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Stage Hand [Quest | Solo]

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Stage Hand [Quest | Solo] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:53 am

Yumi stood outside out the Marigold theater, while she had a smile on her soft pink lips, she was frowning deeply on the inside. The demonic lolita had taken a quest from the quest board in the middle of town without looking over it, taking it and walking off. She had grabbed it without thought as she needed to get back into the swing of things. A month had passed since she had fallen into a deep sleep and only now just woken up. It would only be natural she would want to get back into things right away, she had been stagnant for too long. Yumi was not typically someone to sit around idle, so she was quite disgruntled at having been inactive for too long.

Yumi looked down at the paper quest in her hands, the frown inside of her never leaving. Why was she frowning on the inside, it was all due to the nature of the quest she had picked without thinking. The quest could not even be described in the least as nefarious nor to be listed as a 'Bad Quest'. if anything the quest was not only a chore but seemed fit to be used by a light mage not a dark mage.

What was the exact details of the quest one may ask themselves? It was to be nothing but a stagehand at the Marigold Theater. The stagehand working the rigging for tonight's performance had apparently called in sick and there’s no one that can replace him at such short notice. Alice the client had requested that someone else to take his place. All the quest asked was for someone to handle the rigging on the stage, nothing else. What exactly made it nefarious? This was not a dark quest at all, where was the fun in this?

Yumi's smile began to droop as she glared at the theater doors. She was tempted to simply rip the quest up and walk off, to look for another job to do. Why should she do such a mundane job, you didn't even need a mage for this type of task, you could just hire some random bum off the street in order to do the job. Yum took in a deep breath, she had taken the job and it had already been sent on that someone had accepted the quest from the board messenger.

Yumi ran her fingers through her hair, taking another deep breath in order to calm herself down. She feared that if she did not keep herself calm and her emotions under control, she would go berserk and kill everyone here. She so badly wanted to go on a little rampage and just crush this entire theater.

Yumi tsked before she walked right on in, keeping the smile in place. Yumi looked around, the theater at the moment was empty, the only ones present were the actors for the show, music orchestra and the crew working the stage lights.

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Stage Hand [Quest | Solo] Empty on Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:24 am

Yumi looked around the theater before finally spotting the client by the stage, talking to the director, about what she did not know. Yumi began her approach, walking down the ile towards the stage, as she approached the crew began turning towards her, many eyes wondering over her with lustful gazes. A soft gentle smile rose onto yumi's soft supple pink lips. She walked with a seductive sway of her hip, increasing the draw of the attention she was receiving, as the lolita was relishing in it, absorbing all the attention that was thrown her way. Yumi did a toss of her hair, throwing it over her right shoulder, flipping it making some of the men swoon at the sight.

The attention Yumi was drawing was noticed by the client who turned in her direction. While the client a young actor woman by the name of Alice Nightingale had a friendly smile in place, Yumi could see venom within those malicious hues. It was hidden from the others but it could not be hidden from yumi she had lived far to long to not be able to spot such malicious intent from someone so young. If yumi was still an old woman and jealous of the beauty of those younger than her, she would have no doubt one into a rage and killed Alice, of course killing the client would no doubt be frowned upon.

Yumi held back a sigh, as she placed her hands behind her back and skipped up in a seductive manner towards her client. There Yumi handed over the quest earning a surprised look from the actor before it vanished. Alice called for a member of the crew directing him to show Yumi around. He was a young man in his twenties with brown hair wearing slacks. He coughed before bringing Yumi onto the stage around back showing her the ropes on how to use the rigging for the show which would be starting in the next two hours.

Once Yumi knew what to do she was giving a copy of the show and told when to do her part as the stage hand. Yumi gave a bored yawn as time began to pass by. As time passed, theater folk poured in from off the streets and into the theater for tonights show. Yumi didn't pay too much attention to what the show was nor did she care, she just did her part and as the night finally came to a close Yumi headed on back to Alice's dressing room to meet up with her as all yumi wanted was to be paid for work done.

Yumi pushed the door open and was greeted by Alice in a bathrobe, looks like she had just taken a shower after the show. Yumi and Alice spoke briefly before the actresses handed across an envelope to the demonic lolita containing the payment that she was owed. Once yumi had her money she walked off, it was time to collect another quest/

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