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Crash the Cash House [Selindra]

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Crash the Cash House [Selindra] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:24 am

At first, when she was told the details of the contract that she was being given, Selindra could not believe it. From what she had been given up to this point, it was a medley of things that she cared little for, things of which mattered little at all, and things in which otherwise made her wonder why the people of Oak Town were even allowed to issue contracts of any sort of variety, because the fact was that each time they only further and further demonstrated their complete lack of sense and any feasible chance of being even a fraction as successful or capable as Selindra had managed to show herself time and time and time again, even amongst the times in which she was here in Oak Town, accomplishing a medley of simple fetch quests and other tasks that genuinely had her wondering if the people were just all stupid.

It may have been that, or perhaps just an overall feeling of being tired of being here, of preferring to just be elsewhere, wherever that may have been, but it wasn’t quite clear exactly as to what it would have been that that place would be where she would not feel a similar sentiment and feeling towards the people. As a whole, she was moderately convinced that the people of Fiore were as a collective whole, a bunch of people who were just idiots and would do the world a favor if they were just gone. However, genocide was not something in which she was looking to accomplish today, or any day in the near future pending what would have to ultimately amount to a great deal of further investment and effort, effort in which she wasn’t particularly keen on doing, at least for the time being.

She had been provided with a map, one in which would inform her of the apparent location of apparently what stored a considerable amount of funds, often a vice and package in which she had encountered before, though generally of varying degrees of success. Compared to what she had seen of emergency funds by criminal organizations, she was inclined to believe that this was more of a middle of the road operation, if not one of slightly less quality caliber. Yes, the stored jewels were located relatively close, in an area that was discrete enough such that nobody would suspect that there was any reason to think that there would be any thing that may have been criminal that could have been in the area, but at the same time too, it was far enough away from the location of the organization such that it would have been a challenge for anyone, even those who displayed and carried with them the most efficient and impressive sneaking abilities would have struggled to get there. And further, the fact that this was an area and a location that was so heavily populated and dense, it would be difficult for anyone who may have been known to anyone as a member of organization crime to effectively enter or exit, thereby making it a serious gamble in order to successfully get in and out.

Selindra did not have any problems with getting through, finding herself to be efficiently capable and skilled at getting through the area, displaying relatively little challenge or issue with respects to finding out where the jewels were located. That they were found so easily only further caused her to believe that these people were not nearly as impressive or capable as what they believed themselves to be, instead being those who were relying more on luck than anything else. With the money in her possession, she made sure to carry out the final request that had been given to her, one in which she was a great deal excited about carrying out, particularly that she would destroy any sort of evidence within the establishment, carefully spreading out a very flammable version of gasoline throughout the area, setting the stove on such that after a short few minutes, by the time that Selindra was well out of range of anything, the explosion that would result would utterly destroy the building, the flames that would follow being enough to erase away further any evidence that may have still stood. Walking away from the site as the explosion was heard in the distance, she made a discreet passing of the money with one of the men that she was set to meet with, her task now having been complete.

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