in which the other gang owned would be some manner of helping to further increase tensions. For what endgame they were planning, Selindra was not quite sure, but again, that was something to which fell outside of the parameters of her contract, and therefore were things in which she did not bother to wonder.

The first place was a restaurant, the moonlight peering down against the windows which showed a great deal of streets, offering it patrons a great view during the day. However, upon tomorrow when the workers were to arise and head to work here, when the patrons were to come by and eat at the seats that had normally such a great view, they would instead be subjected to the appearance of the crest which appeared like that of the other gang. It would be very clear as to who it was that had done this, and for what reason. And there would be no doubt either, that as a aresult of this, there would be a number of things in which could happen, one of them being that the people would stay away from there, which would hurt them. Taking that into consideration, along with the other two establishments that Selindra had taken to vandalizing, one of which had been a bar that apparently was very popular, with even people there as she was going about applying the spraypaint mark to the building, though it was likely that the patrons inside were grossly drunk, making her life very easy. Otherwise too, there was a jewelry store in which also seemed to have done well, given the impressive security bars which reinforced everything. While it did make her job a little bit more annoying than anything else, Selindra accomplished the task with little issue and afterwards was on her way back to the location in which she had gotten the stencil and took her reward.

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