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More White Claudia [Selindra]

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More White Claudia [Selindra] Empty on Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:09 pm

Selindra did not wish to have taken the contract, but she knew that there was a particular reason that it was set out for her and not made as a general request. Her past experience with the doctor, if he even proved to have been a doctor, had shown her already to be a capable individual who could deal with the tasks and challenges to which his experiments would result in. She wasn’t ready or looking forward to it very much, but she had known that the man paid his debts, and after having to have dealt with the first potion in which she had been offered, having to go through the trauma to which had been left from that potion, she was in no position or having any degree of desire to have to deal with the man’s behavior again. If this was going to have been a repeat of the previous incident, there was no reason what so ever for her to believe that she was going to comply with the mundane and foolish tasks in which the man was hoping to have her follow. By no means did she intend to allow herself to be strapped in once again, over her dead body.

There were no formal greetings, instead it being a simple matter of them immediately communicating with one another and immediately setting the stage for what would become the task that was going to be set up for them. The syringe was right there, there being no indications of any chair or anything which would confine Selindra to any particular place. In contrast, she was led to a different area, one in which was off in the distance from where they had tested the first potion beforehand. Handing the syringe to Selindra, the man departed from the room, expecting that there was going to have been some trust that she would carry it out. Though the idea of just disposing of the contents was one in which was appealing at first, the area around made it impossible to hide that evidence. With reluctance, she injected the contents of the syringe into her arm once again.

It was little time before things began to change once again, there being a very clear distortion of time and her apparent location, it feeling like she were living out of her body rather than that of something that was explainable by words or expressions, rather in which only she could adequately explain, even if someone else may have experienced this as well. Exploring through the room, it was not long until the room changed, it becoming different, some of it making Selindra believe that the room was something that was strange or impossible to believe, but as it turned out, her mind was able to process that this was still something that was more tied to the area in which she was located in. The second room was of a considerable contrast against that of the first room in which she had taken the injection of the syringe’s contents, though there was still something that was very clear throughout it in that it did not appear to be something that was set to last for a long duration, the effects not being as strong as she ventured through the room, beginning to wane even further as she began to venture through the third room, it much like the other two rooms, though much like the comparison between that of the first and second room, there were further differences between the third room and the other two, each one being unique, seeming to change more and more as Selindra’s focus continued to retain itself back to its original state of mind. By the time she was just about out of the area, she found that she was back to her normal mentality, her normal state of mind, the focus shift and lack of vision to which the injection provided now having resided as the doctor stood there, waiting as though he knew that Selindra’s path would lead her to him. One the two met, again there was no real discussion, no exchange of words, but rather just instead the exchange of the payment that she was owed before she departed.

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