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Clean Up Crew [Selindra]

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Clean Up Crew [Selindra] Empty on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:23 am

The contract that she had been given was vague, perhaps intentionally so. It was impossible to say with certainty if that were the case, as it was becoming more of a game of chance, of hoping that the job in which Selindra was set to accomplish would be a crap shoot or not. Particularly given the fact that they were all seemingly being based within Oak Town, a place in which there were only enough people to make her further and further believe that society had indeed failed the modern world. There was nothing to be impressed by them, and each task caused her to more and more believe that it was a mistake for her to be even further invested here than what she already was. However though, there were always times in which she hoped that a task would be even just a little bit more enticing, a little bit more exciting than what the last one proved to be, and with the bar being as low as it was, it wasn’t terribly too hard to believe that this was something that could have been accomplished in relative ease and task. When she noticed of whom it was that had put out the contract for her, she realized that this may have been just that, some thing that would be able to detract from the relative boredom in which she found herself being over come with more and more as time went.

There was always something to appreciate when a client would meet her rather than Selindra having to go out of her way to meet up with them. It was a level of respect that was largely lost upon the world, or at least, was lost upon the people of Oak Town. Their expectations that people would wade on them hand and foot was, to say the least, insulting, so meager acts of respect such as her being approached and politely escorted to the location in which she was to carry out the contract was always something that had her thinking that maybe this job would be a bit better, that the task would not be as painful or as dull as she would immediately come to suspect it to be. Often enough, it was not the case, but if for nothing else, it allowed her even just a brief reprieve into believing that it were something some, something that held more substance than ultimately what the job would ultimately turn out to be.

This time, it was something that was a bit different, but the first impressions were far more enticing and exciting than the actual contents of the contract turned out to have been. Upon arriving at the location that was set for the job, after having been escorted by the one who had gone as far as to actually issue the contract, she found there to be multiple dead bodies, bodies of men who appeared to have been engaged in a recent fight, but to dismay of Selindra, not so much at the sight of death, but rather that she were not able to participate in the batltes themselves. It was a lost cause in which she would have loved to take out her frustrations out on the people, and undoubtedly, the same amount of bodies would have been left upon the streets, none of which would have been her’s, obviously.

The task itself were one that she was repulsed at. The idea of disposing of the bodies, burning them in graves as some sort of token of respect, something in which she was utterly disgusted by, the idea of having to actually go and invest time into paying some sort of arbitrary respect to those who had proven themselves to be too weak and stupid to keep themselves alive, even in a matter in which the apparent numbers indicated that they held the numerical advantage. Holding her tongue for long enough to appease the man who had contracted her, Selindra coordinated the effort of the others to bury the men, her refusing to even dare lift a shovel such that they may be buried. While not what the man may have suspected, it was enough to impress him at the way she commanded the situation, and once the bodies were adequately buried, she demanded her reward for having wasted her time and getting her hopes up of it being something exciting. With the money in her possession, she left as quickly as she had arrived.

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