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Interrogation Tactics [Selindra]

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Interrogation Tactics [Selindra] Empty on Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:01 pm

There were more than a few times in the past that Selindra had been called upon to handle matters that were more sensitive than others, and she was bit thankful that this was looking to be another of those such matters. She had taken the contract, knowing that the association with a well known crime family within Oak Town was far more of one in which the people, particularly those that oversaw her duties and tasks would come to respect and otherwise appreciate. There was little doubt too that she, being a talented and very capable user and practicer of dangerous arts, would not struggle to find some sort of enjoyment, if not even outright entertainment of this task, regardless of what it may have been. After all, it was not every day that she would be working along side those who on a daily basis dealt with matters that were sensitive to the Underworld of Fiore, and within Oak Town, there were few places that were as powerful or where that influence wasn’t as powerful as it had turned out to have been.

The messenger had arrived for Selindra earlier in the morning, earlier than perhaps she would have expected, and even his very arrival was one in which had her slightly surprised. She would have figured that she would have reached to them to find out the task in which she was being contracted for, but that she was being reached out to, it was different, but something in which she felt she deserved. Respect was something in which she couldn’t help but feel that the people of Oak Town lacked, and the longer and longer she remained within this place, the less and less inclined she was to believe that there was any reason that this was going to have changed, but that was not the case this time. After only a very short period of time, she had arrived within a large home, one that was at the same time being rather impressive, but at the same time too being one in which was discreet enough that it would not draw attention to itself, an ironic combination of the two. Perfect situational conditions for a home in which was to house the operations of a criminal organization.

Inside there within a room within the home, there was a man who was tied to a chair, the marks and bruises upon his face indicating an attempted effort to extract information, clearly the captors not being ones of patience. Disappointing, Selindra left, that these people could not even so much as perform a simple task without finding themselves resorting to their primitive and unsuccessful tactics. A necessary evil she couldn’t help but think, but one that was just to have dealt with as well, and she wasted no time in getting right to work, knowing that the man would require a more serious level of commitment and devotion in order to extract the information. Drawing her blade, she held it to the man’s throat, a clear indication of just how close he stood from being subjected to death than just a simple beating. The fear in his face was clear and apparent, but he remained steadfast, believing that Selindra would not kill him, for however much she may have wanted to.

The blade cutting against the thigh of the man was enough to make him realize that she would not play around, that Selindra was willing to go even further than what the men before were willing to go. After several more slashes to the man’s body and repeated questions that were to extract the information, it was not long until the man finally began to speak, confessing to the men as they began to berate the man with questions, extracting all of the necessary information that was needed for their task, a part of them a bit surprised both by Selindra’s efficiency as well as the apparent glee to which she showed in carrying out this task. As she spoke with them, they provided her with a lump sum of jewels in which they expected to have been her payment, and as they described it to be, an added bonus in which otherwise they felt obligated to, both from the saving of time, but also out of fear of what she may do to them had they not.

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