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Scold the Brat [Selindra]

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Scold the Brat [Selindra] Empty on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:48 pm

A request was a request, and while she had accepted the contract, it was hardly one in which she was very interested in dealing with. A woman like Selindra, she deserved to be put on more important tasks, tasks in which held weight, not petty quarrels or incidents that were far beneath her. That said, it was difficult for her to believe that this was actually what she was tasked with, helping a store owner with a matter that was as minor and insignificant as a child that was causing problems. Was this really what was to be expected of a woman of Selindra’s caliber? Of her talents? It was insulting really, and it made her despise and hate the idea that this job was expected to actually be required to deal with and carry out, but she was going to do that all the same, even though she truly and earnestly desired not to.

When she arrived near the shop in Oak Town, the people there, the common folk simply annoyed her, all of them seeming to be so consumed with themselves, to a degree like that of Selindra to an extent, but to much greater of a degree like that of someone who did not deserve to have that strength and right, one in which she did, one in which she knew few if anyone would ever dare contend or challenge. Further as well, there was a general sense of power and control to which she carried out her tasks, one in which few if anyone in Fiore, let alone any of the peasants here could ever hope to achieve. The shopkeeper, another man of insignificance and lacking any importance within the grand scheme, wasted no time in directing Selindra’s attention towards that of a man, more appropriately a young child who was running through the streets, spending time causing problems with people for no other reason than for the reasons of which a child would do, though apparently enough to warrant this man to reach out to an individual like Selindra to handle these matters.

She had taken little more than a handful of steps before the child seemed to take notice to her presence, immediately breaking out into a sprint, hoping to escape Selindra as he darted through the alleyways, pushing past the crowds as the woman gave pursuit, showing even less consideration or care towards the people or who may have been affected or otherwise hurt by her actions. While the boy may have lived here and had to deal with the people that existed, she was under no such obligation, and as such too, felt no reason to have to deal with matters like that, instead preferring to just watch and with some degree, smirk at how quickly everyone seemed to have lost composure at how quickly and suddenly the apparent safety of the people was dismissed and ruined.

The child moved quick, faster than what Selindra had originally given him credit for, but not quick enough, nor one to appreciate how efficient and effective she truly was at her job, at her desire to ensure that a job was not left unfinished. It wasn’t long until she had come to realize what the child was doing, hoping to essentially lead her around in a circle, there being no clear way for in which for her to find him, nor similarly leaving him with no real way to escape from her. It was a never ending cycle in which she was ready to break away, Selindra disappearing for a moment before catching the child within an alleyway, the position in which she had him trapped being very much like that of a lamb caught by wolves, and as she drew her sword and held it to the child’s throat, the harsh words which echoed from her lips made it very clear to the boy, that his antics were to continue again, she promised that she would personally shove the blade through the child’s throat, without so much of a single thought or hesitation. Upon having done that, she grabbed the child by the back of his neck, effortlessly lifting him off the ground as Selindra brought him back to the shopkeeper, to which an apology was given and the child was released, still in great fear of his own safety.

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