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Experimental Hexes [Selindra]

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Experimental Hexes [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:47 am

Often times, there were contracts in which Selindra was given that made her happy with the profession that she had taken, the fact that there were relatively little reasons for her to be concerned with herself, as well little reason to think that she had made a mistake as far as her preferred line of employment. Rarely, at least as of late, that was something in which she had begun to doubt and worry about. Though, she had to have had believed that at least part of it was due to the fact that she were dealing people who had demonstrated an overall lack of common sense, of capabilities and functionalities which any reasonable person would have been able to do, though apparently that was a far more impressive feat than in which she had first come to believe.

The task before her was very clear, to test several Magical hexes, hexes in which she was not particularly familiar with, though too that she was not overwhelming confident or satisfied that she would be able to understand herself. Magic was more of a foreign concept to her, one in which she acknowledged existed, though one in which she rarely invested within herself, instead preferring to allow the wizards and witches of the world to play their games while she survived on her own, through her own cunning and skill, as well as her inherit evil nature, one that promoted her own survival over that of anything else. It was also one in which forced her to honor her contracts, to see to it that tasks in which she had taken were ones that would be required to be carried out until either one of two conditions were met. Either that the job was completed or that she would be dead. Until either were met, she would remain on the job for as long as needed.

It was why that even in spite of her less than ideal feelings towards that of the magical world in Fiore, that she was willing and able to carry out the task before her. It was a simple matter. Testing out several of the hexes on unsuspecting people, to see to that the results should have carried out exactly as they were to be meant to be. It was just a matter of who it was that was going to be subjected to this. With a seemingly endless supply of potential victims, Selindra began to methodically go through and find just whom it would be that she would be able to have the most fun with, or at the very least, cause the most uproar with. For the first seal, it were a woman that was largely invested in other matters and barely paying attention to anything that was going on. Her focus was averted and shifted largely, and as Selindra unleashed the hex of which was written upon the piece of paper in her hand, her eyes lifted with interest and intrigue as the woman’s body became overly sensitive, to the point where any effort to so much as move her body caused an roar of excitement and pleasure to radiate out from their body, causing quite a scene, one in which the people were either intrigued and interested in or otherwise offended and disgusted by. Selindra was a mixture of both the latter and the former, finding herself more invested in that than she was in trying out the second hex.

That target would be a young girl, perhaps no older than a few years old, able to walk on her own but still required to be in close proximity of the parents. As she stalked the child, Selindra unleashed the second hex upon the child, causing her legs to go utterly numb as she fell to the ground, the distance between her and her parents growing further and further apart before eventually the girls’ cries were replaced by screams of pain as she was trampled alive by the crowds, her presence having largely been ignored by everyone there, save for the woman who put that upon her. Having seen these results and being able to validate the success of the two hexes, Selindra approached the man who had originally contracted her with the task and was rewarded for her services.

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