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White Claudia [Selindra]

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White Claudia [Selindra] Empty on Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:02 pm

Selindra’s arrival was not unexpected. If anything, it was to be expected, the likelihood that she wouldn’t have arrived being one that only she would have known for certain. That was her nature, the unknown element of things, the reluctance and unwillingness of her being the only thing which adequately define or otherwise set the request that she had been given astray or not. Much to the delight of the man who had requested of her service, she did show up, albeit reluctant to express any sort of delight or pleasure at being here, more instead focused on getting through this meaningless task and being rewarded appropriately, if not more so for having to deal with something as meaningless and petty as this proved to have been.

She didn’t express much at the man’s remarks, his words being covered in a degree of tenseness and serious to it which was difficult to make it so that it could have been hidden. That did not affect her though, nor did it make her any more inclined to otherwise believe that she would have been inclined to take some extra measure beyond just what it was that she had already agree to have done or would do as a result of the job. Her role was defined per the contract that she had taken up, one in which she believed the terms were defined and absolute. She knew what to expect, of the white vial that the man displayed before her, the smoke from the tip of it still fading out into the air just above the tip of the vial. Although something that was hardly something to which she was quite looking forward to, it was a task, a task that she had completed and one in which she was going to have go through with.

What she was not expecting nor something that she wanted to have done would be that she was expected to have been seated within a chair. Was this man convinced that she was going to escape or something? She had the contract, she was going to follow through with it, regardless of what the man may have believed in his delusional state. Maybe he should have taken far more effort to prevent inhaling his own fumes, but then perhaps he would have not have offered the job in the first place, and perhaps then it wouldn’t have been a case that Selindra would not be fastened in the seat, her anger beginning to rise as the man further and further fastened the straps which bound her arms.

She bit her lip slightly as she felt the prick of a needle get injected into her arm as the white liquid began to dissolve away, pouring into her blood as her sight just before her began to change. The location in which she remained seated in, it began to change all around her, the metals and paints that covered all of the walls beginning to tear away, dissolving into nothingness all around her, like that of a location in the past, the state of it being nothing more than what it was had it been abandoned rather than the present location. As she shifted her eyes however onto the man, the appearance was no longer that of a man, but rather that of a terrifying creature, one in which she had never seen before, but at the same time, one in which she was loathed to believe was actually the man.

She was unable to do anything more than simply look, a sense of fear beginning to further and further develop before her sight began to turn dark, eventually fading away into nothingness, her mind going blank and then within a moment, she was no longer awake. When she awoken, she lay on the ground, a small pool of drool right beside her, some of it dampening her hair, much to her dismay and aggravation. The man in which she for a moment appeared like that of a creature was no more, returning back to his state of a man, making a remark about the success of the trial as she remained silent, simply taking the reward in which he held out and departed.


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