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Proletarian Shopping [Selindra]

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Proletarian Shopping [Selindra] Empty on Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:15 pm

Admittedly, when she was first told of this contract, Selindra found it a bit ironic, if not a bit hard to believe. It wasn’t so much a case of having trouble believing that it were possible that she would be tasked with such a job; as after all, it had become common practice now that she were to be relegated to insignificant tasks that otherwise did not either entertain or otherwise impact her beyond that of the more useless aspects and requirements in which she had become relegated to. The past jobs in which she had served and completed within Oak Town left her with little reason to believe that there was going to be anything different about this job, particularly when she had come to be made aware as to just who the client was. Much to her surprise, in spite of having been thoroughly expecting that it was someone who may have shattered her original perceptions of the client, she was needless to say surprised to find that the client in this particular contracted job was no other than the child with whom she had encountered only a short time prior, the annoying child who had she had pursued through the city of Oak Town only a short time ago on behalf of the shopkeeper that had been pestered by him.

When the two of them met faces again, it was a wicked smile upon Selindra’s face, along with the previous encounter in which she had drawn her blade to the boy’s throat that had caused him to shiver in fear, realizing the supposed mistake in which he had made in putting out this request. To his ignorance though, he had acquired an individual in the form of Selindra who was more than capable of handling whatever meaningless task it was that the boy was looking to have completed for him. It was difficult to say just what it was at first, but after he gained his composure and finally began to speak with Selindra, explaining just what it was that the boy needed, Selindra sighed with discontent and boredom. Stealing food. It was a meaningless and meager task, one in which had her wondering if she had done something wrong, something to earn the ire of whomever it was that believed that these were appropriate contracts for her to have been completing. Whatever the reason that it had been selected an tasked with her, she knew that failure, especially in a job as pitiful and easy as this one seemed to have been, it would have been cast poorly upon her, to the degree in which she could not dare show herself amongst her peers, especially should it have been that they were to find out what she had been tasked with and subsequently failed to accomplish.

There was no need to be subtle, there was no reason or fear in which she exhibited to make her believe that it was going to demand that she was going to have to use any sort of subtly or secretive gestures in order to steal the food for the child, but rather simply just going right in and taking what she wanted. It was an easy enough task, one in which she set to accomplish by walking right into the store, wasting no time in proceeding directly to whomever she believed to have worked there, drawing her blade in a very quick gesture that she similarly held to the man’s throat, an act which had become her trademark in some respect. Her demands were communicated clearly, without there being the slightest bit of fear or nervousness within her words, it spoken calmly and eloquently. As the man nodded in understanding, Selindra smiled as she sheathed her blade, beginning to rummage through several of the aisles within the store, taking from it food that in which she happened to find enjoyable, not that of what a child may have wanted. Whether or not he had the appropriate tools to prepare the food, that was outside of the rules and dimensions of the contract that she had been given. Once she had obtained all of the food that was required sufficient by her standards, she returned to the boy, presenting the food and earning her payment as a result of the completion of the contract he had bestowed upon her.

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